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  1. The colder you keep it, the higher it'll boost.
  2. Then it's not hitting the power limit perf cap...if it were, it would throttle to stay under the power limit.
  3. 106% power limit could be plenty, depending on what the limits are set for in the bios. Stock bios, probably not high enough. Upping the voltage, if he's already at the power limit under load, won't do anything but make it hit the power limit sooner, btw....
  4. If Minecraft is single threaded, yes...absolutely possible. The Ryzen CPUs are great for things with multiple threads, but not so much for lightly threaded games and applications. Need to see single core usage on the CPU to tell if it's happening, though.
  5. Agree with lowering the voltage. Shouldn't need much to let boost 3.0 do it's job and hit 2k. Shouldn't need but 1.02v to 1.03v to hit those clocks, WITH a custom fan curve to keep the core cooler. The cooler you keep the core, the less voltage it'll require to hit those clocks. And....that's IF you even need the additional clock speed to maintain your hash rate.
  6. I've never seen a Pascal bios viewer.....have you? No? Cause it doesn't exist.
  7. There is no biod modding program for pascal. It doesn't work that way anymore.
  8. At normal ambient temps, about 20c, I can run mine at 2150 game stable, and it stays there. Those clocks I referred to before are benchmark stable. Core temps are everything...the lower the better. I would shoot for no higher than 40c on the core to be able to retain a decent clock without having to touch the voltage. I can maintain that 2150 for gaming, without adding any additional voltage (it runs 1.043v at that clock / temp), without ever going above 40c (ambient temp of around 18-20c)....and, as I said before, this card isn't a great overclocker.
  9. The trick to overclocking pascal, is core temps. The colder you keep the core, the higher it'll boost, and the longer it will maintain that clock without boost 3.0 throttling the GPU down. Adding voltage without first dropping core temps, a LOT, is effectually useless. This card on air would barely reach 2150. On water with 20c ambients, it'd hit 2200. With coolant temps at -6c, it hits 2278. All with stock voltage.
  10. You can ask here.....looks like someone is still actively doing these bios mods. Most of us have moved on. Post with a copy of your card's original bios, and if someone is still active on this thread, they'll mod it for you. http://www.overclock.net/t/1573308/nvidia-gtx-900-cards-custom-bios-upon-request
  11. So, roll back to a driver that worked the best.
  12. I've run SLI setups for years and never ran into any issues. That said, the single more powerful card is almost always the better solution, but SLI is still very viable as an option.
  13. There is absolutely NOTHING in the stock bios of a 970 that will allow you to hurt that GPU in any way, shape or form. That includes the voltage. Just make sure you keep it running cool....Maxwell GPUs love to run cool.
  14. Horizontally mounted motherboard.