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    Champ 3 In RL :(
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    Loves Park, Illinois
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    Rocket League, Competitive Gaming, Esports.
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    Im almost top 100 in rocket league.
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    Im Searching :D


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  1. Im on console and champ 3, Its rough sometimes when playing against pros. Console is at a huge disadvantage at higher ranks.
  2. Sweet, Ty <3. Ill probably get this one then. All the others ive seen around this price seem to have alot of issues.
  3. Monitor Link Is this monitor good enough for competitive Rocket League? Mostly just for playing ranked and weekly tournaments. I dont have a 144hz monitor because I was on console, and It would be the first ive ever had. Would anyone have any other recommendations for monitors around the same price?
  4. Rainbow Six Siege is honestly a great game, They give out free content (you do have to grind a bit, and season pass owners get them a week early) like new Operators/Weapons, skins, maps. I recommend it Rocket league is still better than R6S
  5. Im also downloading, umm adult content Vanu is better than TR
  6. Rocket League, Rocket league,Rocket League, Rocket league,Rocket League, Rocket league,Rocket League, Rocket league...annd rocket league
  7. I like xbox, I like ps4. But the only reason I prefer ps4 is because rocket league is more supported than it is on xbox.
  8. Anyone know of any good drafting desks that are in the 200 USD area? Either a white or glass top I guess? I dont really like the look of just bare wood tops, I prefer a regular surface.
  9. I mean, I just recommended it because it was close to what he already had tbh.
  10. I mean, its not like the k70 is bad. Peripherals are kind of personal preference. If you like the k70, stick with it. If not you can sell it.
  11. IMO I would change to a 7600k, and change the 5400 rpm hard drive to a 7200rpm one. Its like $10 more Edit - Like this I guess https://pcpartpicker.com/list/bFBwTH
  12. Red Oak is a solid wood to use, Cheap and pretty nice. Another wood that is really cool, but more expensive spalted maple. It looks amazing, but I wouldnt get it if you are going to paint it, wouldnt be worth the money.
  13. Alot of people like the Linnmon table top, And there are alot of legs you can choose from as well. Edit - Some links to linnmon desks. Linnmon with alex drawers Just the table top Cheap legs, but not adjustable adjustable legs but more expensive.
  14. i would go with the cloud revolver, I would go with the cloud alphas personally. I just prefer the headband on alphas