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    i7-7700K @4.8GHz
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    Gigabyte GA-Z270-HD3
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    HyperX Savage 2x8GB 2400MHz
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    PNY GTX 1080 FE
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    Corsair 450D
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    Sandisk SSD Plus 240GB x 2
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    Enermax Digifanless 550W
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    Samsung U28D590D 28" (4K), 2x Asus VN289H 28" (1080p)
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    custom loop
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    Zowie EC1-A
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    Sony MDR1ABT (Silver)
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    Linux (manjaro atm)

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  1. Best rgb kit for starters?

    can you get it on Newegg or elsewhere?
  2. Best rgb kit for starters?

    hey there, my 4th set of logisys white led sticks have died so I guess it's time to get RGB... With that being said, I have a Z97-AR so aura isn't really a thing. I just want enough strips to go around my case, and I want the rgb controller to be able to be thrown in the back of my case (aka not PCIe) any recommendations? my budget is $50 but cheaper is better, and if it uses a remote instead of software that is fine too. thanks!!
  3. No; they're both reputable and should perform soundly
  4. Fly went inside my PSU ??

    Yeah you should be fine, as said above don't bother going in the PSU it's pretty dangerous
  5. I'd get 1700/1700X imo since you are focusing on gaming, threadripper isn't really worth it and I wouldn't bother with intel atm do you have any uses for the extra cores? then maybe it's not worth going 1700/1700x either
  6. do ppl still look at this, hi fam btw

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Octavialicious


      ayyy homie squad! hows everyone been

    3. SurvivorNVL


      I'm good.  Tired.  Moving.  How are you, Octavia?

    4. Octavialicious


      That's good! where you moving too?


      im doing ok, getting through some rough patches but im still here right xP

  7. Burning DVD for DVD player?

    Ah, well just in case I'll use DVD Flick. My GPA thanks you both!!
  8. Burning DVD for DVD player?

    Multiple wish I had a dvd player, just have that bluray one atm
  9. Burning DVD for DVD player?

    Free Disk Burner https://www.dvdvideosoft.com/products/dvd/Free-Disc-Burner.htm
  10. Burning DVD for DVD player?

    Ya seemed to work fine. I just had to click "select" on the remote on the file when it loaded on the CD. Do old dvd players do that too? Is MP4 supported?
  11. Burning DVD for DVD player?

    Hey all, not too familiar with DVD's and I have to turn one in for a film project. I burned the MP4 onto the DVD with a program, and it played just fine on a blu-ray player. However, someone said you might have to burn it a specific way for an older DVD player? Should I do anything specific? Thanks! edit: DVD+R if that matters
  12. EC1-A is a really mixed back for me. On one hand I hate how the default colour for 1600 DPI is blue, the side buttons are mushy, and the TERRIBLE scroll wheel. On the other hand the shape is divine and the tracking is super sweet... decisions decisions

    1. Octavialicious


      Ok I REALLY love the tracking. Might have to deal with the scroll wheel and keep the mouse

  13. 4 Monitors on GTX 1080?

    Derp, I could just use hdmi and use internal graphics and save myself some money since I dont need an adapter Thanks!
  14. 4 Monitors on GTX 1080?

    Hey all, I acquired a new monitor and was wondering if I could attach another monitor. It's a founders edition 1080 and here's what I currently have: 4K 60 Hz through displayport 1080 60Hz hdmi 1080 60hz using a displayport adapter to hdmi I want to attach another 60hz 1080p monitor using the remaining displayport via a displayport to hdmi adapter. Would this work? Thanks!
  15. Best MacBook for light games?

    He needs a mac for school, but he'd like to be able to game lightly as well. The MacBooks main purpose is definitely not gaming (thankfully!)