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  1. could be quite interesting to see why Nvidia came up with the 1180+.
  2. Nvidia did say this gen is going to be unconventional, such 1180+
  3. Since there's a rumor going with Nvidia releasing their new GTX1180 at Gamescom, now, there've been a new leak of the GTX1180 PCB from Chiphell (spotted by Tweaktown) The new SLI finger should be a key interest here, especially since Asus and Acer are pushing their 4K 144Hz G-sync panels and 65" 120 big display. Does it mean we gonna see much better SLI scaling from now on, or even a single 1180 will be able to push 60+ FPS at 4K no problemo? Food for thoughts. Actually, the new GPU could be named 2080 since Nvidia is celebrating at Gamescom on 20/8. Hmmm... *tin foil hat*
  4. Reuters just said that NVIDIA new GPU gaming chip will be named Turing. There's a possibility they will release 2 series - 1 for mining and 1 for gaming. https://www.tweaktown.com/news/60857/nvidias-next-gen-turing-gpu-unveiled-gtc-2018/index.html https://www.reuters.com/article/us-nvidia-results-research/frenzied-demand-for-nvidias-graphic-chips-shoot-prices-through-the-roof-idUSKBN1FT2AW
  5. Take a look at Lenovo Yoga series laptops. I'm using one for my university work - it's great. What's your budget in mind though?
  6. It was mentioned in the document that the gov will assist and guide in the transition. Nothing was mention about compensation.
  7. Oh no no no. I was referring to China banning cryptomining as well since there was this "official" document roaming around saying the government need to "guide" all these operations out since in some way, mining = misused computational power. Basically, the government wanna turn those mines into pseudo datacenters instead of mining for crypto currency. Some of my contacts replied to me last night saying bitcoin has no place in China. Hence, the ban and all following procedures to make it "exit" China. About South Korea, I'm not too sure what they wanna do with the mining.
  8. They are going to ban mining as well. I'm currently waiting for more info from my contacts about the legitimacy of it. I'm getting hints of yes from them.
  9. they should go with this in the first place but oh well. "design"
  10. So, lately, we all been hearing a lot about cryptocurrency, bitcoin and tralala. Some country in Asia like China and in this case - South Korea are taking action against crypto. The South Korean justice minister, Park Sang-Ki, said he's preparing a bill a ban on cryptocurrency trading through South Korean exchanges. He said: Source: https://www.tweaktown.com/news/60505/south-korean-government-preparing-bill-ban-crypto-trading/index.html Personally, I'm wondering if this cryptotrading ban will not only happen in Asia but also in Europe and NA. Will cryptocurency remain in the trade, and not be used in anything IRL? Let's chat down below.
  11. Sure, just lower the settings to high in Battlefield and you should be alright. You can keep your settings to ultra with Overwatch tho. It's not that demanding.
  12. I don't think your 7700K is going to be obsolete in 2 year. It'll most likely last you even more than 4 years. Unless using more CPU cores in games becomes a trend or the next gen graphics completely bottleneck the CPU at 4K 144Hz, there might not even be a reason to upgrade. Of course, that doesn't mean 6 cores, 8 cores and etc... don't have their place in this market. They are great for multitasking, rendering and blabla. But IPC improvement on Intel will likely to be marginal with the trend we're seeing right now and I don't expect a huge jump for Zen2 (maybe ~30% since Ryzen was a worse case scenario). So, the trend will most likely be more cores for the mainstream consumer and more refinement on the platform.
  13. I would coin it as just perfect. But if you want a constant 144 FPS on 1440P capped on the latest AAA titltes maxed out, I'm afraid none of the current gen can do it yet. Maybe Volta but that's going to be a while.
  14. I recommend a Ryzen 1600, use the stock cooler, B350 mobo is well enough, 16GB RAM. Storage part is good. PSU doesn't need to be that expensive as well. 80-100 is well enough for a 500 - 650W Gold. You can go with whatever you want for the GPU. It looks like OP didn't specify that 500$ is for the CPU budget and not the entire build.
  15. Quick note tho: the GTR cooler is making direct contact with the VRMs as well. So, whatever you do, make sure your waterblock cools the VRMs too.
  16. Well, I got news from my contact over at Gigabyte that they are making one. (They teased it on Reddit as well.) But my guess is that they don't have all that stock going around. So, you might want to wait a little bit longer.
  17. The XFX GTR is a custom designed PCB while the reference one follow AMD specs. The XFX GTR also sports one of the best cooler for the RX480. Would you mind telling us why do you want to put your XFX GTR under water? Are you planning to use one of those NZXT kit? If so, a 140mm rad should be enough but I really question the value you're getting out of it.
  18. he had alrdy taken two weeks off some time ago this year. Someone alrdy mention this in the convo.
  19. Hmmmm interesting... But the guy just took 2 weeks of vacation before. Something is up then...
  20. Tbh, they've been making mobos for quite a long time in China.