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    Norwegiantweaker got a reaction from soldier_ph in What pisses you off with PC building?   
    nothing. i fucking love every aspect of it lol
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    Norwegiantweaker got a reaction from bearFNF in Turning old "high end" pc into a Freenas.   
    interesting. boot drive will be purchased in that case. thanks for the heads up 🙂 
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    Norwegiantweaker reacted to shaneh890 in Spam on iPhone   
    I’m not sure how but I ended up with spam in my calendar on my iPhone. Anyone know how to get rid of it?

  4. Informative
    Norwegiantweaker got a reaction from Radium_Angel in Turning old "high end" pc into a Freenas.   
    oh i know it's absolutely overpowered for its use.
    i just don't have anything better to do with the machine.
    i was just concerned with running freenas on.
    it it's my understanding that linux doesn't like to be ran on just anything or is that more from a consumer standpoint perhaps ?
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    Norwegiantweaker reacted to NJD in HELP! Damaged new motherboard during build . . .   
    Trying to teach my 13 year grandson how to build computers and do neat things like custom cable management. He wanted to punch a hole thru the back wall of his Phanteks case and run the 24 pin connector out the back. He thought he measured correctly, working blindly from the back of the case he had to file a notch for the 24 pin connector to fit thru but wasn't paying attention to how close the motherboard was on the other side . . . Oh Well, live and learn, he accidently filed about 1/16" into the edge of the motherboard exactly at the Probelt Test Area. I don't know how this will affect the motherboard? I told my grandson I would just buy him a new board, now he wants an Asus Crosshair VIII Dark Hero board . . . don't know how this mistake will affect the the board, It should still work to some degree I would think? Maybe it won't affect it at all? The build was stopped immediately, the board has never had electricity applied to it . . . Does anyone have any idea how this mistake will affect the motherboard? The attached pictures will show what happened . . . Thank You

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    Norwegiantweaker reacted to JeppeW in RX 5600 XT - Low core clock - help   
    Hi all,
    I just picked up an RX 5600 XT from PowerColor and when I booted up the PC and downloaded the latest AMD Drivers I went into MSI Afterburner and saw something I don't know how to fix. The memory clock seems fine, but the core clock, or whatever its called will not surpass 810, even under full load. Does anyone of you have an idea on how to fix it? The clocks and different settings can be found below:

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    Norwegiantweaker reacted to Bombastinator in Escape from tarkov specs   
    “Make sound suspicious”?  I am suspicious.  There’s no “make sound” about it.
    There may be no fire behind the smoke.  No reason for me to BE suspicious, but that’s a different thing.  Haven’t checked GoG or Epic yet.  Might be on there.  Might be it’s own thing. 

    Back to the original question though:
    If it’s FTP like the other games mentioned and it’s a battle royalle like it sounds, it’s going to have a server somewhere, and it’s closed beta. I suspect making this game run smooth may have nothing to do with user hardware and everything to do with the server.
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    Norwegiantweaker got a reaction from kirashi in Long range wifi router?   
    look into mesh systems. 
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    Norwegiantweaker got a reaction from kirashi in Long range wifi router?   
    there are other brands than linksys. i've had great success with netgear and asus. 
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    Norwegiantweaker reacted to stoodie in Problem with 1 game that crasha   
    I have change that so My CPU Will not overclock but how do i change that for My Gpu? I frid just plug My ram in nothing more o have not change some settings thare 
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    Norwegiantweaker reacted to stoodie in Problem with 1 game that crasha   
    My motherbord is a Asus prime 570 pro
    CPU is amd ryzen 5 3600
    CPU is navidia 1660 Super 
    Ram 32 gb DDR 4 3200 MHz 
    PSU Corsair HX1200 V2 / 1200W / 80+ Platinum
    Windows 10
    And THE game is Path of exile and i have all THE drivers i can finde and THE leates updets to
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    Norwegiantweaker reacted to stoodie in Problem with 1 game that crasha   
    Hello, i have some problem with One singel game after i change My grapic card. It start to cash some Time after like 10 min and some Time after some houers and then its start to cash IT Keep going for like 2-3 times then its work normal for like 1-2 h then its start agen. I have change THE power sup from 750w to 1200w so its can not be THE power thsts its THE problem. Pleas come with some ides that can help me out. // Stoodie
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    Norwegiantweaker got a reaction from Ben17 in Temp Monitoring - Most Accurate?   
    i always go with HWinfo. it breaks it up shows you min max and average across all cores
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    Norwegiantweaker reacted to SirTexas in livestreaming   
    im an unrelated note why does my browser keep doing this its not my screen cause if it was just the screen it wouldent look like that in the screenshot

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    Norwegiantweaker got a reaction from kelvinhall05 in Help an old member out ?   
    from what i know from kelvin...... 
    id go with whatever he says. even if its under ur budget. 
    its 99% a solid laptop for ur needs. 
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    Norwegiantweaker reacted to LogicalDrm in Will CORONA VIRUS cause inflation of PC Hardware prices   
    I have merged your two threads. Please keep posts about same subject in single thread. These two are very much about same subject, possible price changes and viruses spreading trough shipping services.
    I have removed couple of posts which were speculation about another member. Thats highly off topic, and overall not desired gossiping. If you have issue with member, contact moderation and def not shame them publicly.
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    Norwegiantweaker reacted to kelvinhall05 in Help an old member out ?   
    Thinkpad X1 Carbon gen 8 or T495/T495S.
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    Norwegiantweaker reacted to Omikse in Strix E vs F. Whats the Difference?   
    In my bid to upgrade some of my old computer parts, I have been thinking of going from my Crosshair VI Hero to the VIII Hero. But after looking at the board more closely, I am seeing that it does not have a USB 3.0 Header. Well for me that simply will not work since my new case has 4 3.0 ports on the front. This has forced me to look at other boards and now I am looking at the Strix X570 line. Now I see they come in either an E or F variant but I do not know which would be better. The only difference I can see is that the E is wireless and has Bluetooth and the F does not. Oh and before you say "Get an this board or get that board", I am wanting to keep it in the ASUS family. And yes, it must be RGB since my system is an RGB build. So to ask this question, what is the benefit of one over the other? What would be your opinion on which one I should get if I go that route? Are they essentially the same board but one has wireless/bluetooth and the other does not? Please inform me.
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    Norwegiantweaker reacted to Princess Luna in Strix E vs F. Whats the Difference?   
    There's absolutely no reason to phase out the current Crosshair you have, that thing can run even a r9 3950X... do you really to replace it just for more rgb?
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    Norwegiantweaker reacted to Constantin in Will cpu bottleneck   
    The whole PC is a bottleneck
  21. Agree
    Norwegiantweaker got a reaction from Arika S in Super weird Internet speeds after changing Lan cable from modem to router   
    did you try  new cable.. you say that when you press/touch the cable from modem to switch the signal goes bad. wouldnt it then only be logical that.... the cable is broken ... ? 
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    Norwegiantweaker reacted to Stuart.TheRomeo in Rainbow 6 fps drops   
    update your drivers if you're still having issues. 
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    Norwegiantweaker reacted to Radium_Angel in does anyone use internet explorer 11 in current day?   
    Never said the software was secure, only that the building is. 
  24. Funny
    Norwegiantweaker reacted to TempestCatto in does anyone use internet explorer 11 in current day?   
    And that's secure somehow?
  25. Informative
    Norwegiantweaker reacted to PineyCreek in Resolution problem with my new monitor 49" ultrawide samsung   
    CHG90 resolution is 3840 x 1080.  You aren't getting 1440 on it. Unless there's a variant I can't find online with a different panel.