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    Asus H170 Pro
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    8GB Corsair DRR4 LPX 2400MHz
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    Zotac 1060 mini
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    Corsair 200R
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    256GB Samsung 850 EVO, 1TB WD Blue
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    EVGA 500B1
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    BenQ 2411Z
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    Stock Intel CPU Cooler
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    Rosewill RK6100
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    Razer DeathAdder 2016
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    HyperX Cloud Core
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Honestly, the choice making point would be how much would you fork out for storage. In no way will a WD Blue be crippled against a WD Black. Likewise, a toshiba drive will be cheaper, but not unusable for your application (nor a noticeable downgrade) Just snatch a good price off a discounted SDD/HDD and ur gud 2 go. No need to wreck your brain cells on this.
  2. Drivers should be always downloaded online, 1060 doesnt have SLI so no bridge. Im not surprised you forgot what it included, basically only the graphics card is important.
  3. You can try running furmark again with your integrated GPU to rule out CPU, but at this point its clear that your GPU is defective. CPU crashes almost always result in bluescreen or freezes.
  4. Ahh, then you can look towards replacing the HDD with SSD fully. Works wonders for games with long loading times, thinking about doing that for myself sometime soon.
  5. Hmm thats weird, does your computer black screen if you run something GPU intensive that is not full screen? Furmark for example
  6. There you have it, enjoy building your pc!
  7. Honestly think you would benefit most from more storage ._. how on earth did you survive 2 years and 1 quarter with 500gbs
  8. If you have updated your drivers recently, you can attempt to use a older driver version to see if that works(preferably the same version as the one you had before). Also try to recall if anything lead up to the issue, i.e. installed something new or dog pushed over your computer
  9. Try DDU, reinstall driver/use a older driver. Otherwise problem is most likely hardware related.
  10. A good indicator for damage would be if the motherboard has an unusual flex to it, or if any of the contact points it has when placed in the box looks dinked up. It takes quite a lot to break a motherboard in proper shipping box tho.
  11. Recently my computer began acting up. ISSUE 1 : Playing rainbow six siege is where i first learnt that there was an issue with my computer, moving my mouse during low frame rates causes my screen to briefly pause and "snap" and sometimes causing my screen to feel like it's in some matrix as the input lag between my mouse and game play is around a second. ISSUE 2: Using overwatch to test the issue to see if it is game dependent i found that every time i mouse my mouse, gpu usage dips down to nearly 5% and i can get the screen to permanently freeze by moving the mouse violently. I already tried to reinstall drivers and tried a previous driver version and it didn't work out. Dying GPU is ruled out because violently shaking my mouse doesn't cause increased gpu usage. Tried different mouse, same issue. At this point any guesses is appreciated, so can anyone lend a hand?
  12. Yeah the last slot definitely looks single slot. To be really honest at this point people usually go for the really tall cases like the mastercase series. Even putting a single slot card in there will starve the airflow in the build. Only options i see is water cooling or get a beefy case.
  13. idk maybe do some benchmarks on it and watch it utterly destroy the note 8 in performance lol jk, maybe try out the force touch and play some appstore only games.
  14. Which motherboard are you using right now? Pretty sure the r5 was built with crossfire/sli in mind. Unless you have some tall ass unheard of PSU.
  15. There are more forms of vsync available to you, of which includes fast vsync, and half refresh rate vsync. Fast vsync is great where you have excess frame rates on a game, such as cs:go where you are hitting 240 frames on a 60hz/144hz monitor. It helps you reduced latency and frame time allowing you to enjoy smoother gameplay even with vsync on, however this is only possible if you go above you screen's refresh rate in fps. Adaptive does abit of both, during the time your fps goes below your screen's refresh rate or gets low it turns off vsync, or when you have high framerates it turns vsync on. If i am not wrong, if the fps you get in a game greatly exceeds the refresh rate of the monitor, adaptive vsync automatically works like fast vsync itself.