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  1. MadmanRB

    Which case?

    The only issue is you need an Alan key to unhook the tempered glass side panel. Anyhow I say neither case is all that great, if you want a good case with a simular aethetic and decent airflow and price point I vote on the Phanteks Eclipse P300 if you are looking for a good white case for the price point. I am taking that this is a black and white build based on both cases coming in white and I also take it this is based on price.
  2. MadmanRB

    How to change paste and clean the GPU

    Face wipe tissue will do but keep in mind that it may still leave particles behind. I mean its not a big deal either way but dust can interfere with thermal compounds thus why I use the coffee filter method personally.
  3. MadmanRB

    How to change paste and clean the GPU

    Well keep in mind the main reason why i recommend coffee filters is due to them not having any lint and or dust particles associated with them. If you need alternatives... well acne pads are a good choice. And yes paper towels are a good option too if you really need something most households have just make sure that they are strong paper towels known for rigidity. Microfiber cloths are also good. If the only thing you have is toilet paper.... yeah dont use that.
  4. MadmanRB

    How to change paste and clean the GPU

    Well for cleaning thermal paste you need at the very least 90% rubbing alcohol (99% is very hard to find in drug stores these days) and a coffee filter as those are lint free compared to regular cleaning cloths and or paper towels. As for themal paste, there is a big huge mass debate over what is the best. Personally I like Noctua NT-H2 due to how easy it is to apply and remove.
  5. MadmanRB

    Ryzen and high fps

    Well the main issue facing AMD ryzen is the fact that while they do great at multithread tasks, most games are targeted at single thread and this is where Ryzen falters a little. Mind you that Ryzen is still very competitive and is the best AMD has ever done in years. It only falls behind intel a mere 10-15% thats impressive for a company most counted out 3 years ago.
  6. No i say the issue with steams age restricting bypass is the lack of good coding. Any idiot could probably make a pulldown list and any idiot could simply make the date anything they wished. I mean no solution will ever be perfect, but I do think the age restriction bypass is a little too obtuse for its own good, its so easy to bypass that it might as well not exist at all.
  7. MadmanRB

    PBT vs ABS which is better

    Well on the flip side if your keyboard uses ABS then there is nothing directly wrong with this unless you spent a large amount of money on said keyboard. Say if you got a standard membrane keyboard on the cheap and it comes with ABS keycaps... well you get what you paid for. Same goes for a inexpensive mechanical keyboard, if you only paid say $30 for your mechanical keyboard and it only comes with ABS keycaps again this isnt a big deal. Thing is that even with PBT there is still no guarantee they will be immune to the issues of ABS, they can still take a shine over time and depending on where they are made PBT doesnt always equal quality.
  8. Its not bitching when it actually is a legit complaint. If my car had a defective engine it would sure as hell would not be bitching if it was a well known problem that went under the radar and the car company that made my car did not admit there was issues that is certainly a legit complaint and said car company needs to be held accountable. But I guess for you people who had their ford Pinto had no right to complain when the gas tanks exploded.... oh no that's their fault despite the fact there was no internet back then and information was much slower to come by.
  9. Still I am more than in favor of a redesign or something, there is a lot wrong with the steam storefront as it is now so any reorganization and or vetting is very welcome considering how much of a mess it is.
  10. Yes but everyone knows how easy it is to bypass Steams age restricted content filter, it is so easy to bypass its not even funny
  11. Who said I was going to buy such a game? Again the vetting on steam argument is about wanting some level of quality control not censorship. Again I dont care if someone does buy a game called baby rape simulator or whatever, its none of my business what they do. However it does become my business when such a game is getting Valve into trouble and if they dont do at least something then we really will see censorship. I must remind you that steam was almost banned entirely in Malaysia due to the video game called Fight of the gods due to that nations policies concerning religious content. This is the sort of thing i dont want to happen again, where the entire storefront goers under fire from even worse threats than social justice warriors. Valve has gone under a lot of scrutiny recently so maybe in this case they should at least have some sort of filter on the search or something. Maybe even a game featuring a school shooting should have not just a ESRB sticker on it but maybe a warning label on the side saying "controversial content" so that maybe we can at the very least have less governing eyes on the steam store front. The voices of minority groups and SJW's are nothing compared to the power of some governing bodies who could deem the entire Steam ecosystem as something that should be outright banned. I can easily see this sort of thing abused in countries like China
  12. But thats the thing, wanting vetting isnt about wanting censorship its about quality control. Now me personally I don't care if there is a game called child molestation: the video game however why would such a game need to exist on the steam store front? To generate buzz and heat? Yes probably as such a game is no doubt created by some hack developer who uses asset flips and lazy coding to make the most basic and asinine game possible and yet still garner attention due to the fact he made a game called child molestation: the video game. With steam being such a messy store front it makes it very difficult to ignore such games even when they are not so blatantly titled, the steam storefront more resembles a junk yard than a store front and there are some great games getting utterly buried under the muck of Valves negligence of not vetting games. Plus I would argue that Nintendo did the world a service by having a seal of quality, before then there was zero quality control in video games, sure the nintendo seal of quality did not stop bad games from coming on to the console (heres looking at you Jekyll and Hyde) but it did help cut down the muck. Now yes i do think nintendo did go too far by censoring things in the US but considering there was no ESRB at the time I can see why Nintendo did what they did. Did not make it right but it wasnt exactly wrong.
  13. I really dont know. In any case this is the kind of censorship to complain about here, its one thing to argue for or against a game called Rape simulator 3000 and rather it should be on steam or not (and considering such games are only called this to generate heat as its all meaningless asset flips anyhow and perhaps better off not on the steam storefront) but this is another level as the games seen on the Sony storefront and in game stores are rated by the ESRB, most steam games dont even have ratings so at least there I can get behind vetting.
  14. While I am in the pro vetting camp when it comes to steam games (as lets be honest steam is a mess when it comes to asset flips and lazily made games) this is a bit of a weird move by Sony. I mean there is the ESRB to determine what rating gets slapped on the side of the box after all.
  15. I am sure most thermal compounds are safe to eat, sure I would not make a sandwich with it but I dont think thermal compounds are that toxic. They just wont taste nice I mean sure there is a chance of them having mercury and lead but a lot of things we eat and drink contain those elements in some fashion (If you eat fish most fish have mercury and there is lead in drinking water) sure this isnt a pleasant thought but small amounts of lead and mercury are fine and the reputation of both is vastly exaggerated, sure both are dangerous but in small minute amounts both are fine Most compounds I am aware of use Zinc, aluminum oxide, nitride and even silver. Now yes any of these in mass quantity can kill you (Zinc poisoning is very common in those who use denture cream and hip replacements can do this too) but still its not like if you accidentally consume these in small amounts they will kill you.