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  1. It was a hectic last few weeks, with so many changes in terms of hardwares and wc stuffs, especially the case, would love to have continue in either the carbide or m8 but as she wanted something smaller thus begin the delays. After considering a few itx cases, she firmly and finally decided the CL S3 was her fav. Sorry to those who were awaiting the finish in carbide or m8... The Chosen Case The Insides Magnum Vs Mercury Im not that sure to what mods i will do yet, prolly none or something simple lol (cant promise anything)
  2. do as what braysive said... for me i didnt prime it or what.... i just sprayed the mesh while its resting on a flat ground.... no issues or what so ever.. wish i cld take a pic to show u... but i sold off the case already....
  3. Just take out the mesh spray a coat of white than finish it with some neon green spray paint.....would add more to the aesthetics and theme of your build. my 2cents
  4. Still awaiting... cant wait to finish up the log.. I will probably skip all my fancy ideas to mod the case and keep it stock and simple... (maybe)
  5. Yeah i know, but i just cant agree with phenom internal layout. Yours and hers, anyway we agreed on the S3..... so it set and done now the waiting part... S3 its actually an itx case from Caselabs......
  6. changing case, now pondering between 2 choices... s3 or the prodigy... one no mod needed the latter need a lot of mods done... as i hate to stock handle.
  7. Lol... it actually the same cpu.. just had the box there might as well put it in the pic together.... i did saw the post, nope just that one colour... alternatively he cld spray the mesh white as a base than spray with green later... im trying to rush to get the things done.... but sadly work comes first..
  8. New Hardwares...still the 4670K... prolly change to a lower cpu... maybe
  9. already sold it off to someone.. who was looking for the same black and pink motif.... lol
  10. So far she still choosing case, as she wants something smaller and simple.... Hint... its a ITX board.... Give me some time, swamp with work.... and i need to finalize some stuffs for the build before i can give updates.... sorry for all the delays....
  11. Sorry for the lack of updates as quite busy with work... There are some changes in the plan as she decided she wants something smaller... Will try to update soon... I hate changes but heck better than to piss her off... if not bye bye to my freedom to spent on stuffs.... lol
  12. The Specs as follow- 3930K Asus X79 Rampage 4 Extreme 4x8gb Dominator Platinum 2x 256gb Samsung 840 Pro 3x Evga Titan Superclocked Corsair AX1200i Caselabs SMH10 Nzxt LX
  13. Hi peeps, Unfortunately due to the size of the carbide 540 i had to discard the build in the current case, as i got an offer for the caselabs M8 which cld make my ideas feasible if i were to do it in the M8. Apologies to all who were looking forward to the finishing of the carbide case.. Do still support me still..>~~!!!! Regards, FreakisKid
  14. thanks man.... trying to, but currently swamp with work and finalizing a certain custom piece to see if its feasible option..... bear with me guys, i too wanna rush out this build... so she dont keep pestering me... LOL