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    bosnian_guy got a reaction from C0V413NT in Google introduces Chrome App launcher for all Windows users   
    Hey guys,
    What do you think about this? I think that Google is doing this to show people that Chrome OS is not that bad. You will kind of get the same experience and for people that only go to the internet they might just switch to Chrome OS.
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    bosnian_guy reacted to heineygoat in Post your Mum's Rig   
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    bosnian_guy got a reaction from C0V413NT in Google sets an event for July 24, next Android release coming   
    I think so too. But If they end up announcing the Android 4.3 I think that they won't introduce much changes, only a few things to help with the lag and stuff like that.
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    bosnian_guy got a reaction from sabot in Microsoft drops base Surface RT price to $349   
    If anyone is thinking of buying the Microsoft Surface I think now is the time to buy it. Microsoft has just dropped the price down.
    GSM Arena link:
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    bosnian_guy reacted to builder4h in More Linus And Slick Face Swaps?   
    What happened to the original thread?
    Anyway, here are some of mine:

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    bosnian_guy got a reaction from Vitalius in So I almost had a heart attack   
    This didn't happen to me but it happened to my cousin. She has a Fujitsu laptop with a ''water resistant'' keyboard. I was saying to her that no matter what water will find it's way into the laptop. So to prove me wrong she took a 2 liter bottle of water and pored it out on her laptop. For like 30 seconds it was fine after thirty seconds it started smoking. I was laughing so hard. But the laptop is fine (I fixed it :P) .
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    bosnian_guy reacted to red_jelly in First ever camera?   
    My first camera was a Nikon D3200
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    bosnian_guy reacted to LapX in How do you watch Linus videos?   
    Or even a ''How to take care of my sweety Slick'' 
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    bosnian_guy reacted to Bicko96 in How do you watch Linus videos?   
    the first thing i do is come off my pc and plug my laptop into my 52' HD LED TV because a pc monitor is too small to watch LTT on then i like the share to twitter :)
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    bosnian_guy reacted to sonarctica in How do you watch Linus videos?   
    I wake up, go on youtube, see Linus has uploaded new videos --> make a cup of coffee and watch them with my feet on my desktop and the hot cup of coffee in my hands...
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    bosnian_guy reacted to raxx in How do you watch Linus videos?   
    He should do a video with Slick's mom called "Slick's mom's driving tips".
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    bosnian_guy reacted to grayperview in How do you watch Linus videos?   
    With my eyes, on a screen ;)
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    bosnian_guy reacted to Coombzy in First ever camera?   
    Cameras I have had in order
    Something I don't remember a fujifilm, Canon IXUS 115,Canon 350D,Canon 700D [buying] so yeah it was some weird thing I believe it was 2mp :3 
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    bosnian_guy reacted to aj101202 in First ever camera?   
    mine was this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fujifilm-FinePix-A345-Digital-Camera/sim/B0007W5R2C/2
    4MP 3x zoom
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    bosnian_guy reacted to qwertywarrior in What is your favourite Laptop brand-maker-company?   
    perfect laptop
    removable motherboard (upgradable)
    Ducky keyboard ( removable )
    IPS display
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    bosnian_guy reacted to rhoscrazy in More Linus And Slick Face Swaps?   
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    bosnian_guy reacted to Aphexx in More Linus And Slick Face Swaps?   
    if you don't know who bob and doug mckenzie are youtube search them, the original pair of canadian goofballs. 

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    bosnian_guy reacted to Ziommm in More Linus And Slick Face Swaps?   
    Hay, mine got reposted ! B)
    Here's a new one...

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    bosnian_guy reacted to prodigydoo in More Linus And Slick Face Swaps?   
    Holy Jesus!
    Linus with slicks face actually looks real hahaha
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    bosnian_guy reacted to Nit3Rid3R in More Linus And Slick Face Swaps?   
    ^ Not cool...but it's so funny. 
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    bosnian_guy reacted to MariusJS in More Linus And Slick Face Swaps?   
    This is epic!

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    bosnian_guy reacted to nubz in More Linus And Slick Face Swaps?   
    The two I found on google images.
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    bosnian_guy reacted to LAwLz in I'm about to buy this PC. What do you think?   
    Here is a somewhat similar build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1e7qj
    Changes compared to your build:
    Different case - Corsair 400R instead of CM 690 lite (benefits are things like USB 3.0)
    Different PSU - Corsair TX650 v2 instead of HX650 (drawback is that it's not modular)
    Different motherboard - Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0 instead of Asus Z87-Pro (main difference is that it's a different socket but more on that later)
    Different CPU - AMD FX-8320 instead of Intel i7-4770K (the AMD chip will be slower, but chances are it won't be that much difference in some situations. It's a lot cheaper so that's why I opted for this instead. Will post an Intel build as well soon)
    Different cooler - Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo instead of Noctua NH-U14S (drawback is that it will probably be slightly louder, and not cool quite as well (only a ~3 degree difference according to TechPowerUp at typical load. I think the much lower price is worth it though)
    Different RAM - Corsair 16GB at 1600MHz CL10 instead of G-Skill 16GB at 2400MHz CL10 (Same capacity but slightly slower. I highly doubt that you would even notice a difference, even in synthetic benchmarks)
    Different HDD - 1TB Western Digital Black instead of 2TB generic drive (Benefit: Most likely faster. Drawback: Half the size, but I assume you are going to install a lot of the things which need a lot of speed on the SSD, and maybe just some big games on the HDD, as well as movies and such)
    Different SSD - 250GB Samsung 840 instead of 256GB Samsung 840 Pro (drawback: Slightly slower, and slightly lower durability, but neither of those should be noticeable except in synthetic benchmarks)
    It's kind of hard to build without knowing your budget. Anyway, I highly recommend you build it yourself. It's very educational, fun as well as cheaper.
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    bosnian_guy reacted to RelativeMono in What is your favourite Laptop brand-maker-company?   
    I'm a sucker for amd
    this just looks sex.
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    bosnian_guy reacted to RelativeMono in What is your favourite Laptop brand-maker-company?   
    ew, those just look outdated...
    the design, not the ports and stuff lol