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  1. in for nuc. love how compact they are.
  2. LMFAO did you actually quote the wrong posts? i am DEFINITELY submitting this for all the relevant reports.
  3. SSDs. compilation is always io bound on anything above a c2d
  4. condensation if the temperature swings too wildly? don't you hit that point far before you hit -150c?
  5. most of your post is correct, but this part is dead wrong. the single worst performance mistake a beginner can make is to write their own sorting algorithm rather then using the standard library the second worst performance issue is causing memory leaks. it's effectively impossible to cause a memory leak in c#. in c++, even the most experienced c++ devs mess up a pointer or two. a beginner simply won't know enough to take advantage of c++'s lowlevel features and will cause more damage than good if they try to.
  6. do NOT try to learn to make windows desktop programs in c++. you will have to deal with the win32 api, one of the hardest things in programming. you wouldn't be asking for advice here if you were ready for that beast.
  7. drag select before clicking the click here button.
  8. okay.....let's start this from the beginning. what is the simplest language to get a GUI hello world running in? the champ is undeniably html/css/JS/jQuery why? no compiling. no GUI framework with complex element initialization they should NOT have to worry about visuals because all GUI generation code is unique to each language. they should spend their time learning cross-language stuff (programming concepts ala foreach loops), no platform can beat the web platform in this objective.
  9. C is NOT a high-level language. it is actually the most low level language in common use today (besides assembly which is never really used in common practical applcations), C is NOT object-oriented. C is the worst language to learn without a dedicated mentor. it is incredibly easy to screw up the most simplest thing. a beginner shouldn't be spending time doing memory management. that is only important when you're working professionally and need to optimize your product.
  10. just get them from digitalriver? they should still be MS' official partner.
  11. NOT when you have one right behind the other. one port will be fine, but that port will block the other one. also, what is that red coiled cable next to the silverstone one? did you talk about it? or is it just a regular cable you coiled?
  12. cp is a replacement for typing when dealing with boilerplate code(a loop is boilerplate). there is only one difference between them: typing takes longer. they have the exact same amount of learning potential: 0. you are not a better programmer because you memorized how to type a loop. how on earth can someone disagree with what i just said?
  13. yep. but it's been years of complaining. quite simply, they don't want to make a tool that would make windows mchines better
  14. what on earth did you just say?..... the act of typing teaches nothing. it's the act of changing variables that makes you learn. eg making a loop run 20 times instead of 10. memorizing syntax is the only reason for shorter syntax when learning. memorizing syntax is an alternative to copy/pasting. like you JUST said, copypasta is NOT learning. i've done lab TA duties before, trust me, everyone copy/pastes and there is nothing wrong with that for the above reasons.
  15. i doubt they even made one for windows. not to mention we'd need to make sure windows supports the complexity of th interactions