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Status Updates posted by paddy-stone

  1. Just switched out electric onto a plan that closely follows wholesale price, or a LOT more than most energy suppliers do anyway.


    This is from the other day




    They even pay YOU, to use electric at certain times, usually when demand is very low. You can see by the chart above that it goes to negative pricing, so that's when they are paying you per KWh to use it... this doesn't happen very often, maybe 12+ times per year. But for me, it's the rest of the chart that is the good part.. we were on a plan that is 15p/KWh no matter what time, so switching over to this is a very easy decision to make. It's likely to rise again after the covid-19 crisis goes away (hopefully), but even so, the prices for much of the day would still only be around 8-12p per unit, rising to approx 22p+ between 4-7pm when usage is high.

    The other thing about this company, Octopus Energy, is that you can change plans whenever you like with no penalties etc, you can ring them, or email and change plans within a day or so. This is also true for switching to another supplier too, with no penalties, so it's a win-win situation IMO.


    For comparison, this is today's plan



  2. Just found out one of my neighbours has died from Covid-19. Stay safe out there people.

  3. Man, that was a PITA.


    I decided in my ultimate wisdom to do some testing on my main rig... what a nightmare.


    I was messing around with openvpn servers/clients and such, including upnp on my router to use plex outside of home... this was so I could help my friend doing stuff to his.


    Anyway, so did all that, everything was fine, so went back to use my PIA vpn... and nope. So figuring it must have been the TAP adaptor, re-installed the adaptor and client... so OK now have internet access back. went onto my server IP, nothing!!!

    So, check some more of my network stuff, Hue, etc... and nope. So go to router IP to check settings, and nope... switch off/on again... and nope


    Pulled my server out... because it's network switch is behind it, power cycle it, still nothing... check other network switches and so on, same result.


    I was pulling my f'ing hair out, I was like  "what the fuck, I didn't even touch the router - except for rectifying that DNS address I didn't recognise!!! - - - - -  then the lightbulb went on!!"

    Sure enough, checked the gateway address, something I didn't think to check before as I hadn't touched that side of things, and sure enough the router's bloody address had changed just to reset a DNS address somehow??.... bear in mind this is like 2 hours after the problem appeared and my frustration reaching epic proportions... so anyway, put the router/gateway address back to what it should have been, checked DNS settings too while there, and success everything back to normal.


    I still can't figure out how the IP address of the router changed, I know it needed to power cycle to change the DNS settings, but I swear to dog I never changed it, had to rhyme or reason to... and I don't allow remote access to my router, so couldn't be that.

  4. That feeling you get when you realise the inside of your phone case is somehow dirtier than the outside?? 

  5. Example of shit spelling.


    I cold sea buy teh crock dat itz nyn sow i git me pilow ant i when too bead.

  6. Bit the bullet and finally bought an OLED TV, couldn't stand waiting any longer to get decent blacks for my TV/movie watching... Philips 754 model, has pretty good reviews, I can put up with a little bit of a clunky UI, seeing as I'm used to it kind of anyway ?

  7. So this is supposed to be the information age, with access at your fingertips and via voice.... yet we still get people asking stupid ass questions that can be googled in like 0.5 seconds.


    example, "how do I reset CMOS?"  asked on a computing forum.




    Don't know whether to laugh or cry sometimes. I would have loved to have access to all this information when I was younger, without having to go to a library to look things up.

  8. I'm loving my Anker soundcore Liberty 2's :D


    I'm using them in conjunction with the soundcore app, that gives you some equalizer settings to choose if you want... also you can do a test to tweak them to your liking if you want, I haven't bothered with that yet as I like the recommended equalizer.


    They are so comfortable to wear that it's like they are hardly there, and they don't come out at all.. I'm using the tips and wings that come fitted, but they have another 6 Tips and 4 wings to choose from if they don't fit for you. The sound is much deeper/richer than any buds I have tried in the past, and IMO those had very good sound too. I can see myself using these much more than conventional Bluetooth headphones/earbuds, mostly because of the comfort. But also because of the convenience of just having to leave my Bluetooth on, and take the buds out of the case for them to auto connect to my phone, takes about 1 second or so. unless the buds need recharging I can see myself just leaving these in all day pretty much, apart from if watching TV.


