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  1. Isn't it strange? They lose money on their consoles and recoup with games, but they would just be better on pc and they would lose less money. Guess it's just the "Nintendo experience".
  2. Bro chill. I'm not saying they don't have copyright. They do. But people are legally allowed to make ROMs and run emulators. Nintendo can only make a legal move because they don't have express permission to stream, which they then don't have the legal right to do. What I'm saying is that, regardless of what Nintendo wants, if someone legally makes and uses a ROM it's none of Nintendo's business, but streaming footage of it or a conventionally used game with a console are both illegal without Nintendo's permission. But Microsoft doesn't sue a little kid up his butt for monetizing a Minecraft le
  3. But it's more like taking something off someone's front lawn with the word "FREE" taped in front, and then getting sued for trespassing. The only "illegal" thing the TOs were going to do is stream it. It's common sense not to meddle too deeply in that stuff as a company because it gets hate and is rarely worth the money. Precedent can be set by court cases from other companies. It's just a power move.
  4. The only legal way they can stop the stream is because they don't have express permission from Nintendo to stream footage of their IP. They're just insane for actually enforcing it. Who's going to buy a rebranded copy of a dead fighting game? In a genre where newer almost always means better, they won't sell a single copy of a remade Melee if they kill it now. Because Ultimate is a better game. But if they keep Melee alive and release a remake for current hardware and current multiplayer functionality, it can sell. TLDR: You're right about the first part. But they're just sinking
  5. What does that have to do with my nonexistent bubble? Literally everyone knows that people are trying to make money and gain influence through the suffering of others or without it, regardless of how much "order" there is. Welcome to Pre-Economics. The only difference that "order" produces is that the only ones who can act selfishly and get away with it are those at the top. Economics aside, the fact that corporations are using censorship methods that would get a government on the wrong end of a UN trial is scary to anyone who values free speech. It's the same reason that most
  6. I love Nintendo's games. I'm not going to defend them as a company. If you want players to play your newest game online in tournaments, just give it fing netcode already or make your servers usable. Kicking pros out of playing Melee isn't going to make more people play Ultimate, it's going to make more people play Street Fighter or Slap City or RoA. Heck, they could even make a Switch port of Melee with netcode and people would eat it up, and they've shown that they are capable of doing so with the 3D All-Stars thing. But don't mess with people who couldn't care less about Ultimate.
  7. Even if there were good intentions here it would be shady. But there are not good intentions, just political ones. And it's automated censorship, which is just scary in general. No me gusta.
  8. A woman looking for reparations to compensate for emotional trauma after sexual abuse is not revenge, it's logic. Ok no more politics for today.
  9. Other nations tend to view the US as lawless - they have usually only seen old Western movies, Florida Man memes, or similar media. It's not their fault, just how the world tends to portray us. Having lived in Mexico, some of them genuinely believed that we still own slaves and that we were all horribly racist. Fact of the matter is that in Mexico you hear more racism in one conversation than most Americans do in a lifetime. You can only know what you're told until you see it.
  10. See, the difference between property flipping and scalping is that property flipping always involves risk, because prices can change at any moment or demand can fade, while also costing weeks of work and negotiation just to be able to actually make money, over the course of months or years. Scalping is lazy and relatively risk-free, because the worst that happens is they can return the items or just drop prices without ever coming near a loss. It's sleazy. Doesn't warrant violence, but it should be illegal and I'm surprised there isn't legislation or other moderation going on.
  11. In my opinion you probably can hit 144fps with a 3600x, and it's looking like the 5600x is not going to be available any time soon. It's probably fine tbh.
  12. I think HP e-service is either customer service or a printer program thing. Computer models vary from country to country sometimes, but if you can't find it online it probably doesn't exist.
  13. Whether you could or should depends on the rest of your system. I don't recommend those sticks because of the massive latency. A still fairly-cheap option is corsair lpx or g.skill ripjaws v. You probably won't get much out of overclocking it in the first place.
  14. Just make sure to set your fan curves well so that it doesn't do 2000rpm at idle and it should still be quiet enough. You can't go wrong!