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  1. I have had 2 wallclocks destroyed by Duracells which leaked prematurely. Hope the Energizers dont leak as they are one of the best Alkalines out there as per peeps on internet. The energizers are already down to @1.58V from 1.62V when I installed then 12hrs back
  2. Hi, I just bought some Energizer Max Alkaline AA's for my F710 Controller, are they a good brand? I heard Duracell Retail Copper Top leaks a lot even though my controller came with Duracell Oem's Copper Tops. I tried Ni-MH Sony and they gave some issues with my controller sometimes.
  3. I think its a Samsung D Die as per the lot code deciphering done by someone on reddit. The lot code on the reads 04320M8410D which leads to Samsung D Die Guess Thaiphoon doesn't read the SPD data correctly and now its reading as Samsung C Die
  4. Is this a good binned Samsung B Die a good quality Memory chip? It came in ny New Trident Z Rgb 3600 CL18.
  5. Hi, I just shifted to a Razer Viper Mini from a Logi G102 LS White and my Aim in Games is horrible. Is it because of new mouse shape, weight and sensor difference that will take some time to adjust to? I have set Razer @1800dpi and Logi was @1600dpi. My grip is somewhat of a hybrid type I think.
  6. Hi, I have a motherboard with limited usb, a old gen one. I am using a 4port aukey usb hub to connect a wireless mouse, a wired keyboard, a generic usb soundcard, a pair of creative usb speakers. I tested the socket with a usb multimeter and the Voltage draw is around 5.22V and Ampere Draw is around 0.42A. Is it safe to keep it plugged it in USB 2.0?
  7. I want to make a partition of 100gb on my 480gb ssd. Is it safe to make a partition like a hdd? Or is there any special procedure to follow. My ssd is a BX500 480gb.
  8. Okay great. So as long as I have proper airflow I shouldn't worry as airflow will remove most of the residual heat with cold air from outside. Daaaang, should have taken my Physics classes more seriously
  9. I mean the inside of the glass fogging up not the outside. For outside to fog up inside needs to be chilled and outside needs to be hot.
  10. Can a PC glass case fog up in monsoon? Its raining straight for 3days and humidity is quite high @ ~98%. MY case is well ventilated with 3 intakes and 3 exhaust and in a well ventilated room. Any precautions to take? Can't afford a dehumidifier now.
  11. Btw here is my GPU layout from inside. Picture by hardwaretimes. The picture has a missing capacitor circled in red which my GPU has as I can see the legs.
  12. What is this oily residue? I saw this a month back and cleaned it with 99 IPA and it was gone. And today I see it came back. Google says its thermal pad oil secretion. I am 100% certain its not capacitor juice as all capacitors in that area are intact and can be seen from both side. GPU is a 1660s from Zotac.
  13. Cause they are cheap af. Anyways I am thinking of using a usb charging brick to power it as they are also same size usb port, Usb A I guess. Better not to damage my $200 mobo just in case.