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    SNorman got a reaction from Kierax in UK Pounds- New laptop for parents   
    @Kierax thank you so much I've been looking for a notebook like that for myself as well, now we can get two of them
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    SNorman got a reaction from Kierax in UK Pounds- New laptop for parents   
    Very good! Exactly what I was looking for
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    SNorman reacted to Kierax in UK Pounds- New laptop for parents   
    Here are a few options.
    Hope this helps a bit.  Getting an SSD in that budget is going to be a stretch, and you will have to give up other areas of the specs.
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    SNorman reacted to scobie56 in UK Pounds- New laptop for parents   
    Chrome book?? if they only need word and to check emails then this option would be good
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    SNorman reacted to NinjaJc01 in UK Pounds- New laptop for parents   
    Why SSD? And you only need an i3 with 4GB RAM for that sort of stuff.
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    SNorman reacted to manikyath in Remotely controlling a MacBook from a Galaxy S4?   
    gonna come back to what i've said last time someone asked for advice on school "pranks":
    sure we can help you out thinking of some silly pranks that dont do any harm, but this is in some schools a VERY big issue, and we cannot guarantee you wont use it for the bad, hence per forum community standards we CANNOT help you.
    the school offers you no access to said machine, you dont need access to said machine, we wont help you get access to said machine. you're on your own, its your fault if you get caught, we are as per CS not to be getting involved in anything of the malicious variety, which this is doomed to be, or to be picked up as by the school board.
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    SNorman reacted to Benji_w in What does this mean and how do I fix it   
    Just buy your stuff, Ask the retailer if the CPU is supported and if not could they update the bios for you before sending out the motherboard.
    Personally I would of just bought it all by now instead of listening to all these people telling you loads of conflicting information and confusing the fuck out of you.
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    SNorman reacted to Raven-- in Tips for getting funding for your first PC   
    My parents ( more my dad ) didnt let me do that when i had the money well over £ 1000 in my account and the only reason i needed there permission was to get the parts online since at the time my debit card only worked at cash machines. so even having the money they can be annoying to just be able to get the parts 
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    SNorman reacted to don_svetlio in Tips for getting funding for your first PC   
    Then you're in one serious pickle.
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    SNorman reacted to yannickverc in Tips for getting funding for your first PC   
    It's almost Xmas and new year. Give hints to your family that you're gonna get a new PC next year and are short on money. Also sell your mac thing. Since it's from apple people will still pay some money for it.
    (I just built a 600£ PC for a friend, I think you'll be able to get that amount of money)
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    SNorman reacted to rcarteraz in Tips for getting funding for your first PC   
    Okay, so even though you may not have a job there are still options available.
    You can offer to do odd jobs (yard work, cleaning, moving, pet sitting) to anyone and EVERYONE you know. Don't go crazy with the price tag. $10-$20 depending on the job (or whatever currency you use). Additionally if you can turn in recycling for change I would say do it. Cans and bottles. That can actually add up. My brother started going to public trash cans and taking them out lol. He made quite a few dollars. Be creative! There are a ton of ways for you to earn money without having a job. If you're old enough for a job then get one! I got my first job at 14 years old and was paid under the table. You can do it. Don't rely only on others. Maybe if you put in the hard work to buy what you need your parents will see it and help out. Good luck.
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    SNorman reacted to SirBobson in Tips for getting funding for your first PC   
    Maybe say that the mac is getting too slow for you and that building a pc will teach you a new skill as well as being better value? I just saved money given by relatives/friends for birthdays etc. and some of my parents friends are quite computery (couldn't think of a better word) and I'd talked to them about computers and stuff which helped relax my parents about it - also they don't know exactly how much I spent
    Good luck!
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    SNorman reacted to AverageHardware in Tips for getting funding for your first PC   
    I mean, if it is YOUR money, why is it a problem? Buy what you want'. It sometimes is difficult explaining the cost of a PC haha.
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    SNorman reacted to ProdigyzMined in Tips for getting funding for your first PC   
    Let's be real, £500 is on the cheap side. To be honest, you'll likely need to do the budgeting on your own, that's what I've done for all my builds. Depending on where you live (UK?) and your age you could possibly get a job to raise some money, agian something that I've had to do in the past.
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    SNorman reacted to jkraghify in SHOULD I or Shouldn't I build my own   
    Wait for Black Friday. You'll probably save around $100 (on mobile so I don't want to convert it). If you don't mind waiting, I'd say you should wait a little
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    SNorman reacted to Senzelian in To wait or not to wait   
    Oh yeah - and you're the one that's going to pay for it?
    But that could maybe work. How about a AsRock Anniversary H97 board instead of the Gigabyte one. That should be cheaper and comes with more RAM slots. Or maybe even a cheaper H87/H81/B85 board.
    Maybe you're also able to get a cheaper case. Then you might be able to have the money for a GTX 950.
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    SNorman reacted to Amal Joe R.S in Windows 10 PC Settings not opening fix(100% Working)   
    Watch this video, if you have problem opening PC settings in Windows 10.
    I hope this video may surely fix your problem: