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  1. I briefly went over why in my response to Unimportant. I didn't like the look of Qt applications. I also was under the impression that Qt isn't widely used and didn't think I would gain much from learning their framework. I was massively confused about MFC and .Net related material. I am the type of person that needs to know everything about something before I can use it. So when I started reading about win32 api and how its the basic for the object oriented frameworks even if I never use it directly it would be a great learning experience. I learned by lots of self researc
  2. I understand what you mean. I made few applications in VB that had a GUI editor and the like. I wanted to practice making GUI applications in C++ but I was having a really hard time deciding on what to do. Its so different from what I was doing with Visual Basic. So I happen to come across the win32 API and for some reason that made more sense to me. I also was unsure what to spend so much time on. I heard that MFC was outdated or something and I couldn't get a straight answer. Nothing seemed to give me what I wanted. I didn't like that Qt appears to be not well used in industry and didn't
  3. Just got around to it. I tried to set it up as best I can. Though the file text formatting is messed up in a lot of places not sure why github does that: https://github.com/ProfoundDisputes/win32Calculator
  4. More than willing too. Will link it once I get it setup.
  5. I have heard of GitHub before but never really understood why it was so big. This kinda points to what I think I lack. I just don't understand a lot of the backend stuff like organizing files and how you distribute code and the like. There really doesn't appear to be very accessible youtube tutorials or simple material on this type of process besides long lengthy text books. I honestly lose interest pretty quick unless I can actually start programming. I have taken Structured Programming in C++ college course. Also visual basic and c++ in highschool (5+ years ago). I have been mostly teachi
  6. I am trying to teach myself win32 api in C++ by making a simple calculator in Visual Studio 2017. I am having success and making progress so far. Yet, I don't have any feedback on how my code is structured. I would appreciate if people could give me some constructive criticism. I am trying to gain experience to land a Software Engineering position. I had to take a test recently after a job interview and some of the questions pertained to program development. At this point I realized that I don't have any real understanding of the process of software development, I just know how to code. So
  7. I know you are suggesting this course so it must be decent but how much did it help you personally? Like do you feel confident with embedded systems and did you start it as a novice? EDIT: Just want to know before I buy the kits and stuff needed for the class. I want to get started right away but need a little more confidence in the class. So far its looking really promising.
  8. Cool, thanks a lot. I am starting it now. I am still looking for other material or products to check out.
  9. The link that you provided looks promising. I can't really tell what it is though. It doesn't look free even though it says that in the side panel what's the catch? Also I will look into those other products that you mentioned. I just really need something to tell me what I can do with these things (books, project kits or something). I am really not familiar with this stuff at all. If I where to buy some of these pre made boards like what can/should I be doing with them?
  10. I was thinking about the Raspberry PI and the Arduino but then I had an informal interview with a guy from a Avionics company and he was trying to steer me into pics. I see why after doing a lot of research since it looks like it requires more learning and isn't as intuitive because a lot of work is done for you with the Arduinos and stuff (which is what he is saying). I just don't know where to start.
  11. A lot of jobs around me are involved with Embedded Systems and I want to get into working with microcontrollers. I am pretty decent at C++ and VB programming languages and have taken a simple robotics in C programming class in college. I want to get into programming microcontrollers but feel a little overwhelmed. I don't have a ton of cash to spend on this project, $60-$100 USD, so I don't want to waste my money. So what projects can I get going to help me get started in the $60-$100 USD range? Is it worth getting a breadboard and slapping microcontroller, resistors and what not on it? I ha
  12. Ahh, ya, I don't know a thing about templates yet and that sounded really confusing haha Thanks for the info. I will keep this in mind when I learn templates. Maybe I will get that method you described to work as practice.
  13. I think I get it. CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION is expecting a declaration of this format: size_t write_callback(char *ptr, size_t size, size_t nmemb, void *userdata); However within a nonstatic member function there is an extra parameter that is add to know which instance called it so its declaration is really: size_t write_callback(Class *this, char *ptr, size_t size, size_t nmemb, void *userdata); So there is a mismatch in what it expects? If I understand that correctly it gives a bizarre error in response.