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    Octavialicious got a reaction from sub68 in Water Waifu v2 (GTX 1080, Rigid Tubing)   
    Parts List:
    - i7-5775C
    - Asus Z97-AR  MSI Z97S-SLI Krait Edition
    - 16GB Mushkin Blackline Enhanced
    - PNY GTX 1080 Founders Edition
    - Enermax 550W Digifanless PSU
    - Corsair Air 540
    - 2x 240GB SSD Plus (RAID 0)
    - 1x 360mm Radiator
    - 2x 240mm Radiator
    - Lian Li CB-01 CPU Block
    - EKWB 1080 Acetal + Copper
    - 12x Candy Pink Primochill Compression Fittings
    - Primochill Rigid Tubing
    - 7x Noctua NF-P12
    The goal of Water Waifu v2 has the same goal of Water Waifu v1; optimum silence with superb performance. But this time around, we are going for a much more aesthetically pleasing rig. The 1080 was choose for superb 4K performance, and the i7-5775C for it's low TDP and the fact it's extremely uncommon (a fun part to throw in imo!)
    Water Waifu v1: (Old Build)
    - Order Parts ✔
    - Dismantle WW v1
    - Hard Tubing Finished
    - Build Complete
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    Octavialicious reacted to GoldenLag in Help me find a big ultrawide monitor?   
    this one seems to be rather good, its got good brightness tho its rather expencive and it uses a VA panel, which isnt the greatest for gaming. but good VA should be decent enough
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    Octavialicious reacted to SolarNova in Water chiller help?   
    So long as you dont OC to the point you NEED sub ambient temps to remain stable and safe core temps, you wont need to worry about having chilled coolant available at start up, so in that respect you CAN hook it up directly.
    The only thing that will be happening is a lowered efficiency of the chiller as you simply wont have the flow rates required for best operation even if you stick multiple D5's , due to block restrictions.
    While a D5 can theoretically have up to 1500 LPH  (5.5GPM) flow, thats with zero restriction. Most peoples PC loops aim and run at 1 GPM. Aquarium chillers usually advise at minimum 1200 LPH, more with bigger units, up to as high as 6000 LPH , which equals to about 4.4 GPM (up to 22 GPM) , alot higher than what u can expect a PC loop to be able to do even with multiple pumps.
    Not saying u cant go direct, as its been done before, its just not ideal.
    Coolant wise u can use your normal PC water loop coolants, be it a premix or distilled + biocide + inhibitor.
    You wouldnt need lots of extra space for the 2nd loop. Just somthing like below.

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    Octavialicious reacted to AlexTheGreatish in Water chiller help?   
    So if you want to overclock threadripper you have two basic options:
    The Good Option: Just get a quality 360 or bigger radiator along with a good CPU block from EK or Alphacool.  You can probably max out the chip with this combo.
    The Bad Option: Disassemble a window air conditioner, put the cold radiator in a cooler surrounded by anti-freeze. Pump antifreeze into your computer.  Basically do exactly what happens in this video.
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    Octavialicious reacted to Tan3l6 in Can vibration hurt PC components?   
    Electromagnetic interference?
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    Octavialicious reacted to Streetguru in i7 or i9 for gaming?   
    Your i5 9400f is perfectly fine for gaming.
    If you want more cores just get an R7 2700 or 3700X
    depending on the game you may see a more stable frame rate with more cores/threads. Like there will be fewer or lower fps drops compared to a pure 4 core or 6 core.
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    Octavialicious reacted to Wolfycapt in i7 or i9 for gaming?   
    i7. Even Heavy cpu games like BF5 works fine with 4c/8t. Speaking of longetivity. Every years it would be outdated. Just get the i7 or
    Equivalent. There are no need above i7
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    Octavialicious reacted to Zando Bob in Is this waterblock fine?   
    Ooooo it's Alphacool, should be fine. They make solid stuff from everything I've seen. IDK how it performs vs the competition though, I run an EK block and didn't know anyone else made them (I wanted a Heatkiller IV but Watercool didn't end up making them as far as I can tell). 
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    Octavialicious reacted to Windows7ge in Is this waterblock fine?   
    Alphacool/OCOOL are a well known watercooling brand. I don't know how I feel about those plastic threaded ports though. I feel like if you crank the fitting too tight and the GPU gets hot it may form micro-cracks and leak.