    The storage/charging case is really small, I was very pleasantly surprised. I can fit it in the same pocket I keep my phone in (Yeah I like boxer style trousers). The buds came fully charged, and the case had about 60-70% charge too, took about an hour charging with standard 2.4A charger... will be quicker if I use my quick charge 3.0/4.0 or PD charger (I just chose the one that was closest to my PC).


    The only downside I can see at the moment, is they don't have active noise cancelling... but with the volume I use I don't forsee it being a problem except for when I use them in bed maybe, as I won't have them as loud... we shall see.




    1. wkdpaul


      I have the soundbud slims, I previously had the Skullcandy Ink'd 2, at the time, they cost double the price of the Anker's, but the sound quality and sound stage on those Skullcandy are close to dollar store earbuds (not even exaggerating)! I can't believe I used those Skullcandy for so long!!! :(


      My brother got one of his kids the SoundCore Life Q20, and I tried them during the Christmas vacations. So far, for the price, Anker has delivered way above my expectations! Happy to see the Liberty 2 is also great quality earphone! :)

    2. paddy-stone


      Yeah, I am sooo pleased with them... I was debating getting them for a month or so. I ended up getting them as they had a £20 off on Amazon, plus I had some birthday Amazon credit to use anyway, and thought "why not?!". So they ended up costing around £69 instead of £89, and I had like £58 credit left from Birthday stuff, so paid like £11 of my own money :D


      I now have like 4 pairs or so of Bluetooth headphones/earphones that will be hardly used, and I thought they were pretty good TBH and they still are, just not as good as these. I also got a new sound system for my bedroom too, so won't even use my old BT headphones for TV watching any more... so that just leaves them for when gaming really.

      I also have tons of pairs of wired earbuds that'll go unused... I am a bit of a tech hoarder, LOL :D


      I haven't tried the new Anker's with phone calls yet, so can't say what they'll be like for that, but I can't see them being a problem.

    3. wkdpaul


      Ah yeah! Only issue I have with my Anker regarding phone calls is the microphone, it's TOO sensitive, this means it's unusable in the car since it picks up too much road noise and the person on the other end can barely hear me over the background noise (to be usable, I have to cup the microphone in my hand and place it beside my mouth, which defeats the purpose of a BT earphone IMO).


      But appart from that, they're great, and I paid $35 CAD (around £20) almost 1.5 years ago :P

  9. Well, finally bit the bullet and purchased the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 earphones, nonpro model... had some of my Amazon credit from my Birthday left so thought "fuck it!" ?


    Mostly got them for when in bed, my current ones have a wire that can get annoying... also I like the fact that the "box" uses USB type C and quick charge IIRC, plus the buds can have a quick 10 min charge in the box for 2 hours listening time. Will see if they live up to the claims, I know they won't be as good as the pros with their 2 drivers, but didn't fancy paying the extra £50 for that, time will tell if I should have...


  10. Xmas shopping... UGH!


    Guess I'll just have to wade through the throng of ladies all wanting my attention



    Cos they think I'm Santa ?


  11. Finally! I have remembered to enable iLo on my micro server...


    Hey, it's only been like 3 years ?

  12. Updating my YUMI USB installer/boot drive.... it's been a while

  13. Got my "go" drive 8TB... now backing up my essentials for those "in case of emergency" needs - 3TB to back up now ?

  14. Got another USB HDD, this time an 8TB to have in my "go" bag. It'll live in there with some other stuff I have, just in case... bag is waterproof too. #paranoid #liveinfear #endoftheworld 



  15. Still haven't set up the pfsense part of the ESXi server yet ?

  16. Yay, finally got my 5.1 surround sound system... went with a Logitech 906, which is DTS, Dolby and THX certified.


    Got it all set up in around an hour or so, including having to fiddle around routing the wires behind my media centre etc.. it's no work of art or anything, but it IS functional, which is what I care about. There's no way of doing everything how I would LIKE to have it, so have to stick with function over form for now.


