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  1. A budget 3D printer

    There is no way of making a workable machine for that budget in 2018... sorry. The lowest I would consider is the Tronxy X1 kit at about ~$150 once you buy a spool of filament to use on it.
  2. How much torque requiered for a 3d printer?

    You'll be fine - the only concern is not the weight on the Z but the force required to alternate directions of the heavy print bed - it might lose steps if you try print too fast. Oh, and you'll probably have to run them pretty hot and with only minor microstepping to get as much usable torque as possible.
  3. I am indeed lol, I like to hang out a bit here. Yeah the other 2 are above your price point but the prusa mk3 kit is a good fit. If you're interested to learn how printers work you can make one, but you won't be reliably 3D Printing for quite a while.
  4. In my experience open source rarely means easy or kid friendly. You'll often spend a lot more time tinkering than actually printing. Prusa, Lulzbot Taz6 or gMax 1.5 would be my only realistic considerations but they punch above your price point. Gmax can print huge things though.
  5. Looking for a 3D printer in the $100-300 Range

    Yep agreed Ender 3 is as low as I'd go. Anything else you'll spend the same again just making it work / not burn your house down.
  6. Portable 3D scanner recommendation

    The price difference between that old scanner and artec stuff is... massive. What is your budget? The Shining 3D Einscan SP or SE will do really good detail for a much more affordable price but it's still not exactly cheap. I've reviewed them here
  7. 3d printer rentals?

    3D Printer's are far from plug and play machines, you'd have to spend days learning how to get it to reliably print. I'd use shapeways or a bureau like treatstock.com if you've got a .stl file ready to print.
  8. Beginner 3d Printer

    Ender 3 is the best in that list by far and you won't be fighting to assemble every nut and screw (and wire mains voltages, YUK), but it's not without its problems. Mine had QC issues but they've since resolved it.
  9. 3D printer advice

    I like the Cetus from tiertime if you're just after something to print prototypes for your arduino work without worrying about 'how a 3D Printer works'. At $400 it'll do you for all projects that size. Otherwise maybe look at the Wanhao i3 plus / monoprice maker select plus which prints more materials and a bit bigger but you'll have to learn more about 3D Printer slicing.
  10. Tronxy X1 3D printer assembly help

    It's been a while since I assembled mine but the Extruder motor has a 6 pin (only 4 used) plug which plugs into 'E Motor' on the control board. Feel free to post some photos so I can troubleshoot.
  11. 3D printing...

    Cetus is basically RTR for $300, monoprice mini and if you really really want to cheap out get the Ender 2 from gearbest. My pic would be cetus though love the wifi capability you just drop in .stl files from thingiverse into the slicer and hit print.
  12. Underwater ROV Ideas

    Cheap brushless outrunner motors make cheap thrusters that can handle getting a bit wet, the hobbyking 'donkey' ones are good as they havea bushing. Spray them down with laquer before use to seal any bare copper and if you dunk them in fresh water after every run they'll last. Honestly, 1 week is not long enough to make this into a real project. The parts you'll need will take longer to arrive
  13. Whats your opinion on printing PLA straight on to a very clean sheet of glass?



    I tried the Warpinator 5000 on a sheet of glass on my printer, and 1/4 sides stuck firmly in place.


    I probably would have had better results if I'd have cleaned it better, but the Warpinator is a tough print!


    The PLA on glass technique is usually done with a brim, something I did not use here.


    But my favourite part of the glass is that as Ivan said, the parts just come right off the glass when it cools down. I didn't even have to pry it, it was just sitting on the printbed, and I picked it up.

  14. Best Cheapest 3d printer

    The obsidian is an as yet undelivered kickstarter... You can't go out and just buy it. M3D is a toy and ultimaker is well, like thousands of dollars yeah
  15. Best Cheapest 3d printer

    Don't touch anything under $300 unless you're happy to tinker and spend more money on parts and upgrades to get it working, the market isn't there yet.