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  1. Lets say you run a charity and want an email address as the primary contact on your website/cards/publications So far I've thought of. admin@.... info@... contact@.... but wondered if anyone had any better suggestions
  2. Hello So I have a family member who’s 40, and is a chef, has been promoted to a role where they would like her to start using Excel, Word, Outlook to manage orders and crap like that She can do some basic stuff, sending and replying to emails, editing values in a spreadsheet etc. However doesn’t feel confident with these programs. TLDR: I was wondering if anyone could recommend an online beginners course for Microsoft Office (excel, outlook, word)
  3. Hi I have 3 monitors, two 27" main monitors which I want my full taskbar to be displayed on and one 21" side monitor that I keep chats/calls open on. I'm wondering if I can have my main taskbar (with lots of pinned items) on my main monitor and the third monitor have either A. Only the tabs on that monitors B. Custom programs I can select (skype, teamspeak, discord, spotify etc) or if needs be C. All open programs Thanks
  4. @GrayFox1991 I think I don't want to have to do is upload 30GB of pictures to google drive! However I know that is probably the best thing to do with them
  5. Oh joy, Grandad wants a new laptop so I need some help! Price Bracket; Upt to £350 He uses his computer two-three times a day for maybe half an hour each time, to check emails, do banking and mainly keep his 30GB of pictures up to date. He is always complaining his current 2007 PC is too slow and he would possible like a laptop? So I'm looking for laptops or possibly desktops (if you can find booth then brilliant) My thoughts so far(feel free to suggest differently) - Intel i3 or above - 4GB RAM or above - 128GB SSD - Win 10
  6. For anyone from the UK here or anyone else interested, a truly inspirational message about Christmas TV adverts https://www.facebook.com/stopfundinghate/
  7. So yeah before I watch it has anyone else watched it and is it any good?
  8. @mckendry1011 he isnt banned and the audio settings shouldnt affect him as he cant connect to any server
  9. @mckendry1011 everyone apart from this guy can
  10. So my friend uses a Mac with OS X most recent on it and has been trying to connect to my teamspeak server for a few weeks now. He's tried on different networks and in different countries but it just says failed to connect to server Client log: http://pastebin.com/maLZALQL we tried moving teamspeak to the trash and deleting it's config files but it still happens
  11. @Kierax thank you so much I've been looking for a notebook like that for myself as well, now we can get two of them
  12. Thanks! First one is to overkill. I could really do with the SSD
  13. Any on amazon? I'm looking for like a HP/Asus no hassal
  14. That's the budget! I'm looking for any suggestions under 300 would be preferable
  15. So today I got asked by my parents to find them a new laptop. They complain that their current 2009 one is too old. What I'm looking for is under £300, intel core i3 SSD (doesnt need to have lots of space) Windows 10 (can upgrade from 8 if needed) 4GB+ RAM They use the laptop once or twice a week for word processing, emails, internet stuff you can't do on an iPad and mainly iTunes Any recommendations?
  16. I can live without SSD if you can find any others Ideally not I was looking at things like the HP Stream
  17. Hmm would ideally like windows if there are any for the budget
  18. Hi I'm looking for a new laptop (notebook ideally) Requirements: Light Under 14" screen SSD (this is an additional if possible) Intel Processor ideally Budget £300 Must be in pounds!!!!! ££££
  19. @BrightCandle hi, what IO? Could it be the fact I only have 2GB of RAM? When the server only has me on task manager is using 60-70% Memory?
  20. Hi I have a VPS (dual core for Arma with 2GB RAM) and am trying to run a small Arma training server for under 10 people. I run a gamemode called Altis life but after 5 or so minutes with 5-8 people on the server suddenly stops responding it says 'Arma stopped responding...' How should I fix this it runs fine on other game modes like a sandbox but on Altis life it crashes
  21. Arma 3 server, I'm trying to setup am web admin panel but it can't connect to my MySQL Databse. So you don't think the IP will be causing the problem? Any idea how I can find out how to change the MySQL port? How do I make sure the ports are enabled? They are forwarded and pointed at the local IP of the server is there anything else I need to do inside MySQL to allow connections.