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    └Intel ♦ I7~3770 @ 4.02Ghz┘
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    └MSI ♦ MPower Z77┘
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    └Adata ♦ Sniper 1800, 4x4g~16g┘
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    └EVGA ♦ [2] 680's @ 1400Mhz Core┘
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    └NZXT ♦ Switch 810┘
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    └OCZ ♦ ssd 120g┘ └Samsung ♦ [2] HDD's 1tb┘
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    └Corsair ♦ AX 1200┘
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    └Samsung ♦ 40" TV [UN40D6000]┘
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    └Custom Water Loop┘
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    └Corsait ♦ K90 Mech┘
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    └Corsair ♦ M95┘
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    └Sound Blaster ♦ ZXR┘
  1. Update Finally ended up changing my fluid and tubing out, its been a long time coming. This is the new (atleast new to me) EK Pastel Green. Got a new 250g 850 evo replacing my 4-5 year old OCZ vertex 120g as a boot drive and a 500g 850 evo for my steam library stuffed in the back panel. Also got some white res caps and a proper drain fitting so i don't have to keep turning the res upside down to dump the fluid out.
  2. So Good news/bad news. My couz moved out to vegas a little after after new years, so i ended up giving it to her with the case as is. Did not to get to paint the outside or put her name on it, but the color difference don't look too bad with the side panel on. I'll see if i cant get her to take some pix with the side panel on. Thanks for all the comments guys!
  3. Thanks Yeah, the case and the internals are two different shades of green. The hole point of getting a green case was so i did not have to paint it. But the more i look at it the more i want to have it match, just not sure how those flexible handles would hold paint when picked up by them to move back and forth from lans. Anyone have any experience with painting those handles?
  4. Welcome to the forums, Nice build!
  5. ^Got some fans in^ ^Leftover rings^ ^Ended up primering the blue ones^ ^Now they are green and wet!^ ^SB with some wrap on it^ ^Filling in the slots^ ^On the board^ ^Wrapping the back of the IO^ ^1st time i hooked it all back up it did not fire, not sure what the problem was but i reseated the 24pin and its working fine now... It LIVES after paint!^ Got the side panel and some alchemy fan splitters today, now just waiting on some cables and extensions! I'll break out my good camera and try to take some decent pictures when im done.
  6. Its Rust-oleum high performance enamel - Safety Green ^Masking off the board^ ^Sata connector taped off^ ^Ram slots taped off^ ^Primer on sata connectors^ ^PCI-E in primer^ ^Ram slots painted, You can still see some red bit its toned down a lot more^ ^Ram slots masked off to paint the rest^ ^Sata in paint^ ^Sata slots unmasked^ ^PCI-E slots unmasked^ ^Ram slots unmasked^ ^Board all unmasked^ Thanks for the comments guys!
  7. Looks like you had some silicone in the air when you painted it. May want to try wiping it down with some lacquer thinner before you hit it again, cleans most of that stuff off of it and flashes off pretty quickly.
  8. No, probably just paint the interchangable ring on them.
  9. bondo+sandpaper? looks good though never knew it was there if you had it painted the right color.
  10. ^Paint on the GPU heatsink^ ^Masking it off for another layer^ ^2nd layer^ ^Masking off for another layer^ ^3rd layer^ ^Finished without masking!^ ^seeing what it looks like w/o the fans^
  11. Nah that was not full load, id say 60-70% just playing games, maybe like 5c fully loaded, not sure.. The temps painting a cooler vs leaving it bare al/cu are not gonna make an OC or brake it, hell most of the companies that sell rads paint them one color or another, if they are copper its so they do not oxidize if they are aluminum its for looks. Painting them is fine as long as you don't have something crazy like 2 mils of paint thickness. ^So i got impatient and sprayed overtop of wet paint and this is what happens^ ^Time to strip it and start over^ ^Some stripping and sa
  12. Nah was using the stock one on to make sure it worked fine. I've painted radiators before and it only makes 2-3c differance.
  13. Im not sure. I had just planned on masking them off with some carbon fiber wrap, but i suppose it wouldn't be that hard. Need to look around for some spare parts to put in the slots so the contacts don't get painted. Have to give that some thought at work today. Thanks for all the comments guys!
  14. ^CPU cooler in primer^ ^CPU cooler with paint^ ^CPU and board heatsinks on the board^ ^Same shot as the last, but without flash^ I have some carbon fiber wrap coming, going to try and hide that red on the board.