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  1. Update: No way to get things the way I exactly wanted them. However, using display fusions macros you can keybind a command to send the cursor back to primary monitor's center, if you have a mouse with buttons you can make it the "trigger" for macro. Alternatives for this software that can do this that is free is AutoHotkey. another paid version that i thought about was Ultramon but quite expensive for what you get. TL;DR Display fusion is a must for some with multi-monitor setups.
  2. Hi, i recently bought a Acer T232HL its a 23" touch screen monitor. I have a multi-monitor setup 3 in total 1 144hz g-sync 28" main display, a top mounted vizio 32" and a left arm mounted Touchscreen the Acer T232HL. I have gone into touch settings and setup the touchscreen monitor with no problem, but my issue is that when i touch the monitor it moves the cursor off my main display the gaming one, which has me currently dragging my mouse around. I would love a fix for this as this is apart my current setup. I hope to be able to play a game in the center and play say hearthstone or another touch game on the left side with out interupting my flow on the current display. All help will be greatly greatly appreciated and goggle searches failed. TL;DR my touch monitor Acer T232HL is stealing my cursor from main display while not gaming and gaming, causing me to move my mouse cursor back to continue working. I have gone in touchpad settings and did the hit enter till touch screen setup. also tried updating, uninstalling driver.
  3. Strange, i have never heard of a drive showing as invalid.I will think some more if i come up with something i will get back to you, interesting issue. As far as data goes you could put the drive into a hard drive enclosure and attach it to a working OS to copy data then format for use.
  4. Is the drive you removed that had all the data your main OS drive?
  5. RMA seems to be the most responsible answer, I agree with what the others have suggested not worth the chance of killing other hardware.
  6. they do and he did, however having a 1070 or 1080 and then using it on a monitor that was not meant for gaming will not be ideal and for 200$ increase he literally gain everything. Its true that it is outside of 350$ but investing 200$ even if saving needs to happen or waiting is well worth the returns with g-sync also he would gain slim boarders. I agree that in finding a 350 i was not successful i still believe that investing 200 will be a much better idea and wont ever require updating for sometime like a 350$ investment would. anyways i have to go to work. To OP your call at the end of the day its your setup thats being affected.
  7. further more at $200 more the monitor is a 10/10 has everything and g-sync, i am looking out for his build long term no sense to buy a 1070 or 1080 then get a subpar monitor.
  8. 1440p+ Resolution Wide screen for multitasking (WQHD?) Slim bezels (Not a must I do like slim bezels) for $350 i know what i was talking about good sir. the above is not happening at $350.
  9. http://www.amazon.com/Dell-Gaming-S2716DG-LED-Lit-Monitor/dp/B0149QBOF0/ref=sr_1_1?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1463491487&sr=1-1&keywords=dell+gsync Cheapest and best imo with excellent quality control and you get g-sync since you are using nvidia gpus this is especially a sweet deal i have used the monitor for a month now and could not do with out.
  10. not happening for 350 unless Craigslist or bought used, for what you are asking you need to at least be at $650ish range i recently bought a nice monitor and looked everywhere., Sorry to say but you have to invest more money if you want it good sir.
  11. you could try something like Ozium? strong stuff tho.
  12. Well for the most part a board is a board, look more at the feature you want for your workstation instead, i think you will find this to better suit your needs in the long term and might result in you being able to spend more elsewhere more HDDs or ssds.
  13. You need to up your dollar amount period, if you want something usable that is not used. You pay for what you get has lived strong for good reasons, I just dont think that you will enjoy the experience you would get from 200$. I have played with a good amount of tablets so this comes with a little insight.
  14. After further research I agree, I stand corrected.
  15. Build 2 the gpu will give you a more notice able difference in gaming.
  16. Thanks for informing me, good to know.
  17. I agree with Shadow on this i recommend a Dell 7559, If he can wait he should wait for a usb-C or thunderbolt model so later he can get an enclosure and game serious with portable hardware. I will be doing this myself in the future. By enclosure I mean the new'ish GPU enclosures that allow for a full desktop GPU to be use on a Laptop.
  18. if he is always blue screening within 5 min can this be ran overnight still? I am not familiar with memtest86.
  19. Same advice i was gonna give, you could try the ram as well by removing and swapping also, I would check the manual that came with your MOBO for compatibility issues we rarely see them but compatibility issues are still a thing at times.
  20. What were you doing when it did this? Also any experience opening laptops?
  21. Agreed i am still in awe that you scoped them up at $80 a piece, I have enough jelly for a pbnj. LOL
  22. Thanks Marcus,so with that socket for what you bought this is the cheapest product for your use. https://pcpartpicker.com/part/asrock-motherboard-ep2c6024ld16 Could have been the one you were mentioning in the beginning.
  23. What version did you get i see up to 3 versions?