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    Im saving money for my new motherboard, cpu and video card


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    Intel core i7 2600
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    ASUS P8Z68-V LX
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    Radeon HD 6850
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    Corsair VS550
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    Samsung SyncMaster SA550
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    Logitech K200
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    Windows 7 profesional

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  1. if i buy windows from microsoft i will be able to trasnfer licencse between computers right?
  2. Hey guys i was wondering what license should i get so i could always transfer it to other computer and also is ESD transferable?
  3. i dont think i can do that, do they have warrianty?
  4. Lithuania, but i could get it from amazon.de
  5. Hello, im looking for good laptop for 700 euros, that could run GTA V, PUBG and csgo decently. Any good suggestions?
  6. Hello, im looking for preatty good bluettoth speaker for 300 euros any good suggestions?
  7. i dont have this store in my country
  8. Hello everyone i am planning to buy gaming chair so i was thinking mayibe you could suggest me good brand
  9. did its perfectly fine it happened out of nowhere i was chatting and suddenly it started taking longer for my replies to get there until it fully stopped working
  10. Hello, guys please help me im really fustrated my SKYPE CANT CONNECT Im so freaking pissed off please someone help me, im running windows 10 i tried everything
  11. I keep hearing drilling in it and sometimes it just doest get recognized during boot is it over?
  12. what are those spots on its surface?