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About Norwegiantweaker

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    Residential bodybuilder
  • Birthday September 8

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    Krølla 50lapp
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    Car Mechanic.


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    intel Core i7-3960X Extreme
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    closed loop kraken
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    cerwin vega / manowar
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    WIN 7 ult

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  1. oh yeah, now i understand. totaly. you have no need for it unless you're doing some special stuff, wich by then you probably have anough money that its not an issue to replace 5-6-7000$ worth of equipment
  2. Norwegiantweaker

    I have the slowest WiFi in the world and I need help!

    im rocking a 5/0.5 isp right now. works perfectly for both gaming and streaming ( just takes half alifetime to download games ) so why people complain is beyond me ( unless were talking about powerusers streamers youtubers and such )
  3. uum what?. i have a computer i hand built and picked parts for in 2012, all ive changed is the GPU and im still on par with most "to date" systems ? sure i spent a retarded amount on it but you could probably spend half and still kick ass.
  4. Norwegiantweaker

    I have the slowest WiFi in the world and I need help!

    aah my bad, i just popped into their webpage and had alook. lowest there was 25. maybe its just a salespoint or whatever"
  5. prebuilts are usualy insanely stupid set up and hard to upgrade and they are shit hence the price. building one on the other hand leaves you with a milion options and if you know how to work price finders you can get a pretty beast compuer cheap ( if ur willing to get second hand parts you can build a beast for cheaaap )
  6. Norwegiantweaker

    I have the slowest WiFi in the world and I need help!

    on a second note AFAIK the lowest ATT speed is 25mbs ?. if you can get a hold of some documents hwere the data plan is listed it should tell you what youre paying for, if the speed ur getting is lower than that you or anyone else in the household can call ATT customer service and state the issue ( you probably need a customer ID or a IP ) and they will sort the rest out and troubleshoot lines etc
  7. Norwegiantweaker

    I have the slowest WiFi in the world and I need help!

    wait, so you have 3 modems connected ?!
  8. Norwegiantweaker

    I have the slowest WiFi in the world and I need help!

    could you go to speedtest.net and copy paste the results, also do you have access to your ISP website to see your data plan ? ( do you know what data plan you have and maybe what plans are available ? ) also what modem do you have ?
  9. Norwegiantweaker

    Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme ^funny*

    my bad i ment GPU. its 1070 asus dual OC. but ihink i have figured it out. thanks alot for the help dog
  10. I am now back after a substantial break and i'm ready for business !

  11. Norwegiantweaker

    Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme ^funny*

    phew lets get to some OC then! lol joke i have about 3 weeks of reading up to do before i even enter that bios. anyways i like to be on the safe side and who else to ask than the LLT forum!. now i just have to find out why my cpu tells me i have 4GB instead of 8 avaiable LOL.
  12. Norwegiantweaker

    Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme ^funny*

    as i said i havent messed with the bios i just ran with bios 2 ( untouched ) so it should be stock stock stock. ( did this so no fuckups would happen when i installed the new OS and drivers
  13. Norwegiantweaker

    Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme ^funny*

    its been so long since i was in the game that i cant even tell you what a multiplier is haha. i need to reboot my brain and get back into this. cooling is extremely satisfying to be honest ( im running a Fractal Design Kelvin S36 with only push from 3 noctua something something shit ugly brown and poobrown fans )
  14. Norwegiantweaker

    Buildup in custom water loop?

    i would empty the loop, clean everything ( fittings cables the works) fill up with clean "water" and run it thought the system ( not turned on only pump ) to flush out everything. about the buildup i cant tell. it could be some algaes or it could simply be oil and such still present in the tubes after manufacturing. hope i helped.
  15. Norwegiantweaker

    Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme ^funny*

    im still downloading various benches to run a stress test to see that all my fans radioators etc is still working. snip of my current temps etc ( just using chrome ( and other basic non gpu needy progs ) also im running win 7 ultimate. asuimg these temps etc are errect, i should just run a stress test and if shit hits the fan go into the os ( if not everything is burned up lol ) and adjust ( weird since its not a OC, but then again its a computer and this mobo have a artifical brain i swear it does weird shady stuff all the time )