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  1. I use it to switch my games in and out of fullscreen mode.
  2. 544 pages whaaaat But I bought a Corsair CX PSU and a GTX 960... Two of the worst buys of my life.
  3. Some AMD-A8 APU, 4 gigs of RAM, and horrible performance.
  4. This is literally a Lian-Li PC-O7. Almost the exact same thing. Thermalfake strikes again. EDIT: on second thought, it looks a bit more like the PC-O7S with the sides removed.
  5. Well, I did some more digging after that call, and it turns out Bell was scamming me. I was paying $80 for 175GB of bandwidth, but my plan actually allowed for 250GB. I didn't get a refund either.
  6. I did call. They didn't lower my prices, but they gave me 75 extra gigabytes of bandwidth, which I really needed.
  7. what I pay $80 CAD ($60 USD) for 50Mbps down and 7Mbps up (advertised as 10Mbps)thanks Bell Canada
  8. funny how a real karambit marble fade costs less than a CS:GO karambit marble fade isn't it Also nice paint job [emoji14]
  9. damn son where'd he find that
  10. I got a message saying that my penguin was banned for 24 hours3 days later I was still banned It's been 2 months, and still no unban Disney pls
  11. I have the same CPU with a worse GPU (GTX 960) and I can run CS:GO at max settings with 250+ FPS.
  12. Well, perhaps I should elaborate more. I don't like it when people recommend CX PSUs to people who are using high end parts, because there are some people who believe that the CX line is better simply because it is cheaper. Personally, I've found a lot of these people.
  13. Well I don't know about you, but where I live, the i5-4690k is $300 CAD, and the Xeon E3 1231v3 is $365.and when people recommend Corsair CX PSUs... pisses me off so much