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    Low end specs, high end humor!
  • Birthday 1970-01-01

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    Hi! I'm Djole123. I love computers, even tho I don't have a particularly good one. I love to speak a ton of jokes and have a laugh.

    I live in Serbia, a country that has been shown by Linus a few times, a country in which we love meat (especially the burgers), and a country full of natural habits.

    Some of my milestones:

    First post: Is Windows XP obsolete? (by me, on 6-18-2015)

    500th post: in: Windows 98 installation error "Insufficent memory" (by Comic_Sans_MS, on 1-24-2016)

    1000th post: in: windowsapps permission (by razor007, on 4-11-2016) https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/579603-windowsapps-permission/#

    1500th post: in: Double your RAM for free with only tweaks within Windows (by Pierre Dabrunst, on 2-6-2016)

    2000th post: in: Best BUDGET Stream PC. (by Advic3, on 10-17-2016)


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    Intel Atom N2600 1.6GHz Dual Core
  • Motherboard
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    1GB DDR3-800
  • GPU
    Intel GMA 3600
  • Storage
    320GB Hitachi Harddrive
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    1024x600 60Hz Generic Laptop Screen
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    Hama Laptop Cooler
  • Keyboard
    Logitech K220
  • Mouse
    Logitech M150
  • Operating System
    Windows 7/ Edubuntu 12.04/ Windows 10 Triple Boot

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  1. Please clarify, do you by "no parts made in China" mean having absolutely zero components in the system (down to ICs) made in China or having assembly of the components done outside of China? The second one may actually be possible.
  2. Many macOS users have legacy 32-bit applications (such as Office 2011), however, they might have seen this prompt when starting those applications up: And since 32-bit applications can no longer be run under Catalina, you might be wondering how to see all of the 32-bit apps that you've previously used? It's really easy. Step 1. Go to  - About this Mac - System Report... Step 2. Go down in the menu to Software - Legacy software And there! That is your list of 32-bit apps that need to be updated/uninstalled in order for macOS Catalina to work properly. I hope it helped!
  3. What kind of issue are you facing? Does it not play at all, does it stutter, does it sound weird?
  4. Here at Apple, we love hideous Mac designs. 5 years ago, we introduced a special new Mac Pro that our users dubbed the Trashcan Mac. And we felt like we could do more than that. Introducing THE ALL NEW CHEESEGRATE MAC PRO
  5. Is this like a personal attack or something?
  6. Here, have a more reliable source page. https://www.techradar.com/news/ipod-touch-7th-generation-news
  7. Its target market is probably the parents who want to buy their children a present for like their birthday which isn't expensive but still meets their needs and it doesn't break like an iPhone would, idk.
  8. Are you excited? This article is probably going to be very short, but in summary, it's an iPod touch 6th generation with an A10 slapped onto it. Literally, that's it. Same 4 inch screen, same camera, same lack of biometrics, same design, same bezels... It will have some software features added such as AR and Arcade but that's really it. The release of the iPod touch 7th generation pretty much also confirms that the iPhone SE will get iOS 13 considering it's not the only iPhone in the lineup anymore to have a 4 inch display. The iPod touch 7th generation will start at $199 for the 32GB option, which does seem reasonable considering the A10 is still a decently powerful chip, and if you for some reason need 256GB of internal storage on an MP3 player then that is an option for double the price. Source: https://wccftech.com/new-ipod-touch-7-announced-with-a10-fusion-chip-ar-capabilities-8mp-camera-256gb-storage-and-old-school-home-button/
  9. Cool to see an all-core 5GHz CPU 6 years after AMD's 9590. Hopefully it doesn't suck the soul out of the VRM's like that thing did
  10. ARM stated that they contain US based technologies, so technically they still can't use ARM based chips.
  11. I believe MediaTek is fabless aswell. Thanks for the correction! Pentium 3 performance and DynaTac-like battery life FTW!
  12. You don't seem to understand this. ARM revoking Huawei's licence doesn't mean they can't buy ready made ARM chips, it just means they can't design their own ones at HiSilicon. They can't use Qualcomm's silicon because they're designed in the US, but nothing prevents them from buying MTK silicon, since they aren't making them Just because you can't make Coca-Cola doesn't mean you can't buy Coca-Cola.
  13. ARM doesn't make the chips, they only design the microarc. It is up to the semiconductor company (HiSilicon, Qualcomm, Samsung, MediaTek) to make them. Since Huawei's licence got revoked, they cannot make new ARM based chips now.
  14. Oh you thought this couldn't get any worse? Too bad... ARM, the company that designs the microarchitecture of mobile and embedded SoCs (i.e the Cortex-A53 microarc) has now revoked its licence with Huawei as well. The company memo, directed to ARM's staff, states the reason for ceasing the licence as: "Our products contain U.S. based technologies", with no further clarification. This puts HiSilicon, the company that makes chipsets for their mid-range and high-end phones, completely helpless, since it is fully owned by Huawei? So, what now? I guess Huawei is completely out of luck now. The only chipsets they can use now are from MediaTek, which is a Chinese company they can and have bought SoCs from for their lower end Y series of phones. However, MediaTek's higher end chips, the Helio P series, while good, are still only about close to a Kirin 650/700 series performance wise, which means they don't really have an option for their high end P and Mate series since they cannot import the U.S. based Qualcomm Snapdragon chips. So, I guess they really only have two options now: 1. Put pressure on MediaTek to make high end, Kirin level chipsets 2. Give up on the high end series of phones (very unlikely tho). What do you think? Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-48363772