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Status Updates posted by pierom_qwerty

  1. ×


    1. NoRomanBatmansAllowed


      Why did it get removed?

    2. pierom_qwerty


      the original one had copyrighted music


      this one probably did, but it hasnt gotten taken down

  2. ur mom gay lol



  3. IDK how stupid this sounds, but does anybody want to create a full fledged game with me?

    1. LienusLateTips


      @Implosivetech I guess I'll make a storyboard or something. Maybe even learn some C++ in the process

    2. Techicolors
    3. Jamiec1130


      I might could help with some of the non-technical stuff, so sure. @Implosivetech

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    GTX 980 or R9 390?


    im gonna make a topic about it

    1. GeneXiS_X


      I'll go for 980 due to better efficiency.

    2. Tech_Dreamer


      390 ? feel like old cards should be judged on 'value' for smaller price . spend anything more , you should probably get something that's released recently.

  5. ok, so some of us remember that I made a twitter bot that tweeted random shit? i'm adjusting the code to spam tag the fcc and ajit pai to bring back net neutrality

    1. Technomancer__



      whats the bot name?

  6. If you are having a bad day, member last year my little brother put the $75 total(from all relatives) of amazon money into his account, and then Amazon locked the account because they thought there was something wrong.

  7. image.png.6967993a94ddc22ff83b28f71dcb3e1c.png


    everything you need for a wisp

  8. LMAO read the replies




    don't have a picture, but i can post one in an hour and 30 minutes (when i have to go back over to the new building for 3rd period)

    1. NoRomanBatmansAllowed


      Pics or it didn't happen. :P


      (I actually wanna see some pics  though. It's still basically green here in southern ontario)

  10. when you realize that u thought the 5ghz $1000 us antennas could also do 24ghz but those are entirely different are 1500 a pop and then u realize that 5ghz can only do 300 mbps so aaaaaaaaa


    we really need to look into third party shit to save money

  11. Me: Snow tomorrow? Nah

    Weather: 90% Chance of Precipitation

    Weather: Precipitation Type - Snow



    Saddest video on youtube. William is a happy guy, but hes crying. :(

  13. Latest Update on Making an ISP:


    "Well I'll plan out some shit" - one of the other guys running it with me

    1. Hiitchy


      I've never understood how ISPs worked or how they connect to "the internet" but who knows.. 

    2. Lurick


      The massive, hellish, glorious, divine, monstrosity that is BGP (for the most part)

    3. pierom_qwerty


      @Ryan_Vickers RIP net neutrality

      @Hiitchy once you get how it works, you get how it works. finding a company willing to sell broadband to a small company is hard

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  14. When you realize the only hurdles you have to get over to get your ISP operational is money.










    and a 5 foot tall (about 1.5 meters) dirt plateau about half a mile away


    image.png.62bad35eef37feaff711a519718cad6a.pngthe thing circled in red is the entire mound(it goes up 100 feet about), but in black is the ideal WISP connection route, because it is less than 2 miles away. Me and my friends are considering having 3 main hubs, each at one of our houses and maybe more at shopping centers if they want sum internet. trust me, this is going to be a shitload of work




    1. pierom_qwerty


      @DeadEyePsycho The FCC has already been denied power over delegating NN adjustment.

    2. 2FA


      You don't need to mention me every time, I get the notification regardless.


      They were denied because ISPs weren't classified under Title II. They then proceeded to reclassify them under Title II (which the DC judge that denied them in the first place suggested to them) effectively giving them regulation power. There are limits to which they can regulate due to Title II which should be noted but to say they were denied in general is blatantly false. The only recent denial I can think of is the privacy rules (which weren't enforced in the first place by the FCC) being overturned by Congress earlier this year.

    3. 2FA


      Don't get me wrong, I would be all for an actual law legitimizing NN. I'm just trying to correct misconceptions on both sides (there are a lot :/).

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  16. malemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemalemale

    1. Silentprototipe
    2. Techstorm970


      Welp, apparently he got weirded out by having a boyfriend or something?  Idk...

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      weirded out? this looks like complete borderline mental breakdown.

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