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  1. After going to an i5 i don't think i could go back either. That said, iv'e got a friend that built a pc with a 6100 and absolutely loves it.
  2. Dark_Fuzzy


    Generally they would be called either a deskmat,xl mousepad, or extended mousepad.
  3. Great post but considering this is aimed at newcomers i would expand a bit on " unless you have an i3, Pentium, or Celeron CPU, in which case you also need a CPU upgrade ". Some i3s can still run pretty much everything just fine, even some pentiums can still keep up but i don't know if any could run bf1.
  4. Dark_Fuzzy


    Blade 14 for sure,because everyone other than Linus knows bigger is indeed better.
  5. Dark_Fuzzy

    Upgrading my haswell setup

    Then just buy something like a 4690k or 4790k. There isn't really a performance difference.
  6. Dark_Fuzzy

    Comcast Capping Chicago

    270kbps ftw
  7. Dark_Fuzzy

    Comcast Capping Chicago

    And here i sit on a 10gb per month mobile connection because no one will bother running a cable 100ft to service us...
  8. Dark_Fuzzy

    Any other Apathetic gamers here?

    Just got done playing Keep Talking over Ts with some friends,easily one of my favorite games and i don't even own it. Also to add to the list Undertale and The Witcher 3 both excellently made.
  9. So i just picked up one of these for $5 and it works perfectly fine with the exception of the twist(yaw in most games). It will randomly stick to the right even if I'm not even touching it. My question is how hard would it be to replace the pot that controls that twist(with my limited knowledge of electronics)? Also where could i find a pot to replace it. Or could it be something else entirely?
  10. Dark_Fuzzy

    Replacing a potentiometer in a joystick

    Tried resoldering the connections and its still doing the same thing,any idea where i can find a new pot?
  11. Dark_Fuzzy

    Replacing a potentiometer in a joystick

    Tried cleaning it with some rubbing alcohol as someone recommenced. Didn't fix it One of the wires soldered to it looks like it might not have the best connection,but wouldn't that cause it to simply not work?
  12. Dark_Fuzzy

    Gaming CPU Needed

    I would say go with either the i3 6100 or the i5 4460. The difference between the 6100 and 6300 isn't enough to justify the price and the fx 6300 just struggles too much for me to recommend it. If getting the 4460 means you have to cheap out on something get the i3. Also getting a used cpu isn't such a bad idea,especially a non k cpu.
  13. Dark_Fuzzy

    The New Dangers of USB Peripherals

    Link? Again assuming you could even find (or somehow manage to modify) a mouse with enough memory it would still have to install the files. So other than it being a really sneaky way to move files it works the same way anything else does.
  14. Dark_Fuzzy

    The New Dangers of USB Peripherals

    Even for the mice that have on board memory i doubt they have enough to store any kind of aim assist or other hack. Also even if you could do that it would work the same way a usb stick does and would be detectable just like any other way of installing a mod.
  15. Dark_Fuzzy

    Looking for a SSD Flash Drive

    Ah,disregard that post then.
  16. Dark_Fuzzy

    Looking for a SSD Flash Drive

    Never had this problem,also just watched someone install Windows 10 from a flash drive in about 5 minutes.
  17. Dark_Fuzzy

    Where is the cheapest place to buy Overwatch (For use in the UK)

    I would say g2a is a perfectly reputable site. That said the cheapest place I've found Overwatch is still on Blizzards site(At least in the us).
  18. Turning your cooler to face the right direction might do some good if you can.
  19. Dark_Fuzzy

    Parents won't let me spend my money?

    You don't teach someone frugality by not allowing them to spend money.
  20. Dark_Fuzzy

    CableMod Giveaway

    1. Extensions 2.ModFlex (Paracord) 3.
  21. Dark_Fuzzy

    is this decent or shit

    I would say a blue snowball(What i have) or one of these https://www.amazon.com/Samson-Mic-Portable-Condenser-Microphone/dp/B001R76D42 Both work well and i would say the sound quality was about the same,maybe even a little better on the samson but i have a feeling i just don't have the snowball set up right.
  22. Dark_Fuzzy

    Productivity CPU Needed

    I bought a used i5 from amazon. Went great,shipped fast and i didn't have to worry about it being doa.
  23. Dark_Fuzzy

    is it bad to buy an OEM key?

    Proof? I've seen many reputable people recommending those keys, Paul's Hardware being one of those people.
  24. Dark_Fuzzy

    I Just Want To Know Will This RUN??

    Anesthetic gaming ram?
  25. Before you even consider getting a new cpu get an aftermarket cooler. I would suggest the Cryorig h7 as it has better clearance than something like a 212 evo. Just make sure it will fit in the case. Also for a 6600k you would need a cooler anyway because it doesn't come with one.