    Sound is excellent, really pleased with it, especially as I missed out on this a few months back when the price was relatively low, then spotted it in a pre-black friday deal on Amazon for £140-ish. Re-watched Avengers: Endgame on it tonight, much better with proper sound output in 5.1 surround.... haven't tried a THX certified film yet, am looking out for one though :D

    Now I just need to get another TV, proper 10 bit panel, maybe OLED and then I'll be set.

  17. Got my ESXi build done...


    I couldn't get it to POST, and had to do some troubleshooting. So disconnected all drives except 1 SSD. Used different USB drives etc etc... then realized that ASUS are assholes and don't follow convention.

    Yes, I had overlooked the fact that the white fan header, is actually the CPU fan header, LOL  ?

    I had assumed the white one was the fan-opt - yes I don't read manuals after building them for around 25-30 years now ?


    Anyway, all up and running now. Just sorting ESXi itself out now, got it installed, changed to a static IP, but then wouldn't connect to webgui... so changed back to DHCP, and not giving me an address now. So got some figuring out to do.

    1. Den-Fi


      Nice! Love ESXi. I might've done Proxmox had I not used VMWare products for so long, but yeah... ESXi w/ Veeam to back it all up has been great.

    2. paddy-stone


      Got it figured out in the end... I DLed and installed 6.7 instead, and all running fine now. Got storage done, and installed a couple VMs for testing. Haven't tried veeam, but will give it a look, thanks

  18. 2600x swapped in, case cleaned a bit too, after I managed to get TIM on the AIO cooler... first time in ages ?


    Now I can start on the ESXi build :D


  19. Ugh, well I'm feeling a bit better now.. crosses fingers.


    But also just discovered that I now have no idea where my AM4 mounting has gone for my ML240lite (the one not in use already). So, now have to either crawl about in the attic, or use the stock AM4 cooler for the ESXi build. Which is OK I guess as I'll be running at stock or under-volting (if it's even worth it), I just wanna make sure it's as quiet as possible as I'll be running it 24/7 once set up most likely... depending on what I end up running though.


    ATM my 1700 is still in my main system(and have set it back to stock), and with the tower+monitor I'm pulling 91W from the wall is all according to my UPS, and that's including the GTX1060 and peripherals etc on idle too. So not bad at all for 16 logical cores that I'll have use of if I need them.


    I'm definitely gonna try pfsense, and run a VPN server on it for home access... I have an intel NIC on the mobo, + a quad port AIC too, so plenty for my needs. I will either use an old GT710 or similar just for booting the build, unless I can make use of a 1060 I have spare anyway for something, and that leaves me 1 x16 slot spare on the mobo, possibly for a LSI 9211-8i or similar, depending on need. ATM I probably don't need it, will mostly be running VMs just for testing purposes and maybe for a freenas/ubuntu/unraid file server just for away from home usage, unless it makes more sense to swap everything to the ESXi build for file serving needs... will do some testing to see if it's worth it.

    Will probably do the build tomorrow when I have a bit more time, and hopefully still feel OK health wise. I'll try to remember to document the build, but it's nothing special really, so not really any point IMO, it's just standard hardware and the software is doing the heavy lifting. I might add another 16GB DDR4 as it's like £59 ATM for the same 3000Mhz RAM as I will currently be putting in there. I'll see what my RAM requirements are, but for that price it might be worth it to not have to juggle VMs needs.


  20. Not feeling great... have got some kind of virus, possibly flu or stomach flu, in and out of the toilet like a fucking yoyo for 2 days now :(


    Have had 2 cups of coffee, and 4 biscuits over the last 48 hours total ?

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    2. paddy-stone


      No, I get ya... but I just sip it anyway, and things absolutely cannot be worse than they have been anyway. I suffer from IBS normally, so with this bug it's notched up the badness to nuclear levels.

    3. Murasaki


      Oh yeah that sucks big time. Get well soon, friend.

    4. paddy-stone
  21. Cheap upgrade (kind of upgrade anyway).


    Ryzen 1700 to 2600X for main PC  £120 approx


    Buy an Asus  x370-pro, approx £80 for my ESXi build, and add the 1700 from above upgrade.


    All other parts needed I already own. Except maybe more storage needed for the ESXi build depending ultimately on what I decide to run on it.



