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    x99 Deluxe
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    16gb 3000MHz Corsair Dominator
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  1. Hello! Just got my first film camera - while I'm experienced with cameras due to my schoolwork, that's mainly only in how to operate it. I don't know a lot about the parts and how to judge them when buying. My question is, how do I judge whether a macro lens is better than another? In school, we put fingerprints up on a wall, and we would shove the camera right up to the walls (maybe an inch away) to get as much detail as possible, down to the pores. With my new camera, the macro lens that came with it can only focus on an object >= 4in away, you can't get close enough to get good detail with it. What tech statistic am I looking for while shopping that will imitate the quality that I'm used to as school? Yes, I know macro lenses like that are big bucks
  2. What's up guys, stupid question: Fuel injectors made for a 7mgte, will be unusable//unreliable in a 7mge right? Where the only two differences are that the 7mGTE has 1) A turbo charger and 2) Oil-squirters I.E. it would be stupid to think buying the 7mgte injectors would make my 7mge any better
  3. Hey, could yall fill out this survey for me? I'd appreciate it.


    It's looking at motivations of those who exercise while in college. Shouldn't take more than a couple minutes :)



  4. When I upgrade my rig, what should go first

  5. Using car radiators is how water cooling got its start
  6. nvidia = gysnc only amd = freesync only GSYNC and FREESYNC are the same thing, and essentially provide smoother gameplay below the monitor's refresh rate. I.E. if your monitor is 120Hz and you consistently get 80fps, then it will look better on a GSYNC/FREESYNC monitor. Supposedly. I've never had one or tried one.
  7. It says it delivers 700W, so i guess you'd have to look at the quality of the PSU to determine if you want to keep it or not. That's not really my area though Edit: 700W is fine for your build, but is it safe for your build? Idk
  8. is there a list somewhere of the shows on netflix

    1. imreloadin


      Yeah, pretty sure you can find that on netflix.

  9. depends on your budget. If you can afford the same board and the Xeon cpu cheap, fuck it man just try it out you know? If it doesnt work put the old board back in with the old cpu
  10. I have two SSD's in RAID0 that I would like to check, I think I've seen videos before about SMART status? How can I see the status of my SSD's
  11. I'd agree if there weren't such a distinct meta that closed off several of those factors and limited character match-ups
  12. Got it. I knew after making a post about it I would find it, I appreciate yalls good mojo
  13. Can somebody help me out here, Microsoft was an idiot naming their newest Surface Pro "Surface Pro" I'm trying to figure out for certain if old type covers (old to me is Surface 2 and lower) work on it or not.
  14. GSTARR

    First Cars

    I'm sure it's an expression that explains a different thought, I do believe most people realize that winter tires are better in most bad weather. The argument is that due to good cleanup crews, the element you are now fighting is just salt, in which case you'll be """"just as effective""""" (or better put, "just as well") with all season tires, which is to say that the difference between them in the current situation (with snow on the sides of roads, and salt and water on the actual road) is now low enough to not justify the extra expense