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  1. Time for the Aussie people to change DNS-settings then.
  2. Floatplane != youtube. Floatplane is more like Patreon. Or Vessel if you remember that site. Basically early access / exlusive content.
  3. How would the middle-man company be able make a profit or even break even? By charging more for the EXACT same thing you could get from going to the source directly?
  4. Cheezdoodlez

    Apple is being sued because 2FA "takes too long"

    Hm. How often do the average apple user actually need to use their 2FA codes though? From my perspective you only really need it when setting up a new device. Or if you for some reason would be logging in the apple/iCloud websites. But who does that on a regular basis?
  5. Cheezdoodlez

    Spotify banning ad blockers

    They already have a fix for that. Give them money.
  6. Cheezdoodlez

    What does Linus listen to?

    Well. He is leaving LTX early to get to a backstreet boys concert. And said on the latest wan show that he would definitely go to a spice girls concert. Soo. 90s pop?
  7. Cheezdoodlez

    Aesthetics: Is it worth the money?

    You missed the video with luke testing that theory?
  8. Cheezdoodlez

    non tech content on float plane

    I dont think they are letting on other creators just yet though. Still in beta mode afaik.
  9. Cheezdoodlez

    Tom's Incoming Foldable Phone Review

    1800 bucks for a phone is a bit much. Even if it folds.
  10. https://www.samsung.com/sg/support/mobile-devices/what-is-intelligent-scan-and-how-to-use-it/
  11. Cheezdoodlez

    Ideas for Floatplane

    But floatplane is not competing with youtube or even aimed at competing with youtube. It's a complementary thing. Floatplane is more like Patreon than youtube.
  12. I honestly don't think Bahnhof is interested in a peephole. Their whole brand is built on "internet with secrecy". Their free vpn was a response to a court ruling demanding Bahnhof to release customer IP information. Having a peephole in it would kinda defeat the purpose for it even existing. And I believe they are still fighting that court ruling. If it was any other ISP I would agree with you. But given the history Bahnhof is probably the most trustworth ISP I've ever heard of.
  13. They already do that. Well an unencrypted PTTP VPN for free. For 40 SEK or about $4.5 a month you get a proper encrypted one.
  14. I agree that it doesn't make sense. But the outro is a signature for the channel. Much like every youtube has some form of signature outro, some more original than others. So I vote no!
  15. Cheezdoodlez

    Corsair now sell 'Fake Ram' to fill your RGB needs

    I felt like I had heard this story before so I had to Google.. Gigabyte is selling 16gb (2x8gb) 3200 ddr4 kits with two fake modules for $229. Link to article