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    Asus Maximus VIII Hero
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    Corsair Vengence 16GB
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    Asus ROG STRIX 1070
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    NZXT Noctis
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    Sasmsung EVO 250GB SSD and WD Black 4TB
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    Corsair 850 Gold+ Power Supply
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    H110i GTX
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  1. I'm on a custom build. I just want to make sure nothing is left on the drives so if there are any bugs or viruses it'll be gone.
  2. I'm wiping cuz I think my computer has a virus or something as it's a bit buggy recently. A fresh start would be nice too. Do I need to run windows to run that? I'm looking for something like a redkey alternative.
  3. Hello, I'm looking to wipe all of my drives on my computer, what software should I use? I have an NVME SSD (500GB), SSD (250GB) and a HDD (3TB) I tried using window's wiping feature and my old operating system is still on it. Thanks
  4. Hi, I've been helping my friend to build his pc, which didn't boot. When I was going through the lists of things that you should do for troubleshooting, I've tried to test the power supply with some fans attarched . When I've jump started the power supply, the fans spun for a short while and stopped spinning with some smoke coming out. And when I want to re test it again, nothing happened. Could I have killed the power supply? TLDR: Jump started the power supply, smoke came out of fan that's connected to the power supply, power supply dead? System Specs: CPU: Ryzen 16
  5. I've heard good things from the T10s from RHA, but ATM, the 425 from Shures are the same prices from where I live. What are the differences and which one should I go for?
  6. The connector on the earpiece itself became loose and I lost it, so now I only have one side of it. At the time I've purchased my earphones, they were about $90, and I'd thought that $30-$90 would be a reasonable amount for an upgrade. Being unfamiliar in the audio community, I don't know what amount money I need to add in order to get a better earphone in terms of quality. I have used the se215 (recived for free) and the special edition of it for about 3 years and I'd thought a change would be nice.
  7. Hi, I'm currently finding some in-ear earphones for about $120 - $180. I'm currently using the Shure se215 special edition for about a year and a half, however, the connector in one of the ear pieces came loose and I lost one of the side, and I'm looking for an upgrade. My main requirements for my earphones would mostly be isolation and comfort, I want a earphone that I could use while sleeping on my side, and also have good isolation since I'll use this almost everyday on the bus. Are there any earphones that fit these requirements? Thanks
  8. I wouldn't recommend a 1080p screen for a GTX 1080, since a 1440p option would be much more reasonable. Even at 1440p the 1080 should handle all of these games very well.
  9. Hmm, I don't seem to have any problems at the moment, but I've uninstalled it just in case. Thanks for warning me
  10. Thanks, but I've already turned my clock speeds and voltages back to the default settings, which is why I'm not sure whats the problem.
  11. - I've checked my drivers through Driver Talent (DriveTheLife) and it says that everything is up to date. - I've checked the voltage and heres the numbers it showed, is this the numbers I needed? - I think I did a pretty decent wiring job, everything is where it should be.
  12. Thanks, sorry for the late-ish reply. 1. I've went into the bios and pressed load optimised defaults. 2. I'm pretty sure, I've updated all of my drivers when I've built my computer about 2 months ago. 3. I'm not sure what do you mean by working good? What signs might it show when its not? 4. It started about 2 weeks ago, my computer shuts down without any warning, sometimes when I'm gaming, sometimes even just browsing the web.
  13. Well, just to clear things up, here's an image of what I've seen
  14. 77 events... I think that's the problem.