    Just a personal thought. Not my type of aesthetic either.
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    Octavialicious reacted to Bananasplit_00 in Worth buying Radeon VII for a good deal?   
    Seems like a fair price, if you want a beefy AMD card i would say go for it
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    Octavialicious reacted to GoldenLag in Worth buying Radeon VII for a good deal?   
    they will keep it updated, its GCN and a workstation card. 
    its not a terribly performing card, but dont expect any "finewine" to appear over the years, it will be fine tho. 
    you would probably have more success with a rtx 2080/2070s or maybe even the 5700xt. 
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    Octavialicious reacted to Master Disaster in Worth buying Radeon VII for a good deal?   
    Generally speaking, AMD cards get better with age. RDNA is brand new, I doubt AMD will be dropping support for GCN any time soon.
    In fact only a few days ago they added Radeon Image Sharpening support to Vega based products with driver 19.9.3.
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    Octavialicious reacted to Jurrunio in Worth buying Radeon VII for a good deal?   
    being still Vega based like Vega 56, 64, Radeon Pros and even the iGPUs, I doubt Radeon VII's lifespan will end anytime soon.
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    Octavialicious reacted to WickedStarfish in Different keyboard/alternative keyboard for gaming? (wrist pain)   
    might be the angle that your wrist is on when you are gaming
    i would suggest a wrist rest 
    try putting a small pillow under your wrist when gaming and if that works and you dont feel any or as much pain maybe try getting a keyboard that includes a wrist wrest or buy a wrist rest
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    Octavialicious got a reaction from Arak Zantara in MSI 2060 Super Ventus PCB   
    yeah, I cant figure it out either. I guess I'll just chill with the 2060 super. Thank you for your help!
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    Octavialicious got a reaction from TheSLSAMG in MSI 2060 Super Ventus PCB   
    yeah, I cant figure it out either. I guess I'll just chill with the 2060 super. Thank you for your help!
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    Octavialicious reacted to TheSLSAMG in MSI 2060 Super Ventus PCB   
    Judging by the location of the core, they're two different layouts. This might actually be a bespoke PCB design, since it also isn't the same as the Gaming X 2070 or Super. Getting PCB shots for the 2070 Super Ventus is essentially impossible from what I can tell, and I'm kind of stumped.
    RTX 2070 Super Ventus OC and 2070 Super Gaming X overlaid on each other (aligned by the PCIe connector, note the different location of the mounting holes for the core.)
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    Octavialicious got a reaction from TheSLSAMG in MSI 2060 Super Ventus PCB   
    My hero! Thank you so much ❤️ 
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    Octavialicious reacted to TheSLSAMG in MSI 2060 Super Ventus PCB   
    What I can definitely confirm is that the PCB is not a standard Founders Edition PCB. The main thing that gives it away (at least to me) is the height of the PCB. I'd bet on it being the same PCB as the 2060 non-Super Ventus and 2070 non-Super Ventus, but I could be wrong. I can't see MSI remaking an entire PCB just for the Super though, since the 2060, 2060S and 2070 are all based off of TU106.
    If that is in fact the case and they all use the same PCB, Barrow makes a full-cover block for it.
    RTX 2060 Super FE PCB
    RTX 2060 Gaming X PCB (Same on the 2060 Super Gaming X, same basic PCB as the Ventus judging by Barrow's compatibility)
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    Octavialicious got a reaction from xAcid9 in Best manufacturer for RX 5700?   
    USA lol
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    Octavialicious reacted to xAcid9 in what is the RX5700?   
    Because everyone is waiting for the aftermarket model to come next month. 
    Price/performance is great currently. Software is still kinda buggy but AMD will fix in few more releases imo. 
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    Octavialicious reacted to Skiiwee29 in what is the RX5700?   
    Its the new Navi based cards from AMD that just launched on the 7th along with 3rd gen Ryzen CPUs. 
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    Octavialicious got a reaction from suchamoneypit in Noob question. Is this compatible? CPU/Mobo   
    no... It's not on the supported CPU list https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/MAXIMUS-VIII-HERO/HelpDesk_CPU/
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    Octavialicious reacted to Dreamplay in Noob question. Is this compatible? CPU/Mobo   
    Why is this best answer?