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    Ask the NSA
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    Computer geek, love linux ,love photography ,love videography ,extremely love philosophy , really hate programing
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  1. no i use USB if that's what you mean but i think i can investigate about this. thanks mate
  2. yeah but there is no need for an upgrade if i'm only using it for Firefox and music
  3. it's a really old computer bought from bestbuy let's see if i can remember it Intel dual core e5700 4GB of ram i don't see any brand on them so cheat brand i guess jetway TI41M motherboard two WD 500GB and an old 70GB for security reasons (wink) windows 10 pro
  4. Hello good people i'm really having a painful time with this system interrupts using my CPU like crazy i tried updating everything from drivers to bios i even tried to install a fresh copy of windows but after three dies the same problem happen it's start like this after about five of four hours of me using my computer i see the CPU used increasing and the heat starts to go up . please help me what should i do
  5. it doesn't matter as long as it's pink with Glitter
  6. so my dad got this computer really old one the cpu is pentium dual core e5700 with 4gb of ram got now idiea what kind and the motherboard is jetway ti41m the problem is intel don't make driver for the chipset 41 for windows 8 and windows 10 and he needs to play low end games like minecraft which he does when he gets bored is there a way to install the driver for windows 10 now i konw that i could get him low end gpu but i really don't think that necessary cause even the dual core cpu is overkill for web browsing
  7. so my computer started downloading windows 10 and the question is will it notify me when it finishs the folder is already big
  8. I'm against this cause life where you control it is not a life it's something other then that because in real life there is a problems that you need to solve and learn from those problems but in a heaven life there is no such thing there is only m unlimited money , unlimited love m to the point that you forget the value of the money and love a 1000$ is worth more if you work hard for it , and i love this route the hard way to live your life is the best way extremely sorry for the bad English
  9. you can get canon camera's like canon T5I with canon EF 35 mm lens canon T5I is great for photography or videography or you can go with nikon D5300 with Nikon 50mm photographers usally go with nikon this is the cheapest the i can go without going crap , you can get cheaper but i don;t recommend it
  10. can you please tell us your budget cause we got to factor in the lens and other things