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  1. My motherboard: https://www.asrock.com/mb/intel/Z370%20Extreme4/index.asp#Download TB3 card: https://www.asrock.com/mb/spec/product.asp?Model=Thunderbolt%203%20AIC GPU : https://www.palit.com/palit/vgapro.php?id=3883&lang=en Im trying to get display via thunderbolt. The manual for the aic says to connect displayport to the tb3 card and to the gpu, then connect monitors to the dock. Im using this dock: https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c05913756 But i only get video out of the TB3 when booting (uefi) but when window loads the display goes black and says
  2. I cant find anything on the web... But does anyone know if G12 aio gpu cooler fits the Palit 3060ti gpu? Ive used the g12 on my old Palit jet gtx 1080
  3. Its not the greatest https://imgur.com/a/Vp3qjco
  4. Hi! I have 2 questions regarding an old laptop i got for free. The Dell Latitude e7440 - it has a dual core i5-4310u prosessor, 8gb ram and a 256gb m2 ssd Question one: Is it worth upgrading the battery (30$ on ebay) Current battery capasity is 65% checking with hwinfo64 Question 2: Ive changed the thermal paste with good quality noctua paste. My core temps spikes are 80c - is this normal? Is there anything else i can do regarding temps? No dust in the fan or the cooler.
  5. I just tried this program and ran the windows update repair, restarted. But still, same result, windows encountered an error
  6. You mean this? What should i change it too? Edit: I cant change it
  7. Like i said in the post, ive tried and and router dns
  8. Update troubleshooter could not find any problems
  9. I have not installed any software of that kind.
  10. Ive tried changing my DNS from / and my router I cant update windows - i get this error :
  11. So this is strange, i bought a used ac68 wifi card for cheap. And, it seems to find my 2.4ghz network on windows. But when i switch to my mac os it finds my 5ghz network full coverage, but not in windows. Does anyone know what the trick is to get 5ghz working on windows?
  12. So i have a dual monitor setup, and today i enabled gsync on my asus mg248qr, and when the monitors goes to sleep or i turn them off. Everytime they come on all my desktop apps end up on the mg248q display. Has anyone else experience this with g-sync monitors? How do i end that from happening?