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    GSTARR reacted to theSAAD in curved monitors ?   
    Bro that dude is insane 😂 it definitely encouraged me not gonna lie, and thank you for the video and helping me bro ! I think now you know what i wanna get 
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    GSTARR reacted to D.U.F.F. in Tech Christmas Ideas?   
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    GSTARR reacted to Squashy in Positive pressure or negative pressure case   
    Well, my mechanical vacuum gauge isn't sensitive enough and I believe I have found the best I can get with the current setup. The new fans are quieter than the Phanteks and move more air. I haven't measured the vents to come up with a cfm. I did see a increase in MPH at the intakes from 2.4mph to approx 3.9mph.
    Doing a stress test now just to see if I can stop the heat gain I see but I doubt it.
    FYI room conditions before turning on the pc:
    Temp 73.6 degrees (23.1c)
    Humidity 0.2 rh uncal
    Dewpoint -58
    Wet bulb 45.1
    Baro 29.46
    Density Altitude 1445 
    The whole room starts to heat after a while last temp I took it was 77degrees (24.4c). This was why I thought of turning a closet into a "server room" of sorts if I ever found a need to run a higher powered system.
    All in all the system is running 100% better and far more stable.
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    GSTARR reacted to Drama Lama in Indian Governement to introduce Health ID for Citizens.   
    Big brother is always watching your weight
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    GSTARR reacted to Derkoli in Aux to Speaker Wire Functionality   
    Unfortunately, this won't work.
    The 3.5mm coming out of your PC is usually a fairly weak signal. Usually around 2 volts, up to 7 or so for the vast majority of products.
    Speaker's need alot more power/wattage than any 3.5mm output can provide. The average set of PC speakers will be around 50 watts RMS, home theater speakers can easily be 400 watts RMS.
    Personally my main speakers get 1500 watts RMS/6000 watts Peak each.
    The AV receiver acts as an amplifier ontop of doing processing stuff. An amplifier has to be in the signal chain somewhere.
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    GSTARR reacted to geo3 in Aux to Speaker Wire Functionality   
    You need a speaker amp. You can get them fairly cheaply. 
    For example: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076P2VS9H?pd_rd_i=B076P2VS9H&pd_rd_w=sO23A&pf_rd_p=56de1c4d-9b3c-4b14-97fa-b11585f6c2d6&pd_rd_wg=ACHMg&pf_rd_r=KEJ2Q49N91W19H4A7G1W&pd_rd_r=523bff32-c969-4aea-8956-8b931a56bcc1
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    GSTARR got a reaction from sub68 in Post your browser bookmarks!   
    [high school name and grades]
    HotSchedules [work]
    Chase [bank]
    760t Arctic White [Corsair Case Webpage]
    JZX Project [Toyota Cressida Forums]
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    GSTARR reacted to barkydoggo in Monitor splits into two screens   
    I hate to break it to you, but your monitor is the issue. That's 100% confirmation there.
    Sorry for the bad news!
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    GSTARR reacted to Lurick in Mid-grade CPU   
    For the best value the Ryzen 1600AF (which is basically a 2600) with any B450 motherboard or a Ryzen 3600 + B450 MAX motherboard is a killer deal for all around performance. If you want to go Intel because specific things you do benefit from what it offers more then probably a 9600K is the best deal paired with a cheaper Z390 board.
    Completely glossed over the "for mom" part of this. Whoops!
    Depending on needs the 1600AF is a pretty good value with some nice performance behind it in case tasks need to take advantage of that. Otherwise an AMD APU like a 2200G or 3200G would be great.
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    GSTARR reacted to Jwalbrecht2000 in Mid-grade CPU   
    Assuming this is just for light programs such as Word and the like, AMD makes Ryzen APUs for cheap. I'd recommend a 3200G or 3400G, and a B-series chipset for a good budget office build.
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    GSTARR reacted to Mateyyy in Mid-grade CPU   
    If she doesn't do any video intensive work that would require a dedicated GPU, then you could get her a Ryzen APU, such as the 3400G (the Vega 11 graphics on it are about on par with a GT 1030) and pair that with a good B450 board - my picks would be either the MSI B450-A PRO MAX or the B450M PRO-VDH MAX (the "MAX" is important as it assures that it will work with Ryzen 3000 out of the box, otherwise it will require a BIOS update). 
    If she does need a dedicated GPU (better than a GT 1030/Vega 11) then a good pick would be a Ryzen 1600AF/2600, also with a good B450 board. 
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    GSTARR reacted to RadiatingLight in Mid-grade CPU   
    To clarify, when people say Ryzen 1600 "AF" they mean:
    AMD is now making the Ryzen 5 1600 on the 12nm process, and it's basically a 2600 with a different name. (GamersNexus has a good video about this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRO_AUdmfis).
    The 1600 is usually a cheaper CPU than the 2600, so that could save some money.
    However, you should ensure that you’re getting the updated version, with a SKU ending in “AF” instead of “AE”
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    GSTARR reacted to bcredeur97 in Car Enthusiast Club [Now Motorcycle friendly!] - First thread to 150k! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   
    fuel injectors can be swapped between many cars. the catch is that each "squirt" of different sized injectors is different. so ECU has to know what injectors you are using.

