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  1. I've had this headset for like a good 3 years now and like a year ago the microphone stopped working completely. The headphones and soundcard work perfectly fine. I've tried all kinds of methods, reinstalling drivers, updating firmware, etc. Still there's no audio stream. Discord detects it making noises whenever i unplug the cable from the soundboard or slide the mute slider but no sound comes out otherwise. If it's unfixable, someone recommend a good microphone in the 50euro range
  2. Im not using windows 10 just to have smartscreen, i use it because im used to it
  3. I was not downloading a sketchy program, and there is no "run anyways" button and i dont need the smartscreen because i have DeepGuard which is basically like smartscreen but better
  4. Its really annoying and i cant seem to find a way to turn it off
  5. they removed tix, added anthromorphic animations, disallows ODing but doesnt enforce that rule, made a forum "upgrade" ffs im quitting it minecraft is better
  6. sometimes i just drink water with ice just so the ice gets smaller and then i can eat them

  7. who the fu** stole my pillow now i cant sleep because of them

  8. I wonder how my friend does it. (he's left-handed)
  9. Edit the keyboard for you to control it easily.