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  1. And number 4 says: "Limited complimentary support may be available (varies by product)." while 'Security updates at no additional cost" is right under that bulletpoint.
  2. Doesn't link get displayed in the lower corner of most browsers when hovering over hyperlinks?
  3. That's the page I linked...I'm wondering whether the "extended support" truly includes security updates free of charge (that would be issued up to 2029).
  4. This page mentions 2 types of support - mainstream and extended. It also mentions that this version of Windows follows some "fixed support" lifecycle policy. The page that explains what fixed support is says that extended support includes "Security updates at no additional cost". This means that LTSC 2019 will be supported up to 2029.This seems too long to be true. Have I missed something?
  5. Actually, my query was "a movie set in a post apocalyptic world where cities eat each other". I also thought that it could be because of tracking (I saw the trailer on youtube).In the end, does it matter?They have a search engine nobody else has or will have. There is another "special" query I've tested that no amount of tracking would help.DuckDuckGo, once again, found nothing relevant while Google did.
  6. I don't agree.Google has managed to give me relevant answers to queries that were very vague, their algorithm is magic. Example: Google "post apocalyptic movie where people live on large vehicles" Google knows that I'm thinking about a movie called Mortal engines. DuckDuckGo has no idea what I'm looking for.
  7. I don't have that under the "Check for updates" button (I'm on the 1809 version).
  8. Windows 10 (at least LTSC version) has an option to temporarily pause automatic updates (for maybe a month).After unpausing, it seems to download preview updates (I got Cumulative Update Preview for .NET Framework).This, I think, happens even when manually clicking the "Check for updates" button. Is there any way to not download preview updates after unpausing?
  9. What was the last time they issued new shares?
  10. It seems they have 2 certificates.One is Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate (replacement for cyber ops), second is CCNA Security which requires some other certificates (like CCNA R&S). How were these tests taken before corona?Did people have to find certified schools in their area?What about lab exercises?Are those online too? When a degree is taken into account, isn't the college you got that degree from also important?
  11. Would it make sense to switch to infosec from some other roles (that will preferably be useful for infosec)?I've heard that system administrators and network administrators are some of the roles that switch to the security industry.My main issue is that there is almost no infosec industry where I live, it's all software development (which probably isn't useful for advancing in information security).What about networking courses like CCNA and CCNP?First one is required for Cisco's security certification (I've never heard of the cyber ops you mentioned, it's being phased out this year according
  12. 1)Which jobs are these? 2)I've come to the conclusion that infosec and devops aren't entry level positions (well, at least infosec) because a lot of knowledge is required.Which branches of infosec are you talking about (penetration testing, reverse engineering, securing IT infrastructure, etc...)? Anyway, what's the point of degree if you still need so many certificates?
  13. What is this "IT" you've studied? Anyway, does anyone know how people get jobs in infosec, system administration, system engineering and network administration?It doesn't look like most colleges prepare people for such positions.
  14. Are you sure?I remember r3 1200 (a 4c4t CPU) being barely better than Intel's 2c4t pentium.