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  1. Tried before you even commented. Tried just about everything i can do without a custom firmware. Nothing worked so i gave up. First tech-problem i have been unable to resolve and have given up on...
  2. copypaste from here so I've basically asked this everywhere at this point, but either people misunderstand or don't know: I have the drives from a discontinued EMC VNX 5300 and 4 DAE disk shelves. a total of 67 drives. 52 of them are physically SAS HDD's and have formatted fine in Linux using sg_format (one of the drives died, but it formatted still). 6 of them are physically SAS SSD's and have formatted fine. then there's the remaining 9 drives. There are (for some god damn reason) Physically SATA 3.5" SSD's. These refuse to format. They are visible as sg devices through lsscsi -g,
  3. So, i have the motherboard said in the title. I currently have 2 drives: 1 Samsung SSD for boot and 1 2TB HDD for storage. I have a few Intel SSD's i want to set up in raid 0 to store a few applications i want to run faster without cluttering up my C: drive. Now, in the bios there is an option to change the SATA controller mode from AHCI to either IDE or RAID. To configure raid i assume i just flick this option, but will it require all the drives to be set up or can i chose the specific drives? also, I've googled it a bit and it seems some used a Proprietary software to configure rai
  4. So LTT didn't get one but Casey freaking Neistat did??
  5. Title. Are they just slow with the first impressions (like they usually are)?
  6. As the title says, if i have two GPUs with the same frequency, lets say 1700mhz, and one card has 1500 CUDA-cores, while the other has 2000, what difference in performance (Real, synthetic, rendering, games) does it make?
  7. I have a nzxt s340 elite and was wondering what is the best setup to get positive air pressure with only space for 4 fans. Right now I have 2x140mm fans sucking air in from the front and pushing it through a radiator (kraken x62) and 2x120mm fans (one in the back and one in the top) as exhaust. Is this enough or should I flip the top fan? Btw I'm using the fans that came with the radiatior and case, so would it be a good idea to keep the orientation and just change the fans for some noctua nf-f12/nf-f14 fans?
  8. Only english link i found https://www.amazon.co.uk/Chieftec-BPS-950C-Nitro-950W/dp/B003VIOQK8 i have this psu.
  9. Hello, i was wondering what kind of connection chieftec uses on their nitro series psu, and where can i buy custom cables for it?
  10. I would love to win the razer blade 14, for Dat sick performance and portability as of right now I'm playing on a toaster
  11. I would love to win the razer blade 14!
  12. I use a old keyboard I don't know the name on and I want a new because the one I have is very bad