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  1. I wanted to go 5700XT but fearing the driver issues I went with the EVGA 2060 Super. Still hope one day I'll be able to go full AMD though.
  2. Will look into the Gigabyte one! But that motherboard is 100€ more expensive... Is it really worth it?
  3. Hello, I've been looking to update my 5 y/o computer for more than a year now, but I've finally pulled the trigger on the case so now I must do it :). I'll be going from my behemoth Cooler Master StormTrooper case to the NCase M1 V6.1. ATX to ITX. I want a quiet and cool system. I also wanted to go AIO because of the looks and have always wanted to try it. I know it is overkill for a 3600 and a Noctua C14S might be cheaper and the better choice though. I wanted to go with a 5700XT but they are almost none 2 slots cards (in order to install 2 fans below), so I'll go wit
  4. Get a Ryzen 5 3600 for 200€ or even a 2600 for 120€...
  5. I'm eventually going with an air cooler instead of AIO liquid cooled, allowing more space for the GPU. I have also updated the case to the H210. And replaced the GPU with a full size 2060 Super. Is there enough headers on the mobo to get all the fans? (at least 4: two in front, two for the NH D15). Or should I get some Corsair Commander Pro? How do I know if the NH D15 is compatible with the ram? Should I get lower profile ones? No issue with air intake if I put an ATX PSU instead of SFX in this case? Gpu is 2 slot so it should allows some air from underneath.
  6. My mistake for the single channel, I misclicked on PCPartPicker. Of course it will be dual channel, but I think I will have to rotate the AIO in order to fit the closer ram. Don't take the price into account, it's messed up for Belgium. I can buy anything in Europe without any fees anyway (Amazon Espana, Italia, Deutsch, French, England + other websites). The Asus is around 140€ and indeed it's mainly black . I didn't saw any review of the 2070 super mini... too new yet? But the reviews of the 2070 mini are kinda ok, hitting 70° maximum under load. I could go with
  7. Hello, I'm currently on my almost 5-year-old build (standard at the time: i5 4690k / GTX 970 combo). It has served me well and I now think it's the right time to upgrade: big enough performance gap to justify the change. Now, the thing is I would like to go from an ATX build (actually E-ATX as my Cooler Master StormTrooper allows it) to an ITX build. Not SFFPC per se, since the case I'm leaning towards is the NZXT H200. Here is the list of the components: PCPartPicker Part List CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor (€209.85 @ Amazon Deu
  8. Get Keepa for Amazon. It shows the history of the prices for every item on the page itself. https://keepa.com/#! Even allows you to put alert when a chosen item is a whatever price! Best extension ever.
  9. VA are awesome. I have a BenQ VA 1440p 32'' 60Hz for 5 years now, been great. And indeed the colours are deep, especially those blacks. I'm also looking for a 144hz VA panels, preferably 1440p, but hard to find...
  10. I'd go with the Seasonic. Hard to argue with their reputation.
  11. Nice parts ! Great to be able to get a 2070 for the same price. But I wouldn't need a 2070 so I would just lower the total price instead. And I have my preference for Seasonic the cooler will fit with the top case fan? And the GPU?
  12. Actually baby ATX is better for me than mini ATX. I want a smaller rig but not a mini rig. But I'm not sure about the size with the cooler and the top fan. Maybe better with AIO? Never done it.
  13. Hi there, I'd like a small ryzen build. I chose the NZXT H200 since it's not too small and has a nice look. Right now I'm still rocking my i5 4690 and GTX970 but it's time to upgrade. My case is so huge and I can't stand it anyway (CM Storm Trooper). Playing at 1440p 60Hz but only less demanding games: Rocket League, Age of Empires II, Two Point Hospital, etc. I might upgrade to a 144Hz panel later but I'm still loving my BenQ VA 32'' monitor right now. Here is the list of the parts I selected: PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Pri
  14. Why are IPS panels way more popular than VA panels? I currently have the BenQ BL3200PT (1440p VA 32'' 60Hz) since 2015 and it's great, especially for the movies (those blacks). My only experience is with TN and VA panels though, and of course the TN panel is plain aweful for anything other than gaming/office. Does anyone make a 32'' 1440p 144Hz VA panel? That would be sweet...