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  1. Can't open .jar files

    Yup, this is the best way. If there is something wrong with Java it will also give you the info, too
  2. Noob question. Is this compatible? CPU/Mobo

    ooof, I'm really sorry about that I too was shocked that he had so many posts ya 7700K is the best you can do on it. be warned tho, it's hot af if you don't delid what is your current i5 not doing for u? idk how much of an upgrade the 7700K will be depending on what u need to do.
  3. Noob question. Is this compatible? CPU/Mobo

    ya, I really hope OP didn't read it and run off and get an 8700K lol
  4. Noob question. Is this compatible? CPU/Mobo

    no... It's not on the supported CPU list https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/MAXIMUS-VIII-HERO/HelpDesk_CPU/
  5. GTX 1050 Ti artifacting?

    Have you tried installing a different driver version? If so (and it doesn't fix it), you might be out of luck
  6. Ultra Silent PSU for 8700K @ 5GHZ and gtx 1080/1180

    so again, specific case.
  7. Ultra Silent PSU for 8700K @ 5GHZ and gtx 1080/1180

    again, I'm incredibly picky. Due to the logarithmic nature of sound, one loud thing is terrible, and multiple quiet things is beneficial. In your example, I actually disagree. If I have a large number of silent fans, I don't want to add a PSU that messes it up by being the one loud component. And again, any PSU with a fan breaks the barrier with what I consider silent, speaking they run at over 400 RPM at load (and if you're going to have a loop with all those silent fans, it baffles me why you wouldn't spend the extra money on fanless, speaking you would only ever need more watts for multi-GPU, which is going out of style these days, or very very power hungry components, which is again a special case)
  8. Ultra Silent PSU for 8700K @ 5GHZ and gtx 1080/1180

    When these fancy PSU's of yours have fans on par with the ML120 or P12 and NEVER go over 400 RPM under load, then I will agree with you. But until then, you are stupid to claim they are on the level on fanless PSUs for the pickiest of PC users.
  9. Ultra Silent PSU for 8700K @ 5GHZ and gtx 1080/1180

    Lol.... Because fans aren't an alien technology! bequiet does not have some alien technology that allows their PSU's to be silent. I spend my entire time in the PC space on silent fans, and with such I have owned the fans benchmarked vs 100s of fans to be the QUIETEST. If I determine that THE MOST SILENT FAN in the entire PC world is audible over 400 RPM, I don't give a fuck who makes the PSU. Even if the fan is on par with what is considered the quietest fan, I know for a fact it will be audible if it runs at >400 RPM (which they all do!!!) You just fail to understand simple logic. If I know any fan in the entire market is audible for me over 400 RPM, and I know these PSUs run over 400 RPM, then I can deduce they aren't silent without having to listen to them. Failure to understand this concept is stupidity. This is a deduction on logic, not "an opinion" you continuously spewing out all this BS about me not hearing them is an opinion, you simply "feel" they are quiet, and have no respect to fan benchmarks and logical comparison.
  10. Ultra Silent PSU for 8700K @ 5GHZ and gtx 1080/1180

    I wasn't referring to you, I understand your point completely. I'm referring to the other one who keeps acting like I'm ignorant on current fan PSU capabilities, when in reality I do know them, but I just disagree on how quiet they are. But again, if you want silence in all scenarios (not just idle) than a fanless PSU will be beneficial. I thought from your post you said to wanted silence even during medium load (mightve forgot) so I advocated for a fanless one, because PSU's with a fan even under moderate load still end up being audible (unless you arent sensitive to noise, I suppose...)
  11. Ultra Silent PSU for 8700K @ 5GHZ and gtx 1080/1180

    Can you read? In idle! There are power supplies that don't spin at all in idle, nothing impressive there. And no, you are being inconsiderate of my opinion. I told you I note these options, but they are simply not what I consider to be silent. Reasonably quiet? Perhaps. Very silent/inaudible? No! You're the one that won't stop talking about their opinion about what is silent, when I'm simply telling you I disagree. I understand your point, you just can't seem to understand I disagree on what quiet is. I DO acknowledge the PSUs you speak about... They just can't compare to a fanless PSU! It's simple logic. A fan will always be louder than no fan, unless perhaps it is at 300 RPM at ALL TIMES, not just at idle.
  12. Ultra Silent PSU for 8700K @ 5GHZ and gtx 1080/1180

    No, again you fail to understand I just have a very very high standard for silence. Even the highest tier of fans over 400 RPM are not quiet in my opinion, and I know no non-fanless models that run their fans at under 400 RPM under full load.
  13. Ultra Silent PSU for 8700K @ 5GHZ and gtx 1080/1180

    again, just seems to me you have much more tolerance to sound if you consider current hybrid solutions to be quiet lol but anyways, not much you can do about that I suppose. Agree to disagree
  14. Ultra Silent PSU for 8700K @ 5GHZ and gtx 1080/1180

    LOL? Propaganda? Interesting choice of words... And sure, not if you want real silence though. Hybrid options can be plenty loud imo, but I'm very picky with what I consider "quiet"
  15. Ultra Silent PSU for 8700K @ 5GHZ and gtx 1080/1180

    get a fanless psu, it was the best decision of my life and it's by far my favorite component in my entire system. I will shed real tears when it dies This is the one I use, and it has beautiful cables https://www.amazon.com/Enermax-DIGIFANLESS-Digitally-Controlled-EDF550AWN/dp/B00WENHTDM Silverstone and Seasonic make some (that even may be a bit cheaper) if that's your thing.