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    tbc got a reaction from CielErrant in Das Keyboard Ultimate or Ducky Shine 3?   
    das is glossy...like wtf.
    shine 3 wins because it's opponent went full-retard
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    tbc reacted to Darren in Really Slick/Linus? Captcha!?   
    That's a CloudFlare thing. Screw them for protecting the site right?
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    tbc reacted to wolfsinner in My C++ Summer Journey   
    Cool topic. Will follow.
    As was pointed out, markup languages are completely different from programming languages. The main difference is that they lack any kind of logic to them. 
    Some markup languages (such as TeX) contain programming constructs for logical typesetting, but even then it's not programming. HTML/CSS do not fall in this category.
    So, yes, your professor was very, very, wrong. They are not programming languages at all (sorry for stressing this so much).
    I think C++ is a great place to start developing your programming. Java is great for learning, but since it manages your memory automatically, you'd miss out on all of the fun that is fixing segmentation faults and problems of similar nature.
    Looking forward to more updates.
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    tbc got a reaction from fizzlesticks in C++ vs C# Does it matter?   
    most of your post is correct, but this part is dead wrong.
    the single worst performance mistake a beginner can make is to write their own sorting algorithm rather then using the standard library
    the second worst performance issue is causing memory leaks.
    it's effectively impossible to cause a memory leak in c#.  in c++, even the most experienced c++ devs mess up a pointer or two.
    a beginner simply won't know enough to take advantage of c++'s lowlevel features and will cause more damage than good if they try to.
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    tbc reacted to fizzlesticks in C++ vs C# Does it matter?   
    Lower level.
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    tbc reacted to solomongrundy in C++ vs C# Does it matter?   
    removing "r" make the words lean.
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    tbc got a reaction from Prodigydeadeye in The right amount for the right job   
    forgot to make a recommendation: go with the cx430m (or the cx500m if you're especially worried). the 'm' for modular is important unless you're REALLY tight on your budget.
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    tbc got a reaction from Prodigydeadeye in The right amount for the right job   
    I always say to buy a good power supply brand (only seasonic, silverstone, and corsair for me - yes, I'm aware of how seasonic OEMs for the other two) and completely ignore the wattage. rather, count the power connectors themselves - make sure you have enough connectors of the right types.
    the key point to this is to buy a good unit from a good brand.
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    tbc reacted to JoeyDM in What do you think about my new website?   
    That's not how that works.
    Sauce: I'm a really horribly crappy web-designer and that's what I do. I don't fix spaghetti-code as long as it works.
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    tbc reacted to Ashaira in Galaxy "Fish Bone" VGA Card   
    I guess you could say this card has no fans.
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    tbc got a reaction from linusforsell in Should I learn JavaScript?   
    okay.....let's start this from the beginning.
    what is the simplest language to get a GUI hello world running in?
    the champ is undeniably html/css/JS/jQuery
    no compiling.  no GUI framework with complex element initialization
    they should NOT have to worry about visuals because all GUI generation code is unique to each language.  they should spend their time learning cross-language stuff (programming concepts ala foreach loops),  no platform can beat the web platform in this objective.
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    tbc got a reaction from Heisenbleurgh in Is there a way to rip out a laptop touchpad and make it work with a pc?   
    but it's been years of complaining.
    quite simply, they don't want to make a tool that would make windows mchines better
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    tbc reacted to fizzlesticks in Java and C++ Or Any Other C   
    "object" oriented and C is certainly not OO. Also C# is used tons especially in web stuff and games, ever hear of XNA/monogame?
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    tbc reacted to Norwegiantweaker in UUGGHH, windows why u do this   
    no its not.. get out of my post you little troll, unless you can contribute and help me solve the problem don't twerparound  
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    tbc reacted to ohJey in UUGGHH, windows why u do this   
    You're really special aren't you?  LOL
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    tbc reacted to ShadowCaptain in Elon Musk unveils the Dragon V2   
    Our downfall is that we cannot use a light at the same time as our gun RIP in peace everyone
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    tbc reacted to AllstaRawR in Worth upgrading from a Performance Mouse MX?   
    The G700s is freaking fantastic. That scrolling wheel...
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    tbc reacted to Paralectic in HTML5/CSS3 fade-in box?   
    Code looking bad is a personal preference, any experienced programmer won't have any problem with jQuery.
    It saves time compared to odd CSS methods.
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    tbc reacted to Mooshi in 12 year old girls stab classmate for Slenderman   
    Well, at least the girl didn't have more money than brains type of parents or else she'd get a slap on the wrist like that piece of shit "affluenza" kid.
    Mentally unstable people existed long before people were moving primative pixels across a screen with stiff joysticks. Blaming a medium of any sort is always a pitiful scape goat. It will never be a solid argument, ever.
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    tbc reacted to JDS in To Kraken G10, or not to Kraken G10...?   
    It's understandable to be upset about something like this if you took the time to build a custom loop, because you spent the money and took the time to make a custom implementation into your build. Nobody likes knowing that anyone can just buy a AIO and consider their case watercooled. It's like putting a Corvette engine into a piece of crap car, yeah, your car goes fast, and it's way cheaper, but it's not a Corvette, and you won't be allowed to participate in a Corvette museum. Long story short, short cuts aren't appreciated by enthusiasts. That's what makes enthusiasts, enthusiasts. But, in this era, we are given short cuts that just plain work well, and shouldn't be given flack for it.
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    tbc reacted to zinfinion in The Dell u3415w could be the first Dell 21:9 monitor with a resolution of 3440x1440?   
    3.5K Scope. The 3.5K signifying that it is nominally 3500 pixels wide, and the Scope denoting that the aspect ratio is somewhere between 2.35:1 and 2.4:1 yielding a possible vertical resolution of between 1434 and 1464 pixels given the width of 3440 pixels.

      Fixed that for you. the (x)K system goes by width, not height. Also, 5040x2160 is not even possible with DP1.2 or HDMI 2.0, so not really sure what that's doing in the list.
    What will most likely appear larger than the 3440x1440 is a 4K Scope 3840x1600 display which is precisely a 2.4:1 aspect ratio. It would also be easily derived from existing 2560x1600 production, just as this 3440x1440 is derived from existing 1440 production.
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    tbc reacted to aikoels in First time making a calc   
    Correct, True and False are built into python, while something like 'true' and 'false' would be created by a coder (although I would not use those names because they are so close to True/False) 
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    tbc reacted to aikoels in First time making a calc   
    What error = True does is set the word error to True, since later on I say "if error == False:" it will skip all of the code in that if statement You need to put the if statement there for it to work. Be sure to keep in mind that "error" if a variable I created, not a python built in function. So you could literally change error in my code to "purpleGiraffe" and it would work just as well.
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    tbc reacted to Gabriel in HTML and Java Help   
    just wanna point out that Java and JavaScript is two very different languages, they are not related to each other in any way. their names are, unfortunate. 
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    tbc got a reaction from WanderingFool in First time making a calc   
    syntax failure upon incorrect indentation.
    that means if someone's source control or editor modifies whitespacing.  it will break.  obviously the problem is fixable, but its an artificial problem that shouldn't be have been made in the first place.  as far as i know, it's the only modern language that requires proper indentation for scoping.
    errors (which will ALWAYS happen) that you can see are far preferable to others that you can't