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  1. check if u have usb debugging or whatever its called in settings enabled.
  2. Harddrive: 15-100% often at 100%... probably want to get an ssd there.
  3. whelp good thing i only got a 1 month sub after my 1 year was up! time to go find a new VPN. such a shame i really liked PIA.
  4. you are overclocking and have to ask what voltage settings to apply. pretty obvious that you don't really know what you are doing. you didn't take the time to search around and read what the best option for what you are trying to achieve :shrug:
  5. probably auto since you dont know.
  6. good luck is all i can say. after making it work i just wanted to delete it and buy a mac. wich i did, minus buying a mac cuz fuck apple.
  7. or youknow... post on the forum and see if someone have sniffed up something useful. which is why i posted in the first place.
  8. pretty sure the 212 and wraith performance is about the same. save up your pennies for a noctua or custom loop if ur that concerned about heat.
  9. there wasnt even a discount for using the code so that doesn't really matter lol. same price with or without the discount code.
  10. so what's the deal with PIA after some random company bought em up? still safe to use or time to find a new one ?.
  11. its 4G just how it works. your gonna have good weeks and bad weeks.
  12. ur making it out to be this super sketch hard thing to do.. you just put yts or yifi behind whatever movie name you pllop down or use rarbg for any series related show the only "hard" thing to keep up with is free streaming sites. but popcorntime kinda took care of that whole mess aswell.
  13. its a absolute joke.. i thought LTT did solid research in their stuff. seems like they just got some monetary deal with PIA because lets face it PIA business is going up like hell after the sponsor spot on linus's videos but they aren't actually making us the viewer a deal lol what a joke.
  14. its a joke, because these sort of questions are everywhere and no one have the brain to actually test it themself and get the most accurate answer