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    i5 3570 (up to 3.8Ghz)
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    Asus P8H61LX3 R2.0
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    HyperX 1x8Gb 1866Mhz
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    EVGA GTX 1050 2Gb
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    Aigo Shadow 2
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    Codegen 480w
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  1. Hello! Recently I discovered a mail for "Linus Tech Tips" with a message: "Hi Sa1tama, Emmi558 has sent you a message! Hey honey!) Open this!" First of all, I am wondering how does this 'Emmi558' has my E-mail address and second, can I report this user on this forum? Screenshot:
  2. Read this guide: Everything you need to know is here.
  3. Yeah, I know, but it is really hard for me to save money, plus, I noticed a really good deal on RX 580 and I don't want to miss it. BTW, the PSU I am using now is a ticking bomb, which might explode at any moment, so I really need to get a new one as fast as possible.
  4. I believe you are asking the specs of the computer; In that case: CPU: i5 3570 Mobo: Asus P8H61-M LX3 R2.0 Ram: HyperX DDR3 8x1gb 1866mhz GPU: GTX 1050 HDD: Toshiba 1TB I know that this parts don't require 600 watts, but I am planning to build a new rig with ryzen and an RX580, so I want to buy a good PSU now and use it in the future rig.
  5. Hello! As the title says, I am looking for a 600W PSU under 50USD. I don't want to get a used one from Ebay, so Amazon is the only choice. I looked and found this PSU: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014W3EMAO/ref=twister_B07RBCD515?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Is this a good choice?
  6. Thanks for noticing that transistors are connected wrong and by there aren't gate drivers I meant that I could not find gate driver ICs.
  7. Hello! I have 2xG4PC50FD in half bridge configuration and a low power signal that needs to drive the IGBT which is connected to the primary coil. I looked everywhere and couldn't find any MOSFET driver ICs, so I want to make drivers from transistors (I have BD136 and BD139 in mind), but the problem is that the drivers need to operate at high frequency, from 100KHz to 400KHz and I don't know if this will work. Is this good enough?
  8. I checked the shipping info and turns out it doesn't ship here (literally no one ships to my country), so i would have to give a 3rd party company ~10USD to transport it. Alongside with price increase, it means that i will have to add 20USD to my budget, around 70% of the initial budget, so i don't think it's worth the hassle. But still, i deeply appreciate your suggestion, so thanks!
  9. Personally, i would wait a bit (july 7th) and buy a Ryzen 5 3600. It costs less than R7 2700x and it has waaaay better single core performance. If your mind is fixed, then i would recommend R7 2700X
  10. Hi! For my entire life i have been using a 5$ multimeter and i am sick of it, i want to throw that junk away, but sadly it's my only one. Because of this i have been saving up my pocket money (i haven't had lunch for a month) to get a new one. Yesterday i was searching multimeters on my local electronics shop website (dac.ge) when i came across this specific unit Sinometer DM88. I think it has all the functions i need for the time being. The Webpage: https://dac.ge/?en&act=product&prodid=2097 75GEL is around 28USD. I would love to hear your thoughts about
  11. Arduino makes the PWM signals which gets amplified by the MOSFET drivers to drive the Gates of IGBTs, which further amplifies the signal and is fed to the Primary Winding. A tesla coil basically is a High-Voltage transformer, which converts a couple dozen volts to 10s and 100s of thousand volts.
  12. To open Collectror-Emmiter path you need to feed power to Gate, but if you feed it normal music, nothing would happen. The solution is to create a PWM signal with variable duty cycle and frequency and feed it to the gate, that way, the H-Bridge acts as an amplifier and you can feed it directly to the Primary winding.
  13. Hi! I am almost done with building my tesla coil, the only thing that is left is a UI, but while coding i ran into a problem. I can't figure out how to identify songs and play them. I am using Arduino Mega 2560 with an LCD and an SD card module.Main code:int forward = 22;int back = 23;int Stop = 24;const int rs = 12, en = 11, d4 = 5, d5 = 4, d6 = 3, d7 = 2;#include <LiquidCrystal.h>#include "SD.h"#define SD_ChipSelectPin 53#include "TMRpcm.h"#include "SPI.h" // LCD RS pin to digital pin 12 // LCD Enable pin to digital pin 11 // LCD D4 pin to digital pin 5 // LCD D5 pin to digital pin 4 /
  14. Hello! I am planning to buy an RX 480 and i'm wondering if i could combine 2 molex into 1 8pin and power it. Here is my psu: