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  1. About 400 in my country but is it worth it? I have never used Apple products so I dont rly kno
  2. Hello guys I appreciate any help! A friend of mine wants to buy a new tablet for some multitasking cause he is a journalist and wants to see many matches at the same time (tv, laptop, tablet). Also he is going to use for some writing eventually I guess but it is not rly that important. So the most serious factor is work properly as much as possible. If you can suggest a company or even a model it would be fantastic!
  3. Coreldraw, solidworks, autocad, illustrator and inventor.
  4. Hello guys, I was thinking of buying the Dell SE2717H but I was told that the AOC like the AOC 27V2Q are kinda better. Feel free to write your opinion please.
  5. Thx I will check the benchmarks
  6. Thx for your time mate, have a nice day!
  7. I just took a look, I see there are 4: (490-BDXO) , (490-BDXN) , (S26361-F2222-L104) , (VCQP1000-PB) There is a big difference in those or it is insignificant which one I choose?
  8. Yes I am on a budget, thanks!
  9. Hello guys, I am building a new computer to run some programs like autocad and solidworks. I am used in building gaming systems so I dont know if I have to pick one radeon wx or a pny or if just a normal gaming gpu like 580 works. Thx for your time in advance!
  10. yes but usually it crashes, before the dust cleaning i was using it for like a year without any issue. I just put the fan at full rpm to see if this is gonna work.
  11. It spins but when i put my hand down of the card i dont rly feel like any airflow.
  12. Thanks, I will try this out.
  13. I use an asus r9 290x matrix, idle 60, after playing heroes of the storm i get like 93-94 and sometimes It goes even higher and crashes. Could i do something bad at the cleaning?
  14. I dust clean my computer before 1 day, I started having problems with my gpu cause of rly high temperature, The only thing that i did was to take gpu out and I used a swab to clean the dust on the fans then i pluged her in again. I dont know what is happening, any advise would be usefull.
  15. no overclock and my ram is fine so you guess mobo?