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  1. Computer was working fine yesterday. However when I tried to open it today morning it didn't opened up. Nothing happened when I pressed the power button. I tried removing the plug from socket, pressing reset button etc but nothing hapened. After pressing around 15 times I stopped. However when I tried again after an hour it booted normally. I had to shut down my pc 15 minutes ago and now when I am trying to open it again it again not responding.
  2. But it ran fine for before. Shouldn't that junper thing had cause the problem before?
  3. Motherboard- Gigabyte 1155 rev 3 CPU- i3 3220 PSU- 10 dollar 250 W frontech OS- Windows 10 pro trial Pc keep getting reboot and I have to select "load optimized settings". I have replaced the CMOS battery last month. I purchased the motherboard last month(it cost around 35 USD)and it's a used one.
  4. How you got ram, gpu free and motherboard in so much discount
  5. My keyboard light blinks when i press keys during sleep. Is it normal with USB keyboard. I always used ps2 keyboard and those didn't had these problem. system info Windows 10 pro 64 bit I3 3220 h61 gigabyte 6gb ram(3.7 gb usable)
  6. Etcher told me to use rufus. BTW do I have to format whole harddisk or just 1 partition if I want to swith to uefi mode?
  7. I have to download again for doing that. I don't have unlimited internet so I downloaded the iso file.
  8. I am trying to install windows 10 64 bit. So I tried using rufus to do it. I have used rufus many times successfully. yet I am getting this error. system info Windows 7 pro 32 bit I3 3220 h61 gigabyte 6gb ram(3.7 gb usable)
  9. yes you are correct. Sorry for not mentioning that. Can you suggest me a video or explain me how should I clean and sanitize it once it come. I am buying the following-i3 3220+stock cooler+4gb 1333hz ram+GA-H61M-S2P-R3. Also will it fit in this Case. It's the same I l used to mount my lga775 motherboard. And he's not providing the front usb header/cable So can I use my lga 775 front usb header/cable.
  10. he sent a video of it performing well. BTW should I buy usb 3 version with 2 gb ram or non usb 3 version with 4 gb ram. I can only afford one
  11. It's an old motherboard which I am planning to buy. the seller sent me these two pictures. Is it in good condition.
  12. anyone find that they get better performance with GPU scheduling off ? RTX 2060 ryzen 3500