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  1. 6100 runs witcher 3 easily since it's 4 threaded.
  2. then your best bet would be to try and squeeze in i3 6100.
  3. you need a quadcore. athlon 860k would do.
  4. get a 1231v3 xeon while there are some, better than 6600k and will be much cheaper if you really want to upgrade
  5. yes, but he already has haswell so it's basically throwing one system away to get another one like it better off upgrading gpu or something
  6. insane amount of money... he asked is if it's worth it.
  7. yes, but it's not an issue since it has no impact on performance
  8. There is no problem, it doesn't exist
  9. 970 and 390 is basically the same, buy the cheapest one that's respectable or fits your colour scheme. 970 also comes with tomb raider so if you want tomb raider that's pretty good i guess
  10. With that budget AND a plan it will be very hard to get anything better than s3mini even the cheapo honor5x goes over budget
  11. Train train train train? Learn to counter strafe
  12. bro. if you take 750ti as 100% 950 will be 150%. Reference point.
  13. 50% not 15% bro https://tpucdn.com/reviews/Gigabyte/GTX_950_Xtreme_Gaming/images/perfrel_1920.gif
  14. ZetZet


    It's for people who have more than enough money and just want the best available.
  15. 950 is waaaaaay better than 750ti
  16. wait for 6.0? how full is the phone? maybe you filled it up
  17. and since then it's basically the same
  18. Make sure it supports Netflix 4k first. or you won't have much content.
  19. for 290x you want a 550w good one or crap 650