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  1. Idk if this guy is a pro, but his gameplay is pretty crazy compared to me LOL watch this and lmk what you think! Samsung Odyssey G7 Review | Gaming at 32" 1440p 240Hz - YouTube
  2. I know I'm months late to the party here, but how do you figure the Dell Panel is superior? 170Hz from the Asus monitor beats out the Dell, the IPS from the Asus beats out the Dell, and has GSYNC available - Is it just the ELMB that concerns you?
  3. Hello, I have windows installed on a RAID0 drive (two SSD's). I suspect its causing some issues, but beyond that I have found that it's mostly a useless setup for what I do. How do I disable RAID0, but still access windows in order to tell it to reinstall itself on one of the SSD's? Or is my only option to move windows to my HDD, disable RAID, then move it to a SSD
  4. Asus* X99 Deluxe II It's been okay so far, although it started booting to bios first instead of the OS recently. But this problem with the usb slots is far older than that
  5. Nope, just the onboard and motherboard slots
  6. My Keyboard, Headset, and Mouse are all USB 2.0's. Without fail, if one of them is plugged into a 3.0 usb port and I start to play games, the pc will hang. I've had similar experiences with my mouse and keyboard in the past, and remember seeing somewhere that somebody else had this issue and that fixed it (plugging them into usb 2.0 ports). Why is this, and can I stop it. Using the front USB 2.0 port is obliterating my wires, forming them into right angles :(literally my keyboard isn't even working rn with the mouse plugged into a 3.0 port. I can't press directio
  7. Hello! Rather than trying to cram my A/V receiver beside my desk somewhere, I'd like to connect my speakers to my pc directly. To do this I'd have to use some form of an AUX-to-Wire adapter such as this in order to connect them (there are 5 speakers in all - 5.1 setup). I'd like to know if any of you have experience with, or foresee any problems with these. To me, it seems relatively straight forward but I thought I would ask since I've never seen them.
  8. Hello, My uncle is tired of paying for a crappy modem that actually delivers slower internet than his house gets. What are, or where can I look for, some good modems? It'd be nice if it also doubled as a router itself but that's not totally necessary Thanks in advance Edit: Doing some research, figured out I should mention we need a cable modem
  9. you know that one video with the kids in a circle, and they repeat after the first guy "It isss what it isssss"
  10. Also, the "power saving mode" screen the monitor shows right before it goes to sleep is also messed up. SO i'm starting to think that the monitor is the source of the problem, and not anything to do with the pc
  11. Yes, I have swapped DP cables, however that was more than two weeks ago...?
  12. Yessir, re-seating the displayport was the first thing i did
  13. Hello, This is a new occurrence that's started two days ago, and has only happened two times for ~20-30 mins each. My one monitor (Dell U2711, 1440p, 60Hz) now registers as two monitors, as you can see in the picture I provided it's split down the middle. Surprisingly though, if I screenshot the monitor it looks like normal (included as well). When my mouse is on the imaginary left screen, I can use the search bar you see at the bottom left, and hit the windows button. In order to click on the system date/time button though, I have to move my mouse "past" the right bezel onto the i
  14. I'm wired to the router Surely a network error wouldn't freeze the computer?
  15. Hey guys, I don't really have much to go on here but was just wondering if other people encountered this problem on PC. When I search my symptoms up I only see forums about issues they had at launch, not what I'm facing now Whenever I play the game at modest settings, 1080p, once every other game or so my screen freezes. The game is still continuing in the background uninterrupted, I can see people moving and the game progressing, and I can see people using their mics. I can't tab out because the keyboard isn't recognized, nor is the mouse, and my headphones have stopped working (i