    Will definitely be running pfsense on it. And hosting a NAS server VM for outside access only, not my entire library that's on my main NAS. That's the plan so far anyway.

  22. Uhhhh!, I fucked up...


    I got my Rsync settings muddled... and now I have to re-copy my data for lots of hours.


    So, have I got this right? The dataset that you are copying from, will add that dataset name/folder in the destination?


    so like:

    server 1 rsync settings /mnt/pool/dataset name

    server 2 rsync settings /mnt/pool/   -and it will create/overwrite the dataset name from server 1?

    so if server 1 was deadpool/media

    then server 2 would be creating/overwriting a media folder in server 2s destination like /mnt/ghost/(media folder created/overwritten)?

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    2. Windows7ge


      RSYNC does support excluding files/directories:


      If you just want to exclude 1 file or directory you can add it into the rsync command:

      rsync -avzhP --exclude 'file/directory' source/ destination/
      rsync -avzhP --exclude 'videos' /mnt/storage /mnt/backup

      Do note if you used "/*" you could have kept your source and destination directories identical as the wildcard says copy everything inside the directory:

      rsync -avzhP /mnt/server1/Mark/* /mnt/server2/Mark

      /* says don't copy the Mark folder into the destination, copy everything inside Mark to the destination Mark folder.


      If you want to exclude all of a file type:

      rsync -avzhP --exclude '*.mp3' /mnt/storage/music/* mnt/backup/music

      Exclude multiple directories with similar names:

      rsync -avzhP --exclude 'tax*' /mnt/storage/taxes/* mnt/backup/taxes

      You can use an absolute path to exclude a file:

      rsync -avzhP --exclude 'mnt/storage/music/taylor_swift/lover.flac' /mnt/storage/music/taylor_swift/* mnt/backup/music/taylor_swift

      NOTE: Excluding a single file in a path like this the file path needs to be relative so wherever you execute rsync is where it will start searching for the first directory in the exclusion path (ie. mnt/).


      You can have more than one --exclusion in the command:

      rsync -avzhP --exclude '*.mp3' --exclude '*.flac' /mnt/storage/music/* mnt/backup/music

      Now if you have a whole list of random files to exclude you can create an exclusion file:

      $ nano exclude-list.txt

      and put it in your command with --exclude-from:

      rsync -avzhP --exclude-from 'exclude-list.txt' /mnt/storage/* mnt/backup


      So you have quite a few options at your disposal :D

    3. paddy-stone


      I will make a not of that, thank you... ?


      TBH though, with my disabilities, trying to remember stuff like this is a very BIG challenge, so I'd have to make a note of it anyway and keep referring to it... I do like the exclude-list though. With my memory disability, I find it hard sometimes to remember what a bloody everyday object is, let alone remember CLI ?  I try not to dwell on my disabilities, and try and focus on the good things I can still do... which is one reason why I still challenge myself with trying something new.. learning something new, even if it's small like setting up unraid (had to try and remember what it was called, lol), and I try to do stuff over again, so that I might remember it for next time, repetition is key for me with these problems.

      So even though I kinds failed at using rsync in freenas, at least I can remember how to set up the modules, and rsync tasks... I just get confused about whether it creates that folder/dataset in the destination too. I will get there though.


      For me, it's easier to use freefilesync gui from my desktop... I have used it for years, and don't have to think too hard about what I am doing as I've used it so much. Plus having the filter button there, to include/exclude files/folders is very easy... and I can save the config, to use again whenever... and can change stuff easily if I have to.

      I will learn more about rsync, it does look like a handy thing to do for sure... just need to be in the right headspace to use it, was having a BAD day yesterday, and shouldn't have tried to do it I think. I will give it another shot when I feel a bit better... and do tests on a non[essential dataset and server/test pc when I get it set up again. I have added it to my "to-do" list, along with exploring ESXi some more and containers(forgot the name right now again).


      Anyway, once again I thank you for trying to help me ?



    4. paddy-stone


      Docker, just remembered the name, lol

  23. OMG, I just had my nephew come over with his daughter... he bought a Lumia 435 phone for her ?


    He couldn't  get it working either, man they are a piece of shit. He paid £50 for it too... I have an older android phone he could've had that I don't use, as that is waaaay better than the lumia still.

