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  1. interesting. boot drive will be purchased in that case. thanks for the heads up
  2. what do you mean ?. can i not have it on a SSD and still use some of the ssd space ?
  3. oh i know it's absolutely overpowered for its use. i just don't have anything better to do with the machine. i was just concerned with running freenas on. it it's my understanding that linux doesn't like to be ran on just anything or is that more from a consumer standpoint perhaps ?
  4. Hello!. i was wondering what kind of hardware issues i might run into when setting up Freenas on my old gaming pc. it's got a RIVE x79 with a 3960x. Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600MHz, samsung 870 ssd and a handful of WD Black 2TB's tried to look around for some hardware "limitations" but didn't really find anything specific on different forums. Thanks!
  5. 140hz 1440 has entered the chat.. 400$ is what you need just on the GPU to have a good time but keep believing lilone :3
  6. there are other brands than linksys. i've had great success with netgear and asus.
  7. sorry i meant more of hol up thats pointless to run. with NVEC you can stream with out much resource loss. i had a 1070 normal. and i was able to stream ( albeit it on a 6 core 3950x) with out any performance issues. ngl i did not read the mobile data tho. if thats your bottleneck then im not gonna lie. streaming requires some upload and unless you want to sacrifice all your quality to it ur kinda bummed. quality gotta take its resources in terms of bandwidth
  8. "A TON"? hold up now. what gpu do you have.
  9. dont even waste ur time OC'in a ryzen cpu. it will work as intended out of the gate. i have cl14 3200mhz ram. tried to oc it to 3600. achived it on cl15 stable. didnt gain anything worth in a benchrun. tldr get fast ram run it at whatever it shits out and you will be well off. sure i have x570 board but from what i could gather before deciding its all the same. unless nvme gen4 is of any need. other than that i confirmed you would pretty much run the most bone stock shit board with fast mem support and the the same results.
  10. from what i know from kelvin...... id go with whatever he says. even if its under ur budget. its 99% a solid laptop for ur needs.
  11. i'm sorry but do you seriously thing anyone thats not immediately affected will give a shit lol?. jaøf the worlds population could be gone as long as i don't know anyone personally i don't care. i just hope prices will be the same as before...........
  12. what you could do ( better off selling the logi system) is you could remove the screws for the sub housing and remove the cables to the built in sub and get a dedicated mono to hook up to ur system and power the sob that way. to be pair tho i would either use the logi as a music sys somewhere else get some quality JBL's or any other brand for that matter and a dedicated sub that allows you to natively hook up a sub signal cable. i have the same system you are asking about and its "OK" unless you want something that actually punches the music boxes.. ( have not tried to hook it up to a differen
  13. its with in reach these guys just make it out to be alot harder than it is. read up on VMware its easy enough for the average joe to set up. watch one tutorial on how to install windows on a vm and download a windows ISO. shouldn't take you more than a day if you have no idea what ur doing