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  1. I cant wait to get my hands on one of these, it will greatly make my PC better for my use case. Can anyone say super fast scratchdisk!! Rendering video and animations will be so much better becuase the storage wont be the bottleneck as much anymore!!
  2. This is an awesome giveaway! it was getting to be time for an upgrade too thanks guys, may the best person win!
  3. this would be an awesome upgrade! thank you guys for doing this awesome giveaway
  4. the thing that i like about the G3 is all that costomizability
  5. those cameras are really cool i woud like to try to use them some time. that and the speakers. gotta love sound quality
  6. alright Thanks i appreciate all of your assistance you guys are awesome and i think im going to get the DT 990
  7. also my sound card is the built in one on the new ROG formula board i know its decent but not exactly how good
  8. do you guys reccomend anything more then beyerdynamics so i have a little more to look at or is it absolutely fantastic? also you guys are awesome!
  9. So for what situation do you recommend each type because i dont really know the difference like what situation would closed headphones be for and same for open?
  10. hey everyone i am in the market for my first pair of audiophile headphones and i really dont know what to look for i have about 200 dollers to spend on them and i already have a decent sound card in my computer to drive them could you help in suggesting a pair of headphones for me?
  11. so what i use is my lap top has 2 SSDs in it one is for cashing for my hard drive and the other is a boot drive and then i also have a WD m,y book live so i can transfer files between my devices easier. i find that the 2 ssd and 1 hdd in my lap top is giving me more speed on the mission critical stuff like 3ds max and all of that stuff but i put all of my games on the hdd so the speed on that is nice with the cashing ssd
  12. what i look for in a gaming system is something i can play any game on with a reasonable FPS (60 and up) and somehting that can do some light to moderate rendering
  13. this is great its so tidy so far
  14. its looking beautiful cant wait to see it done! :D
  15. man i remember all of this stuff my first build was a pentium 4 with 4 gig of ram and a geforce 5500 GT
  16. looks really good awesome man love the setup
  17. yah i agree it takes a lot of time to do something and constructive critisism is good but destructive criticism is horrible but yah if the builder likes it than its fine
  18. is that a caselabs case? this build is very interesting and i can see why it took so long. it looks a bit cluttered and messy though and for my tasts a little too much UV reactent stuff but thats to do with the theme it really fits though. if you can you should clean up your cable runs and your tubing make the tubing shorter then i think it will look better but thats my opinion. still its a great build congrats man if you make improvments id cant wait to see em. also more pics plz
  19. That pink!!! it made that case even sexier. Lol its a sexy love box :D
  20. stupid question but what is a folding rig? links to useful info about it or anouther thread. i wanna know so i can enjoy this build log abit more :D