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  1. Hopefully it works. I have Microsoft office 2016 and everything installed on my boot drive + a lot of information on it. iI's a 960 evo so don't know how I could even remove that data if the above didn't work before doing a clean install.
  2. That's a possibility? The drive has never changed, it's the same. I changed the mobo, cpu, and ram.
  3. I don't mind buying a new windows 10 license, I'm just concerned about questions 1-4.
  4. Hey guys, recently had to replace my motherboard, ram, and cpu. I'm aware of the fact that I need a new windows 10 key due to motherboard replacement but my OS is on my Nvme drive and I'm wondering what the steps would be to install windows again because: 1) Aren't the files already existing on my the nvme from first windows 10 install? 2) When installing windows 10 again will it take twice the space due to it making new replicated folder's/files again? 3) I also got many files on my the nvme that I don't want to lose so what's the best way to go about this?
  5. The worst part is when Ebay and Paypal throw you around between each other. My bro's been thrown around between the 2 companies saying "no, the other has to help you with that, etc ..." Till you get mad and they do something for you.
  6. Sorry, just took a risk I knew I shouldn't have as it was too good to be true. Either way, I did get refunded on PayPal so hopefully that's all I need to do.
  7. Im extremely new to Ebay so I did an impulse buy but I did use Paypal so after you guys said it's most likely a scam I logged into PayPal and hit "cancel payment" as he hadn't accepted the payment yet and I got it back. Is this all I need to do? Thanks.
  8. He keeps listing them over and over again.
  9. This guy is selling a new 1080Ti for $188.99 CAD. Is this legitimate or ....? https://www.ebay.ca/itm/142736644879?ViewItem=&item=142736644879 What on earth?
  10. On its own, randomly? How do I even check that now without a dedicated GPU as I can't see the screen as there is no signal.
  11. I see, but it's not the PSU or ram right?
  12. If everything is fine when trying with a dedicated gpu what does that mean? CPU issues?
  13. There is a orange light on the motherboard (Asus z270i rog strix) if that means anything or maybe the orange light is always there? No idea.