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  1. I had to do the same, Auto set mine to -0.100 which lead to bluescreens, which took me ages to figure out what was causing them, setting the offset to 0.000 instantly fixed them.
  2. Try reducing your IA offset to +0.100 and that should get you down to 1.340. I run my 4790k with +0.000 and my CPU VCORE peaks at 1.248, but I am Running my CPU at 4.4GHz, so to get the 4.5OC you may need that +0.100.
  3. PC3 looks ok, i don't think i'd play it though..Although i have been playing PC2 lately it's not bad the driving is no Rfactor2 or Automblista though.
  4. Anyone else get a fraction of a second stutters on ACC? Played for a few hours today i got a couple of them, kinda annoying and can really screw up the lap i am on. Running on spec below with a 5700XT GPU, a mix of ultra and high settings locked at 80fps.
  5. This is why i never buy PC games when they first come out, i'll wait 6 months and hopefully it will be fixed and half the price.
  6. I could do with a few more on wheel buttons, but i think i will stick with my G27 for now, and maybe get a belt driven wheel when i am ready to upgrade.
  7. 20.7.2 is stable for me, just make sure you run DDU after uninstalling your old driver, and you should be good.
  8. No, my monitor is 144hz freesync so basically anything above 60 is really smooth, some games i will cap at 60, mainly though i tune the card to run cool and quiet at around 1850-70mhz, rather than the 2050-2100mhz (won silicon lottery it seems) it runs at out of the box. Most of the games i play run above 100fps at 1080p which i am happy with, when i Sim race i on triple screen i cap the frame rate at 60 though. I have the Power color red dragon, and it runs hot and loud without the down clock, although stable.
  9. I generally either cap the frame rate or down clock the GPU these days, to keep the noise and heat down. I really don't need the extra frame rate, as long its over 60 i am good... So if i had the attention span to play games for 14 hours i wouldn't be worried that much about shortening the life of the card.
  10. I have a 5700XT The junction temp is the temp of the transistors within the die.
  11. The Junction Temp is nothing to do with the VRAM. The Junction Temp is the hottest spot on the GPU Die.