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  1. but the point is they can be reused and still viable for other things if needed hence why we hold on to them
  2. waste how? can they still be used with many other devices?
  3. i did they said hdmi was a godsend then you said nightmare because as a standard changes dvi/hdmi/dp you expect more, but least it still had a function not to your wants but still not a waste
  4. thats the nature of the tech industry, standards change but least they make it backwards compatible for most part hdmi is a standard lightning is proprietary 2 different worlds so I dont understand your argument here imagine if amd, intel or nvidia made proprietary cables for hooking up a damn monitor? or power cables inside?
  5. have you tried adjusting the settings on the mic for your situation bi directional lower gain?
  6. or its another reason for nvidia to keep prices up on a couple model variants even though samsung supposedly was going to be cheaper than tsmc
  7. pointing and laughing that they spent 400 yrs ago and still can play new games just fine on the couch with others inhouse so easily, fyi non console gamer here but seriously pointing and laughing at what?
  8. more better than barely enough in my eyes above streaming uses vram doesnt it? pushing that 8k shit soon so step in right direction if all is true not to mention developers are allocating much extra but yeah
  9. no matter the connector and cable there will always be issues everyone of them has fixes from search results to videos problem is needing over 9000 different types of connectors and cables
  10. yeah you are right everyone treats their devices like shit and thats how cables and ports go bad
  11. same here cables become shit after awhile even ports going bad on phones or tablets also not sure what you smoking but I still have my old school nokia 3310 chargers lol
  12. sbx allowstweaking(slider in settings)for narrower or wider surround which i love because some games only get better imho i'm all about immersion for gaming also use nvidia surround for my monitors if I didnt buy x7 i'd be all for hesuvi love that program ill look into this guide of yours too
  13. this should have been enforced long ago imho 2bn my ass they lose out on their ecosystem money this should be quoted also Apple, along with 10 other leading tech giants such as Nokia and Samsung, signed a memorandum of understanding in 2009. They pledged to provide micro-USB compatible chargers for consumers. However, Apple took advantage of a loophole that allowed manufacturers to continue using their own chargers if they offered an adaptor. Then, in 2014, the EU passed the Radio Equipment Directive, which called for a "renewed effort to develop a common charger". Apple insisted that its slimmer devices would be unable to fit the then-new USB-C technology, and it claimed it would cost up to $2bn (£1.53bn) to meet the desired standard.
  14. well time is money back before it and having osd, I always hated how much time it took lol
  15. i'm still dumb founded on why people dont understand this (audio engineer here too lol) its funny algorithms are used everywhere on digital sound but cant be used for downmixing?
  16. not to mention auto speaker calibration too
  17. If the code is copied for synchronisation of multiple speakers then clear violation by Google
  18. Might sound stupid But try just removing power from the monitor to get recognized And let your monitor go to sleep or be powered ON before you turn pc on Displayport
  19. Then why other vendors like Acer selling vega mobile having same issues?
  20. Its seems to be consistent on mobile ravens ridge vega ones also Through other vendors also Only thing i could find is quarterly updates From matt but many saying abandoned lol
  21. Oh so its not vega which is trade marked to who? https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/28432/Radeon-RX-Vega-M-Graphics?product=136865
  22. Assumptions Ass of you and i meme? Like i said how is it solely their responsibility So its asrock, asus, etc From motherboard pov Sole responsibility for intels or amds chipset drivers, realteks drivers, not mention many other drivers? Wow