    1. valdyrgramr


      Why would anyone use a 4 year old phone with a discontinued OS to begin with?

    2. paddy-stone


      Exactly. I've given him one of my old Android phones I had hanging around now. It's got a modded ROM on it running 7.2 IIRC... couldn't stand to even try setting that winphone up for him.

  24. ???


    I'm having one of those days today...


    Tried re-imaging the SSD to get back to windows again on the server.... and the USB boot isn't working, so make another bootable USB, finally get it to boot, and then no mouse or keyboard will work, even my main one from PC.

    So now I thought, well I'm taking longer here trying to get this shit to work than it'd be to install windows again, install backup program and then re-image.... about an hour to 90 mins later and the fucking install is still on "just a moment" - I could fucking shit right now I am so mad!!


    Maybe I WILL stick with unraid, LOL... haven't wiped the drives yet, so could do... I am sooo torn right now.

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    2. Windows7ge


      The biggest pain I think you're going to have to figure out is cooling. As great as it'd be to tuck the equipment away in a closet it will get hot. The room I have mine in is a relatively large space but the room still hits up to 86°F(30°C) when they're under load for a time.


      Mind you it's still summer where I am. Those temps should drop come Winter especially since I can use it to heat the home.

    3. paddy-stone


      I actually have no problem with cooling on the servers, the main (Athon 200GE) sits at around 25-30C even tucked in the cubby media centre I made... ATM it's only using a Cryorig C7 too. I used to have my main PC components in that Fractal node 804, albeit with a 240mm AIO, but it didn't get any hotter in there as it does in my fractal meshify C, hits around 69C even @3.9Ghz all core in the height of summer.

      I love the Corsair ML fans, they move a decent amount of air and are almost as quiet as Noctuas in my experience.. even at low RPM.


      I've almost finished transferring all my data over now, after letting it sit cold for a few days to cool my temper. I'm getting between 45-60MB/s with things like audiobooks, and for big files hitting around 80-110MB/s... the biggest hit I take is with my multitude of ebooks, seeing as most are under 1MB in size... and then their .jpg and metadata files too. I'm leaving those until last, will just take an hour or so IIRC. Good news is that plex was easy enough this time, after so many times re-doing it, LOL... I finally got the hang of permissions too, after struggling with it on some previous server builds... I'm back to LIKING Freenas and Plex again ?


      I've decided I will make another server though, I still have my i7 6700K build to use if I want for ESXi usage... and I may set up my 4670K build again too, that at least has 3 x16 pci-e slots to use... If I decide to do both of those I just need to get another PSU, as all 3 I have will be used by then.... oh and some HDDs. couldn't get those bloody 6TB ones when I finally made up my mind, they are now around £127, so increased by around £37 ?

    4. Windows7ge


      I have a couple Noctua NH-D9Ls in my top server. Had to replace the stock Noctua fans with 4 delta fans cause the Noctuas wernt moving enough air. Cooling a pair of 16C/32T Xeons in a 4U can be tricky with air cooling.


      I finished the DAS, hooked it up and it was as plug'n'play as I was hoping:

      Status Update 1

      Status Update 2


      I noticed HDD prices shot up across the board very recently. That 10TB I bought went up 50USD the day after I bought it for 250USD. I'm thinking of building a 1U pi-hole for the house. I think that'd be great but for the time being I have too many other things going on.

  25. Well, I might give up on unraid... the transfer speeds are complete arse! only getting around 40-50MB/s whereas with windows and other OS I usually get in the range of 105-113MB/s... on the same hardware, just to be clear. Which is a b350 mobo with athlon 200GE, 3x4TB seagate ironwolf and 1x wd red 4TB as parity, on an HBA LSI 9211-8i. Spent around 7 hours doing the parity check yesterday also.

    I might decide to build another NAS using my old pi3 or something maybe, just for something to do as much as anything... or maybe an unraid buiild but without parity drives, simply because I like the way that the shares are simple, and so is using dockers etc. There's a lot I like about unraid, but it certainly has it's downsides too.


    So time to re-image my SSD with the windows image I backed up 2 days ago, and then re-fill the drives I guess, LOL.