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  1. IMO, it's still immature and suffering from annoying QA issues. Plus, god knows what's holding up Asus. I can only guess they hit a a serious wall with something. Also, whenever one of these monitors come out, the worse thing you can do is buy it immediately. You need at least half a year worth of usage to get proper reviews on it. Right now, I see myself buying one by the end of next year or maybe 2020.
  2. I also wait and I think this whole saga going with this monitor is a somewhat indication that the technology is not ready yet. There's this 4K model recently released with a price tag of 2000$ and a noisy fan. Like, seriously? this is what we are expecting? so again, I think a good monitor will appear in two years from now. Until then, you have to take it up with immature overpriced monitors or just stay with what you have. It will also save you money on buying new cards.
  3. Good on you doing the right thing and returning them. Clear conscience > money.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbWV58AH9eg&list=UU0vBXGSyV14uvJ4hECDOl0Q&channel=Techquickie
  5. I covered the entire bottom on mine, but yea, it's tricky. You need to cut out around the psu area and make notches for some bulgy rivets.
  6. I've been getting subsequent "Payal" phishing emails lately.. looks like the scammers have found new ways around hotmail and gmail's junk filters. Hopefully not for long.
  7. MSI is killing it with awesome boards.. I'm truly impressed by their expanded new line of enthusiast boards.
  8. Looks good so far.. I like the parts selection. Try to stretch the sleeves as much as you can for a non see-through look. Also, when you take a shot of it, don't use the flash.
  9. I've set my eye on that bequiet heatsink.. very nice looking with the black plate on top.
  10. Yes, it will be windowed eventually. I'm adding some new pictures in the first post soon. I also plan on re-doing the gpu cable. In the meantime, I made and added the following: Also obtained this highly necessary tool: And also turns out I need the following crimper, which is a smaller crimper than the great ATX crimpers of MDPC and Lutro's, and the reason for that, is because it's a 2.0mm dupont crimper! it's for all of those tiny miny mo terminals for usb 3 / fan controller headers / gpu fan connectors etc'. Very handy stuff if you want to mod those wires, especially the b