    Which usually means custom ECU
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    GSTARR reacted to For Science! in After Watercooling, Would You Do it Again?   
    For me, its the noise reduction of a correctly configured loop. I must always have at least 2 GPUs (and ideally more) for my use case and so the sound output is no joke if left on air. Water lets me run calculations and also still have a conversation in the room.
    So yes, I would do it again, and have so done it time and time again.
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    GSTARR reacted to Slottr in (Gaming monitor) Can someone help me and explain about nvidia and freesync monitors   
    Inaccurate now, Nvidia rolled out drivers that allows their GPU's to work with freesync.
    Its rocky, but it works if you get a monitor thats verified.
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    GSTARR got a reaction from step40 in (Gaming monitor) Can someone help me and explain about nvidia and freesync monitors   
    nvidia = gysnc only
    amd = freesync only
    GSYNC and FREESYNC are the same thing, and essentially provide smoother gameplay below the monitor's refresh rate.
    I.E. if your monitor is 120Hz and you consistently get 80fps, then it will look better on a GSYNC/FREESYNC monitor.
    Supposedly. I've never had one or tried one.
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    GSTARR got a reaction from Tina Wong in Help me read this psu! (Im newbie)   
    It says it delivers 700W, so i guess you'd have to look at the quality of the PSU to determine if you want to keep it or not. That's not really my area though
    Edit: 700W is fine for your build, but is it safe for your build? Idk
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    GSTARR reacted to Sakkura in How to check SSD   
    With a program like Crystaldiskinfo.
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    GSTARR reacted to rcmaehl in How to check SSD   
    Speccy will display SMART status, 
    Additionally, windows will display if it's OK or NOT but that's it using wmic then diskdrive get status in command prompt

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    GSTARR got a reaction from J.b091 in Hate Windows10 and never want to be "bugged" about installing it ever again? Then follow this easy guide.   
    If you think windows 7 will last, you gotta big storm comin' honey
    lmao watch microsoft make a last update that purposely fucks it up hahaha
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    GSTARR got a reaction from J.b091 in Hate Windows10 and never want to be "bugged" about installing it ever again? Then follow this easy guide.   
    No idea what you're talkin about man
    Windows ten is workin awesome for me.
    (However I consider myself open-minded, I'm not defending winX just because it runs well for me)
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    GSTARR reacted to Closecall81 in For the students.   
    Hey I just wanted to give Linustechtips a big thank you for this video:
    I host a high school gaming club and a some of my members were bringing in gaming rigs from home but most kids didn't have a gaming pc.
    This meant the kids would have to share just a few pcs, while others crowed around and watched.
    This was a problem to me so I searched for a solution. 
    At 1st I reached out to the community, Reddit and Facebook for hardware donations with very little luck.
    Then I saw your video and I decided to do some Ebay shopping and snagged three HP Z800, a Dell T5500 and a Dell T3500 for cheap.
    With a little more shopping I added some used modest GPUS like: two GTX 660,  two HD 7870 and a HD 7950.
    Found some $30 128gb ssds.
    They all game pretty damn well for having $200 to $300 per box.
    Along the way I pieced together two more modest gaming pc's
    Bringing the current total up to 7.
    They mostly play Fortnight and Overwatch.
    All the computers Passmark around 3000 to 3500.
    You can see on the pic we keep them on tables with wheels on them so we can set up nearly anywhere quickly.
    Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me and helping me make more kids smile and into pc gaming. 

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    GSTARR reacted to Razor01 in Zuckerberg Fires Back at Cook   
    Look I can see what Cook is saying but people that put their personal shit online, should only blame themselves.  Everyone that uses facebook is an adult or close to it.  Use it responsibly and to what the user feels its OK to share. 
    Its stupid to put things online that people don't want others to use that info. 
    Lets take this a step further.  All those people that have this incessant need to share on Facebook, why? Are they so alone they must share with the world what they are up to, or their view points on things that probably don't even affect them in a day to day life?
    Social media is not the next great thing in life.  If anything it can create more harm than good because of the mass of people that really don't know much.  Ya know we need a working class but that's like 90% of the population and if they are all sharing and like minds gather, its not that great of thing.......  So in summation if these masses of people want to give out info about themselves and what they are doing, go for it!  Because they probably don't even care or can't even think about the ramification of doing such things in the long run.
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    GSTARR reacted to FurDel in Free 1080ti on wish??   
    graphic card on wish. Can somone order this and check how crap it is?  https://www.wish.com/c/5acc8966c7e80b79f83bfe56
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    GSTARR reacted to NinJake in What do you wish you knew before delving into the PC world, that may have even made you feel stupid for not knowing?   
    Don't flick the switch on PSU's to 230v if you're in the US.