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  1. Tronxy X1 3D printer assembly help

    It's been a while since I assembled mine but the Extruder motor has a 6 pin (only 4 used) plug which plugs into 'E Motor' on the control board. Feel free to post some photos so I can troubleshoot.
  2. 3D printing...

    Cetus is basically RTR for $300, monoprice mini and if you really really want to cheap out get the Ender 2 from gearbest. My pic would be cetus though love the wifi capability you just drop in .stl files from thingiverse into the slicer and hit print.
  3. Underwater ROV Ideas

    Cheap brushless outrunner motors make cheap thrusters that can handle getting a bit wet, the hobbyking 'donkey' ones are good as they havea bushing. Spray them down with laquer before use to seal any bare copper and if you dunk them in fresh water after every run they'll last. Honestly, 1 week is not long enough to make this into a real project. The parts you'll need will take longer to arrive
  4. Whats your opinion on printing PLA straight on to a very clean sheet of glass?



    I tried the Warpinator 5000 on a sheet of glass on my printer, and 1/4 sides stuck firmly in place.


    I probably would have had better results if I'd have cleaned it better, but the Warpinator is a tough print!


    The PLA on glass technique is usually done with a brim, something I did not use here.


    But my favourite part of the glass is that as Ivan said, the parts just come right off the glass when it cools down. I didn't even have to pry it, it was just sitting on the printbed, and I picked it up.

  5. Best Cheapest 3d printer

    The obsidian is an as yet undelivered kickstarter... You can't go out and just buy it. M3D is a toy and ultimaker is well, like thousands of dollars yeah
  6. Best Cheapest 3d printer

    Don't touch anything under $300 unless you're happy to tinker and spend more money on parts and upgrades to get it working, the market isn't there yet.
  7. Where can I buy this

    electric car door locks actuators are super cheap powerful methods of getting actuation like that, but you don't state the size required.
  8. Is this a good 3d printer?

    Be prepared for at least a few solid weekends work before you get any useable prints out of the A8's and similar kits, but it can be done. They need a lot of love to get great prints and stay reliable.
  9. Is this 3d printer an amazing deal or crap?

    Also worth noting that almost all XYZ printers are DRM cartridge locked like ink jet printers... pretty much the only manufacturer to do it.
  10. Wide Format 3D printer?

    For what it's worth the gMax's are assembled in Brooklyn NYC so you can expect pretty good customer service, I visited them last I was in the States. As a heads up though on any printer that large in that price bracket you'll not be printing in ABS, only PLA and prints can easily take days to complete.
  11. 3D Printing Beginner

    Be warned, Sketchup has a habit of creating unusable, damaged mesh files. Grab meshmixer to open it up and inspect before sending it off to ensure it's exported correctly (fully watertight, no gaps and no 'intersecting shells/bodies'. Also, .stl files don't preserve units so ensure you export in MM or you'll be getting back tiny, tiny parts.
  12. A Custom, 3D Printed Game Character Figurine?

    It's very much possible, with limitations. Attached is a custom posed figure pulled from Chivalry 3D Printed on a DLP Resin 3D Printer (at tiny scale). I did a tutorial on it years back but the polygon count of in game files is very low, games hide this with bump maps and textures. You can't easily print your 'custom character' from skyrim because all the armour and details are defined in game, but printing the .nif assets is easy enough. Here's the more recent fallout 4 tute, will work with skyrim.
  13. What 3d printer should I buy?

    Like @Hackentosher said, the cheaper you go the more time (and probably $$$) you'll spend getting it to print. The LOWEST I'd go personally is the tronxy X1, I've reviewed it and it's not bad for the price but needs upgrades and is PLA only, and small. The cetus is awesome for $350 if you want something wifi enabled that will print perfect pretty much every time, again PLA only no heated bed.
  14. 3d printer

    To be fair the MK3 was only just announced, it'll be a while till they start shipping. For the budget check out the Cetus at $350. It's strictly PLA only, but man does it work good and is assembled in a few minutes. It runs their own slicer and is a bit 'closed' so if that bothers you, go for the open source prusa.
  15. Looking to get into 3D Printing

    You don't need a heated bed to print PLA, but it does help. $250 won't buy you much beyond the most basic of kits like the TronXY X1. You'll spend more money in future on upgrades. If you can save to $350 get the Cetus, it's ready to run, simple and in my experience perfect for a first printer. It just pumps out PLA parts.