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    Gaming, building PC's, making music
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  • CPU
    Intel Core i7-8700K @ 4.7Ghz
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Prime Z370-A
  • RAM
    2x 8GB G-Skill Trident-Z RGB 3200Mhz
  • GPU
    2x Palit GTX580
  • Case
    Corsair Crstal 570X
  • Storage
    512Gb Samsung 960 Pro M.2 / 2x Seagate Barracuda 4TB 7.2k (RAID0)
  • PSU
    Corsair RX750x
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    Corsair Hydro H150i (6x Fans Push-Pull)
  • Keyboard
    SteelSeries Apex
  • Mouse
    Corsair M65RGB
  • Sound
    Yamaha AG03 + 2x Yamaha HS7 Monitors
  • Operating System
    Win 10 Pro
  1. Hey there, I've installed the second GPU and tested it for a while. Doesn't look good... The system kept crashing in Games and Furmark. Sometimes it just powered off and sometimes I got a Driver-Error-Message. Since I didn't spent so much on the second 580 I decided to keep it and just remove the old one. The Temps are a little bit better. Good News: My work situation got stable again which means I'm able to get an RTX2070 in a few weeks. Planning on an Asus ROG-O8G I'll post a few pics of the Build/Audio Setup when its done
  2. @FloRolf Thanks! I am running the GTX580 stock. I don't plan to OC them. This bad boy gets way too hot (~90C while gaming). I cleaned it already and applied new thermal paste. I guess its just bad cooler design... @camjay yeah I know, a friend recommended a 1050ti too but 20 bucks for an 580.. had to try that ? @schwellmo92 Guess it will work then ? The 580s are a big bottleneck, the will move soon. I think around christmas. I hope I get "okay" results @1440p for now. Anyways thanks to you all. I guess I have to try it out. I'll post the expier
  3. Hi there, I dont know if thats the right sub for this but I'll post this here: I've built a System a few months ago mainly for Music Production. I didn't got a new GPU and used an old GTX580 from Palit. Performance is not the best, but i am not gaming that much so thats okay. Here are the Specs: CPU: Core i7-8700K (OC@4.7Ghz) RAM: 2x 8GB G-Skill Trident-Z 3200Mhz RGB Board: ASUS Prime Z370-A GPU: Single Palit GTX580 1.5GB Storage: 1x M.2 Samsung 960Pro / 2x Seagate 4TB 7.2k RPM (Onboard RAID) PSU: Corsair RM750x Coo
  4. Was the first thing i did... I am very positive that the sub is broken. Even if i turn it up to a hundred % and make sure the sub is not muted and when I play only 808Bass in FL there is nothing coming out of the sub. I only hear the midrange frequencies coming out of the satellites and the sub is not doing a thing. Before i had this issue the sub was going wild, you could cleary hear the bass (as you might know xD) and now there is nothing even if turned up...
  5. The bass is turned on and almost at max volume. If i plug the speakers out i am not hearing a thing coming out of the sub. It really seems like the sub is off even if everything is turned on and up on the remote.
  6. Hey there, I am using the Corsair Sp2500 for a few days more than two years. Everything worked fine for me. The system is outstanding. Well a few days ago I noticed that the Bass is kind of lacking. I found out that the sub is off. Its not in night mode and the sub is not muted. I tried all inputs with different cables. I used my acer nitro, my m8, girlfriends iphone and my ipod and there is still no bass. I am sadly not able to rma it because i bought it on the 30 of july 2014 and noticed the "bug" two days ago and the warranty just ran out. I alrea
  7. Well everything is now done and it seems that it is working. I copied everything with Total Commander.
  8. Well i borrowed another 2tb Drive from work and plugged them both into the pc. I copied everything from the old drive to the new one. Then i took the old one out and put it in the enclosure to format it on the laptop (just to make sure that it will work if i plug it in later). And now i am copying all files from the new drive back to the old drive. I will let it work trough the night since 1.5tb of data takes a while and we will see if it work. I think its solved so i will mark it as solved
  9. Well it is in a hard drive enclosure... and my notebook is working but i think i will try to clone it to another drive while the old drive is plugged in as ide and the other one as ahci then putting the old one into ahci and clone it back.... ahh i dont want to do that
  10. No. the SSD is the OS Drive (AHCI Mode). This Drive has only Data i really need and cant afford to loose...
  11. Yes it is listed as Dynamic and invalid. And there is a Red arrow.
  12. So I have kind of a problem. I have a old Desktop with a bunch of HDDs and a SSD. I bought myself a new Notebook a while back and i dont use the desktop that much anymore. So I decided to take the Drive with all the Data out and put in an external case. After i plug it into my laptop i rembered that this particular drive was in the ide mode. When I got my desktop i forgot to change it. After a while i got a ssd and put in ahci and cloned the ide drives to a ahci drive. But i didnt had and still have another 2tb drive for clonig so i stuck with this drive in ide mode.
  13. Well, I wasnt sure because there are 2 Pins free if I mount the Drive. So I guess it will work?
  14. Hey there, I got a Intel 530 Series 240Gb SSD with a B+M Key. But the Board (Z97 Pro Gamer) got a M Type Connector. Will this SSD work in that Board? I dont want to break the Hardware so i wont try it. Hope you guys can help me Greetz
  15. I got a little problem over here. I have a MSI Z77A-GD65 Board. The PC wont boot with Bios A. No Debug codes or anything. The PC was booting with Bios B. The LEDs from the Debug Display were blinking and i got into the os. After that I pulled out all S ATA Cables and zip-tied them. I also got the S ATA Power connectors and PCIe Power connector out and put them clean into the system with a few zipties. After that i closed the case and tried to boot it. The PC didnt Boot. All fans were spinning but no debug codes and nothing on the display. I already got the Battery out and put a jumpe