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    Intel 10nm maybe in 2050
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    United States of Coronaville
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    AMD FX-8320
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    MSI 970 Gaming
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    16GB ADATA XPG V1 DDR3 1600MHz
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    MSI Gaming X RX 480 4GB
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    Cooler Master Masterbox 5
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    Crucial MX300 525GB
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    EVGA GQ 750W 80+ Gold
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    Asus 21" 1080p IPS 60Hz Monitor
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    Cryorig H5 Ultimate
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    Redragon K552
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    Redragon M601
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    Patriot V361 7.1 Headset
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. You need to get one of those TeamGroup SSDs that overheats. Matches perfecty.
  2. Oh yeah, I totally forgot about using multiple GPUs that wouldn't function normally in a SLI setup. I was doing it, but had to stop these past few days because a PC running at 100% in 90 degree weather with no A/C while trapped in quarantine does not make for a good time.
  3. Certainly a scam. They pose as MSI, offer "Corsair Vengeance" in addition to "Graphics card,", and have the world's sketchiest email known to man: shop@trgcvzsxz.ren
  4. You have to remember that the 64-bit applications used on PCs are based on the x86-64 architecture developed by AMD. The entire reason behind why the architecture was adopted was because it is an extension of 32-bit architecture, compared to the failure of Intel's Itanium processors which were exclusively 64-bit processors and kept none of the compatibility. Because of the architecture, 64-bit applications are also based on an extension of 32-bit applications, making it relatively easy for applications to offer 32-bit compatibility. It's not so much about the necessity of offering support to 32-bit processors, but the fact that it's very simple to offer compatibility and there isn't much reason for applications to not offer it.
  5. 33 isn't that young for a midlife crisis, especially if you're managing a large company. Anyone would be weathered down dealing with the stress of company management, especially when being forced to make choices you may not like (like what happened with Ivan).
  6. Are you using V-Sync or any software that would cap your frames? Because a 2080 Ti should be producing frames in the 240s for 1080p.
  7. What's your color scheme? Unless you are going with red/black, go for the STRIX. Wait, did MSI actually make the Gaming X cooler a solid color? In that case, it really just comes down to your preference. Unlike motherboards, which MSI has been struggling with compared to Asus with newer releases, GPUs should perform relatively similar with any of the aftermarket coolers available. What motherboard do you have, though, for RGB connectivity purposes?
  8. Based on my little knowledge of it, it's a slightly weaker card than the 1660 Ti, but the performance difference is not worth paying a significant price difference for.
  9. Honestly, I'd also just grab the 3200 Mhz RAM now and wait to buy an aftermarket cooler instead. Ryzen really benefits from fast RAM, and the Wraith Prism that comes with the 3900X is sufficient to run the CPU at base clocks. You will likely see a greater performance boost in average use with faster RAM than an overclock, and as you said, you might not even want to overclock anyways. If you are retiring the 6700K, you could take the Dark Rock 3 and use that with the 3900X. It's still a very powerful cooler and performs much better than a 120/140mm AIO.
  10. In that case, something around a RTX 2060, GTX 1660 Ti, or RX 5700 XT would be optimal. Those cards run virtually all modern games at 1080p144, but if you want future-proofing, you may want to step up to even a RTX 2070. If you are okay with secondhand cards, grabbing a last-gen GTX 1080 or 1080 Ti would also be quite optimal.
  11. I just remembered the key difference between X470 and X570: PCIe Gen 4. It won't make much difference for GPU performance, especially with a GTX 1080 with no Gen 4 support. If you buy a Gen 4 NVMe SSD, it will be bottlenecked by Gen 3 on X470 motherboards. In terms of power delivery, X470 and X570 (and even X370) are nearly identical. It really comes down to how fast of a SSD you are going to want.
  12. What are your plans on a new monitor? Gsync? Resolution or refresh rate? How about your RAM speed, since that's quite important for Ryzen processors? In terms of a CPU bottleneck, you'd really need something really powerful to do that. There's always a bottleneck with either a CPU or GPU, as it's fundamentally impossible to have two very different parts with identical performance.
  13. Based on the age of his current parts, I'm assuming that it's harder to find newer parts in Brazil, or that they are extremely expensive. All the parts he has are 5-7 years old at this point, and even the upgrade choices he's giving aren't that much newer.